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Top 10 Reasons to Buy and Hold Steem!

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How do we share the value of Steem with an investor? These 10 bullet points make it easy using a question and answer format! Thank you to @barrysamways for asking me about this recently which I hope will be useful for any of us with a serious investor friend to explain the value of Steem!

Top 10 Reasons to Buy and Hold Steem!

  1. Why is Steem a great long term hold? Google organic search traffic and social media sharing to is on pace to bring Steemit into being one of the top websites in the world. Traffic to is already higher than for any other cryptocurrency's official website!
  2. What makes Steem unique among popular cryptocurrencies? Steem is one of the only cryptocurrencies that almost anyone on earth with the Internet connection can participate in with no investment. That means mass adoption and huge speculation increases as other investors figure this out.
  3. How many people are using Steem? 376,435 accounts today on make it one of the top cryptocurrencies in terms of number of wallets. Steem is going viral as shown by over 200,000 new users signing up since May 2017. The current viral cycle for Steem therefore is about 2 to 4 months of users doubling meaning by the end of 2017 we may be close to a million users. by @furion.
  4. Where do we see how many transactions Steem has? Steem has more transactions daily on the blockchain than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined. Transactions signal true value meaning the price is one the edge of a huge pump which will explode user growth which is already thousands per day. by @jesta for Steem transactions versus blockchain transaction data from bitinfocharts at
  5. Which feature is #1 the strength of Steem? The ability for a new user anywhere in the world to start a blog with no money and immediately rank posts high in Google combined with the potential to earn money directly from upvotes makes Steem 10 times better than WordPress, Blogger, Medium, or any other blogging platform I have used. Within 3 to 5 years, I think Steem will become the #1 blogging platform in the world as bloggers like me continue to change our blogs completely to Steem to get more traffic and make more money from posts. On top of this built in ability to blog, any developer can easily add new apps to the blockchain to expand functionality such as video hosting with @dtube.
  6. When will the price of Steem go up? Within 6 months of September 2017, the price of Steem will explode to $10+ as one single investor begins discretely buying millions of dollars of Steem after recognizing the huge return possibility for Steem. I predicted this four months ago at and everything is in position for the $10 price to come any day with little warning.
  7. How to maximize ROI with holding Steem? What makes Steem a perfect investment is ability to earn more Steem just by holding it in Steem Power and participating in our community. Upvoting posts earns curation rewards. Making a post allows us to upvote our own posts. Steem Power earns 2% interest. We can even use websites like to loan out Steem Power for the easiest return. The best possible return comes from making our own posts and upvoting them which then can bring in a lot of additional readers if we are holding 50,000+ Steem Power. I started with about 35,000 Steem and have nearly doubled my investment in 4 months here mostly by being an active author. An investor buying millions of dollars in Steem could expect to earn thousands of dollars every week when combining upvoting, posting, and interest! Combine that with a price increase and the return is huge!
  8. When will celebrities start using Steem? We already are consistently attracting new influencers every month and soon that will translate to a celebrity! Most of my 13,000+ followers came from YouTube and Facebook out of my millions of followers after I joined Steem in May 2017. More influencers are continuing join as we see the huge earning potential on Steem possible when we bring our followers. We soon will see a huge author or celebrity join like Tim Ferriss or Gary Vaynerchuk as the opportunity we see here is presented to them probably by a friend hoping to earn updates! Just one celebrity joining will make the news which will blow the price up $20 or more in a single day as traders go crazy trying to get a hold of Steem.
  9. Would Steem survive a huge price drop? Most cryptocurrencies have never seen a drop in price of 98% from their high. Imagine if the Bitcoin price dropped from $4,000 to $80 or Ethereum went back to $8. Would the community completely implode or would changes be made to add more value? The majority of existing cryptocurrencies will go out of business with this kind of price drop as investors all sell out on the way down and no more new users sign up. Steem already reached a high of $4 and then dropped to $0.07 with now today the price being around $1. Steem has proof that despite being nearly worthless, new users will continue joining and signing up at any price because of the ability to write a blog that ranks high and the potential to earn at least something in exchange for every blog post. This resilience makes Steem one of the safest long term holds compared to any other digital currency.
  10. Why have so few investors, speculators, and traders failed to realize the value of Steem? When Steem was first released, the price blew up from under a $1 to over $4 quickly making Steem the #3 value digital currency at the time. Investors were well aware of the value of Steem when it was released. Fortunately for those of us today having the chance to invest at $1 a year later when Steem actually is worth much more, so many mistakes happened with Steem that most traders will not touch it today without confirmation it is a better investment now which is keeping the price artificially low and begging for correction. When I first bought into Steem in 2016, I knew nothing about it. I held it on Poloniex and watched the value keep dropping because up until December 2016 Steem had 100% inflation. This was done in an attempt to force those holding Steem to power up which backfired as investors seeing the price continue to drop on exchanges all unloaded Steem until it bottomed out at $0.07. If the 100% inflation was not enough, the co founder @dan left @steemit to start another cryptocurrency. What few traders and investors realize is that Steem is now the investment of a lifetime because Steem within just a year has already been through many of the worst case scenarios for a cryptocurrency and came out of that first year with more users than all but the top currencies. In June 2017 after I joined Steem and shared the message with all my followers, almost immediately we saw a spike back up to almost $3 for a while followed by a sell as everyone holding on for a higher price to cash out began unloading Steem. Just a tiny bit of sharing the value of Steem resulted in the price tripling almost overnight. If all that is not enough, Poloniex, the #1 Steem exchange in terms of the amount of Steem held, has had deposits and withdrawals broken for months which would cripple almost any currency. All of these setbacks have helped Steem to be at a price today of about a $1 which is way lower than the true value of Steem. As investors struggle to find a currency that has the chance to pump admist a market where almost every digital currency is at an all time high, the market will soon jump on Steem as the next big pump. When it does it will probably go way over the top to as much as $50 before dropping back to $10 or $20 as the new base price for 2018. This huge price boost will attract millions more users and the cycle will continue to repeat until I believe a price of $1067 for one Steem will be reached in 5 or 10 years making it the social network and blogging platform that will replace all the others.

Further Reading and Updates!

  1. Steem blue paper (simplified version of whitepaper) updated August 2017
  2. Steem white paper updated August 2017
  3. Official Steemit blog
  4. Steem developer blog

Want me to make the entire presentation for you? I just filmed a video of this post below which explains everything in even more detail!

Thank You for Reading or Watching!

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Jerry Banfield

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In all honestly, I don't even care about the technicalities of the currency. The only factor I take into account when making a decision on this platform, is the quality of the community, and the potential I see it doing in the future.

With that being said, let's go. Here's my character holding some STEEM for good luck @jerrybanfield :)




Very nice drawing thank you Zane for sharing it here! You are right that an investment in a cryptocurrency is primarily an investment in the community and I think we have one of the very best here on Steem!


Hi Jerry, thank u for sharing that post! Totally agree we got the beste Community int CC World! Keep up ur good work! Iam new to steemit, you are inspiring me to do even more on Steemit!!!

Thanks a lot!

I think Steemit will the facebook of the future!

What is your opionion?

Thanks for commending


I am one of the 900 - thank you for sharing your insight. Because I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, I bought steem. Please can you direct me to the best link to explain in the simplest form how I can maximise my investment in time and money :-) if I do this, then steem grows with me


@katyclark see the easiest method

The downside of doing this is that it removes our voting power for us to use on our own. The most effective method to maximize our investment is to make posts and build relationships with other authors!


Hi Jerry - thank you for that, much appreciated :) I recently put together a post, amalgamating my writing - 30 original posts in 60 days - currently working on the next 30 :)


Nice response :) It's awesome that someone of your caliber audience takes time out to respond to those who pay attention. Pretty awesome. Nice leading by example, Jerry!


indeed! very nice people, ben here only a few days and everybody has been nothing but nice !! EVERYBODY MUST BE FROM CANADA! Eh. cheers from Canada :)


everybody has been nothing but nice !! EVERYBODY MUST BE FROM CANADA! Eh. cheers from Canada :)

Ahah found this comment just by pure chance. Your comment is very funny 🤣
Thank you.

I was in Canada a few months ago for the first time and I absolutely agree : people from Canada are really nice people. I am a big fan 🇨🇦 :)
Eh. cheers from... Canada France.


very informative man. thanks.


Here here

This point is really true for many people especially me from Africa.

Steem is one of the only cryptocurrencies that almost anyone on earth with the Internet connection can participate in with no investment. That means mass adoption and huge speculation increases as other

I come from Uganda and i had heard scanty informtion about crypto especially bitcoin.

It is until i joined Steemit that i realised how wonderful crypto and Steemit is.

Many people in Uganda have lost money in online ventures and whenever i tell them about Steemit,two questions are asked immediately

How much is joining?
How do i withdraw the money.

In conclusion Steemit is the easiest and cheap way of joining the crypto world.

I will continue spreading Steemit to Uganda.


@jaraumoses, I'm from Kenya. Yes, your neighbouring country. I think steemit is one of the best cryptocurrency ideas out there. Most people are skeptical about cryptocurrencies especially in Africa due to little knowledge in cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology(blockchain technology?). Steemit is going to change this because anyone can join and it's free. And once you are in, you get a lot of useful posts on cryptocurrencies, like this one. And as the whole world gets to slowly learn about cryptocurrencies, more institutions will accept them and their value will shoot to the moon. For the early adopters like us, I can confidently say it's going to make us rich. Imagine the price at $1000+ and you got some steemit in your wallet!

Oh, that feeling of being able to retire early and travel the world... I can literally picture it.
So let's keep those posts and comments coming and we'll all be winners.


Hi all
I found this analysis, hope it helps.


It looks like the market reached the bottom. We see that 0.0002240 support level could stop falling market. When the price broke the downtrend line, it was a signal that probably the market would reverse. A bullish divergence confirms trend reversal. MACD supports upward movement. We have buy opportunity. Pending orders should be placed above SMA50. It's 0.000300 level. Stop orders must be below the support level . Profit targets are 0.000400 and 0.000600 levels. If the market drops below the support level , we'll have to wait for new trading signals.


Go Kenya. Smart man.


Jarau thank you very much for posting your experience with Bitcoin and joining Steem because your story shows exactly the highest value of Steem in being "is the easiest and cheap way of joining the crypto world."


Thanks for the article that really touched my experience.

I also thank you for making that first Facebook Ad that explained the wonders of Steemit.

It is because of that video that i am now in this wonderful community(you made me see the beauty and future of Steemit),continue making those Ads,they do work.


Its good to meet another Ugandan here...Don't forget Bitcoin and Ethereum


Welcome bro,let us link up on Steemit chat and we see how we can meet and grow Steemit in Uganda.
I use the same same username: jaraumoses


It will catchup, first focus on building a good following and improving your content. Am currently following you....cheers


Africa representin! Awesome you guys, glad you are spreading the love over there and I hope it has huge positive impacts on you and your communtiy


Do it man!


Currently it does seem that Steemit will be the gateway to the cryptoworld for people. We should aim to be THE place for all crypto related information - this would bring in the google search traffic that is growing by day as crypto gains awareness. This would be a great position for SP holders.


Im from Botswana and so far, the basic concept of the social media platform is gold for users and investors alike.
There is no doubt in my mind that now is a great time to be a writer, and or artist. Mutual follows?


Welcome brother to the community.

We have an AfricaUnited group on Steemit chat.

Sign up on Steemit chat and message me.

I use this username jaraumoses on Steemit Chat

Please use this same username when you sign up on Steemit Chat.



are you sure? That is a new way of spelling it.


HODL - hold on for dear life - @adept - you need to google other references for "hodl".....


That's not what it means. Do you know the true origin of hodl? ;)


Yes, actually I do ! But I thought the acronym was cute :)

Steemit is the 1 mover to bring a working social blockchain.. and has one of the biggest community that are supporters, this makes a no brainer to buy and Hold


That's it exactly!! Buying and holding, or even just growing your account (and Steem Power), if you can't afford to invest, will, I believe, be a huge money-maker down the road. It's really a no-brainer. Steemit is obviously getting the users, and look at Mark Zuckerberg's net worth from acquiring many users.

Your post was exactly the clarification I was looking for. Good man. Thanks for responding to my inquiry so quickly Jerry! I showed the information to my friend and he is now planning on making it a long term hold he can be confident and excited about. I agree 100% Steem is the most easily adopted form of cryptocurrency. And the fact that you can start without any investment.... means people have nothing to lose and only knowledge of this revolutionary invention as well as valuable digital assets to gain! I actually use Steem as an example when I want to show people an example of Cryptocurrencies and its potential as the new digital economy.


You're welcome Barry and I appreciate you being the inspiration for this post and the video with it!


He just bought about 15 thousand worth of Steem! so proud lol

very very good post

I love how you predict a price of 1067$... I'd say 1067.55$ :)

Interesting points. At the sametime there are medium term investors, day traders and bloggers. The one point that keeps me thinking is that in order to make a small amount of money one needs to hold at least 20K SP. And that means that at least 1000 peolple shouldbe holding constantly that amount and also all ghe whales...and I wonder if that is possible

In a few years people will be wishing they had kept their Steem when it fell to $0.07!
Thanks for the post, Jerry!


I second @enazwahsdarb. The positive nature of the community here is what hooked me. I have not seen another forum or community that is as tight as this and hasn't turned into a circle jerk of greedy assholes.

This may be a forward and newbie question @jerrybanfield, but who is this single investor?

Thanks for the informative post.

really great stuff Jerry resteeming this post

I hope you are right Jerry about the price prediction. I believe a lot of people join because Steemit is promoted as a make money for commenting and posting site, but then they quickly find out that it's not that easy to be noticed and quite complicated as well. The only people that really make money are people like yourself that already have an internet presence with youtube channels etc. If a few things could be simplified a little, like for instance the post writing, and maybe the wallet you might find more people joining and making it valuable. But your post was great and very informative, this was just my two cents worth of input.

Great post, a little long to my taste, but informative. I also believe that the price can go up to $10 soon.

Buy now or wait below 1 dollar?

The guy with a ton invested in a speculative currency is advising people to invest in it.

Seems unbiased to me.

It's good news for steem holders. Love your post.
I love your writing style @jerrybanfield. Today's my first comment on your post. :)
Thanks for sharing


Thank you very much @chillimilli786 for making your first comment on my post today!

I agree and have to have some indeed it's worth it too invest.

imagine when floyd mayweather jr. joins Steem!!!

This is a wonderful post and thanks for sharing your thoughts about steemit in this cool way. One of very few long post I read from beginning to the end. Good work.

Awesome post Jerry I am going to be buying MORE STEEM SOON Myself!! Excited to see how steemit keeps performing :)


@joeparys good choice ;) follow you ;)

In a couple years, Steemit might overtake bitcoin

It's very true @jerrybanfield. Steem does offer better price than any other bligging or vlogging platform and user will keep adding themselves here no matter what price they earn, it's always more than others, or perhaps all others combined, you do the math, lol.

You are indeed right Jerry! Any moment now, Steem price might shot up. I have started to buy some last week, let's hope you are right :)


Only if poly start to let people withdraw and deposit steem.


I think they started allowing deposit and withdraw for Steem and SBD as far as I know.

This is good news for steem holders
That was tremondous knowledgeable
Love your post
and from now my eyes will stay on steem currency
For recieving more benefit
Thanks buddy for sharing

This is awesome! Never thought of Steem like this, and didn't realize how big it is

Hi jerry, I just finished watching your video on YouTube and came to steemit to comment. I am totally convinced Steem is going to climb up the ladder soon. I love your confident and your research you have done on steem. But I still think you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Please keep up your good work going and I am passing steem up to all my friends!

I think Steem is the best crypto community

Steemit is probably the happiest, least hateful place on the Internet that ive ever been on


So fucking true


It's amazing what happens when good behavior and kindness is incentivized

Hope you're right Jerry!

Steem Power earns 2% interest.

It's actually a bit less than that. Currently a smidge over 1.9 percent:

Granted, way more than American banks are paying.

Great post Jerry and I agree 100%. I feel Steem is the most undervalued and misunderstood cypto . The community and platform are incredible and Dtube, Dsound and soon Zappl add tremendous value. Steem as a currency I feel is tremendously undervalued with it's real world applications for day to day uses. Being able to make monetary transactions free of fees and in virtual real time on the block chain solves so many problems. The time will come when the right people see Steem for what it really is and we'll see an influx of long term investors.

We don't need 10 reasons, we are okay with just 2/3, cause we all know the future of steemit! We are all in the same boat ;)

Great post - inspirational and high on optimism!

As of now Steemit, the force behind Steem, is more of a diversion from other social platforms like Facebook due to its paying capacity. Unfortunately, it has been clubbed into the make-money-online category of sites rather than be looked upon as a social network in the likes of Facebook and others. While Pinterest has its USP as being able to pin images, Instagram has a USP of sharing snaps on the go, Steemit is only known well for paying for posts.

Is it not enough? I think not because then as I said it attracts the make-money-online segment and also some of the worst of the internet - like spammers, scamsters and desperate folks ready to do anything to make a few cents. You can see it happening if you browse through the feeds...

For the Steem price to go up to $1o a lot more needs to happen including the whetting of higher quality content to grace the front-facing feeds, action against spammers and recognition of good authors. Remember, it is supposed to be a CONTENT platform, not just a place for image-only or a few-lines-of-text content.

Unfortunately, it doesn't help that the majority of online reviews do not highlight the virtues of Steemit and the various advantages that seem to be mentioned only inside this platform. Mainstream bloggers seem to be avoiding Steemit, and bloggers on Steemit do not have enough of their own presence to promote Steemit on the web.

Having said that Steemit is much better off than where Facebook was when it was 2 years old! I am sure that things will improve and get even better very soon - thanks to the efforts of contributing community members.

Looking forward to better times on Steemit!



Having said that Steemit is much better off than where Facebook was when it was 2 years old!

We have a lot of work to do here and are very much in the early adopter phase which is where the most investment potential is! I think the majority of serious bloggers are completely unaware of Steem because even Bitcoin is barely getting out there in the more general population still. Give it another year or two and a lot of big time bloggers will have at least heard of Steem if not joined!


I like that all content is acceptable - content isn't just visual. It can legitimately be a few lines of text. Why not? You can pick and choose who you follow. That's how I landed here :-) I filter what I want to view. I don't waste my time with content that doesn't interest me. One person's trash is another person's treasure.

Great post

@jerrybanfield I was just thinking about using my eBay sales proceeds over the past week to Buy more STEEM this week. I Love the fact that a STEEM savings account can actually earn something unlike a Bank Savings Account. Please keep inspiring everyone everyday. One Day at a Time my Brother !!


Awesome @stokjockey I am planning to buy more this week also!


That is what I am Talking About !!! Conviction from Mr. Banfield I like it. @jerrybanfield


Jerry, you are writing common sense posts, but it's good, because common sense is not common. So many people flattering bitcoin, and said that we should not invest in steem but in steemit(I gues because they get money without investing, only making countless posts). They are devaluate this currency. Why they do this on steemit?


Make it next week Jerry so I can buy it cheaper this week.


haha nice @maestroq :))


Awesome work Jerry I am a big fan

The Steem market is also not that deep, if money comes in it has to pump be cause there isn't that much liquid Steem to flow around... it is simply locked up in SP!

@jerrybanfield you are so gung ho on steemit, and it IS a wonderful platform, but sometimes I wonder what would happen to your enthusiasm level if you didn't start a @jerrybanfield account in which you make $500+ per post. Would you be able to more fairly analyse the platform if you started with a John Doe account where nobody knew who you were and you had to work your way up like the rest of us? Because right now, to me, steemit seems most enthusiastically endorsed only by those at the top of the pyramid. I could be wrong here and if I am I would love to be proven so. Maybe your next post could be about the top 50 excited steemit promoters with less than $50 dollars in their wallet. I might then take the post a bit more seriously.

Don't get me wrong. I love steemit. But I do believe your constant promotion of it represents somewhat of a conflict of interest.


@stew you make valid points which the comment above by @jaraumoses speaks to most effectively.

I come from Uganda and i had heard scanty informtion about crypto especially bitcoin. It is until i joined Steemit that i realized how wonderful crypto and Steemit is. Many people in Uganda have lost money in online ventures and whenever i tell them about Steemit, two questions are asked immediately. How much is joining? How do i withdraw the money. In conclusion Steemit is the easiest and cheap way of joining the crypto world.

While it is true most new people joining are not going to make $100 a post, almost any author, celebrity, or influencer online could join and get similar results. Meanwhile, the 99% can also join and hope to make at least something. What most bloggers are doing now is using WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, or some other free platform and earning nothing.

The biggest difference is nothing to something. Even making $0.01 on a post is a huge difference versus zero especially in Africa, Asia, and South America. The potential to make $10 or $20 on a post even once a month might be the single largest source of secondary income in many places.

I invested beforehand seeking to go the place with the opportunity to do the most good and chose Steem for the reasons I present here before I had anything invested using the profits which I withdrew from another cryptocurrency I had invested in. It is only natural to share the things we love with everyone we love!


@jerrybanfield and I do appreciate your posts and love for steemit! Again, I only think it would be interesting for you to experiment with the starting process like the rest of us. You would be able to understand first hand if any of your advice actually works, how fast it works, how long it takes to develop a reputation in the community, etc., etc.

Your point regarding a secondary source of income to those living in third world nations and impoverished countries is taken. And I agree.


Nice points - regarding the fact that Natives of certain spots on the Earth such as #Asia & #Africa (or some far-flung island) will really APPRECIATE being able to so easily get extra income.

That, I feel, is 1 of the best things about #STEEMIT.

I try to intelligently upvote some of the comments I see, not only the good posts. So kudos to you for your remark.

POINT: I Wonder if they even have #community centers in Africa - where the word can be spread around re: #Steemit . Anyone know ...?

Also wonder IF anyone from #africa will attend Steemfest

Have a good week ☻


If you have as much invested as jerry or me you would promote it. For me im holding more steem than jerry and i like him to promote it for me.

Don't forget max Keizer

"The current viral cycle for Steem therefore is about 2 to 4 months of users doubling meaning by the end of 2017 we may be close to a million users."

I disagree.
Probably 500-600K.


If the growth stays the same in terms of new users every day, it will be 500,000 or 600,000 in the end of 2017. If the rate of growth stays the same in doubling in 4 months, it will be about that also. If it speeds up a bit with a price spike, one million is possible by the beginning of 2018!

Great work and like your price prediction ;) Just bought another 200 Steem with $1.15 ;)

Are you serious??
I love the steemit site and the community but to buy steemit was the worst investment ever - look at the chart here below

STEEM has lost about 73% in confront of bitcoin in the last 3 month.
to go back to its ATH price in confront of the bitcoin STEEM has to go up 300% !!!! from it's current price of 0.27BTC to 0.001 BTC
let's hope it will be able to do so...
I hold 1500 steem that were about 1.5 BTC back in June 2017 and today worth 0.38BTC or so

tip! hide

@jerrybanfield how do you think is profitable to Lease Steem Power from @minnowbooster and with Upvote yourself and another people post make some profit ?


You can send ur steem to bellyrubbank for 11% interest for 3month. Check out @bellyrub

Great post resteemed, your ability to lease Steem out also gives you cashflow, making it even better, it is pretty easy to get a 20 percent return.

As always a good article @jerrybanfield.
I started to invest in STEEM as soon as I watched your very first video on YT promoting Steem.
Thank you.


yea, me too, i watch one on there too, i bought so much steem that i need to put my voting bot on it.

Those are all the reasons why I'm STACKIN Steem! Start getting as much as possible guys, ASAP :)


Charles is Buying the Drinks in Vegas if STEEM is $10 in 2018..........Soft Drink for me @stackin

steem will be more success in the near future..

Interesting your posts. I love to read each and every post of yours. Sometimes I don't get time to read the full content but I make sure that whenever I am free I read the whole thing. Thanks for sharing... :)


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Incredibly inspirational post, I'm a believer!

I appreciate this article. Getting a little discouraged with Steemit and haven't found time to post like I did initially. Encouraging posts like this are important to the community. It would be great if one of the top tabs beside promoted was "Future Steemit Improvements"

There is one thing missing, though; there are no shops that accept steem. The steem currency ONLY has value on the steem platform, NOWHERE ELSE.
If I'd have a business and I pay all my workers in a coin that only holds value within my business.... well.... what do you think that would do?
STEEMIT needs to address this issue in order to make a big step forward.

Its time to buy steem. this crypto its going to up beacuse every day there are much people adding to this community. I expect 2 dollars in december. Buy and Hodl.

You have placed a lot of work and research into this story, and what you are saying does make a lot of sense. Steemit gives many people the opportunity to better themselves, with little or no investments. By taking the time to explain this, you will help a lot of people, now and in the long run.

Rock on Steemit

very interesting post.this is my first time here.i found so many interesting stuff in your thread especially its discussion..

You consistently create and post such great content on this platform. Your marketing skills are at the top of heap and I have known and followed a ton of them over the years. Keep up the great work @jerrybanfield I hope someday to be able to do even one tenth of what you do for this community.

hey @cleverbot why can I only see two of the reasons to buy and hold Steem? I plan on building up my steem and holding it.


What is it like to be a hill person?

Great article and exactly why I am investing. Thank you I am sharing this out to get some more eyeballs on it.

Very useful post. Thanks for sharing.

You been using the sniffing salts again @jerrybanfield? I cannot see steem ever even approaching $50/coin because of its inflation and the amount of spam and garbage that gets dumped on steemit everyday. That being said, if it ever does get there, I will personally deliver a beer to your doorstep

Just discovered steemit by you Jerry and opened an account, it looks a very interesting idea and concept, with all those people thinking outside of the box we can hope to get a better world ;)

I'm going to need some clarification for point 4. By transactions, I guess you mean actions being published on the steem blockchain. These 'transactions' include posts, comments, upvotes, replies, follows and finally transfers of steem/sbd/sp to other users. Additionally, even the transfers may not necessarily be legitimate data. For example, small transfers of 0.001 sbd/steem to convey the message of a resteem service or please upvote may not be considered in this analysis and prediction of the price of steem.


What are your thoughts on similar projects of knowledge sharing cryptos such as DECENT & Lunyr with limited total supply?

Interesting article :) Thanks for sharing.

Great read @jerrybanfield. Thanks! Steemit is legit, and that's why it will attract an incredible number of people once it goes viral. To most people Steemit is as unknown as Bitcoin was to most people in 2012.

People want and need money and sidehustles. They are searching desperately for ways to earn an extra dollar. Get rich fast schemes rarely works, and other things like answering online questions etc will never give you the possibility to thrive. With blogging, even though you just make cents in the now, gives you the possibility to make a lot more in the future if you're able to put some effort into it. There are many examples of that here all ready.

I absolutely believe in 10$ Steem!


maybe 5 years from now.

Then why you only have 60 steem in your wallet


You need to look at the account value, his account value is 70k dollar, its about 60k steem in today price.

@jerrybanfield I appreciate the post, all valid points. I think in point 2 you mean no financial investment. The idea with Steem is the investment is you :-) You are producing value on the blockchain by trading your time to produce your ideas and writing.

Thanks buddy, I am going to buy more Steem soon. I am much excited to see that Steemit is performing great. I myself will buy more Steem.

so many accounts 376, 435. I`m the 181 542. And I wish to safe invest. And the Steemit I think is very great place to be, to blog!


So many accounts, but are they live? I know one account is dead - my first. Do you see problem?? He is celebrity, but only around 200 people view his content. Can you imagine PewDewPie gets 200 views??


So many accounts and indeed so many dead accounts. And so many users with more than 1 account.


yes i have more than 1 account, is is for my voting bot.


Cool! It runs 24/7?


yes, its a robot, so it run all the time.

Lets hope youre right about the price prediction. Thanks for taking tour time to write these posts. I subscribed to you on Youtube too @jerrybanfield

Every day new post with very useful informations, thank you @jerrybanfield

I have been in Steemit for 24 hours now and I can say it has a promessing future as a criptocurrency and as social media.
Trying to get some Steem Power on my hands, which is one of the greatest features of steemit and the reason I am interested in it.
Happy bloggin :D

I love your posts and started following you @jerrybanfield
Please follow me back. It will help me grow my account :)

Hope you ready this..

Hi! Good information. Thank you. Nice to meet you..

who else thinks steemit is a safe haven coin and will never rise above the 2$ mark?

I am wondering how creative is our generation with Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and especially great idea like STEEM

These are my views about future of STEEM

  1. It is an excellent platform where people who is really contributing to internet, they can make money

  2. No need to beg on ads platforms to sign up like Adsense and other services

  3. 100% legal

  4. Each and everyone has value for their opinion or upvotes

  5. No spam

  6. Soon social medias will implement STEEM as a reputation benchmark, hence more market cap

If you would like to invest in the internet, this is the place.. Future begins here...

@jerrybanfield , don't you think that steemit is an unfinished platform with notifications etc. not working as they should? :-) I know we are in "Beta" here but it's taking a little too long! :-)

Also it can become a victim of whale monopoly, can't it? Most of the posts of newbies are ignored while everybody just go around looking for a whale to tickle his balls... Sadly, i guess 95% of posts have 10 or less views. there is still a lot of work to be done here...

Very informativ about why to buy and hold Steem. I am glad I bought some more Steem last week when it dropped together with the crypto market last week. After reading Your post I want to buy more Steem and get more SteamPower. I hope Your price prediction will became true, and I very much appreciate Your analysis.

What is the safest way to store STEEM tokens? I'm reluctant to invest in STEEM without a secure storage method such as Ledger Nano S.

Good article specially for new steemians :-(
At least they encourage and motivate that keep calm and stay connected to steemit! One day you will also rich.. :-)

Buy and Hold, that's the goal for this year.

Good post mate, as always.

@jerrybanfield I've just UPVOTED you on witness !


I follow you always ,please be kind for follow me @braveheart22 and my posts as well ,will be an honor for me !

I try to do the best and quality posts too !

With Love ,

your @braveheart22


Steemit will continue to rise. While I don't think accounts is a good way to track steemits progress as there are many bot / "throw away" accounts, I don't see steemit going away anytime soon especially since youtube earnings continue to decline.

Would a $1,000 Steem Price mean a new user would have a $10 upvote? 🤔


@amvanaken no it will be around $0.12 here is a link you can calculate


That doesn't actually let you change the price of Steem though.

I came back steemit after 1.5 month and seen you are still a star here.. and guys who reading this don't let me go away from steemit again. I posted a new post plz upvote it

Steem is a great example of a token with insane "token network effects".

Hi Jerry, I hope you are right, nice post, keep up the good work.


Despite my disappointment in your earlier post and my disgust with bots generally, I will continue to try to put up good posts and manually curate. It's good to know there are people interested in Steemit as it has to survive. When I get steem dollars I save them and will continue to do so. But the feeling behind it (the community) seems lessened when all it seems to be about is gain.

PS: This post is a key part of my service as a witness for Steem. Witness votes are the most important votes we make on Steem because one vote for a witness lasts indefinitely! Would you please make a vote for jerrybanfield as a witness or set jerrybanfield as a proxy to handle all witness votes at because when we make our votes, we feel in control of our future together? Thank you to the ~ 900 accounts voting for me as a witness, the 233M VESTS assigned from users trusting me to make all witness votes by setting me as proxy, and @followbtcnews for making these .gif images!

Flawless!!... many people is still skeptical about steem, but i am definitely buying and holding, specially now with this crazy cheap prices...

Thanks for sharing this valuable info with us

I'd feel more comfortable investing if it was possible to hold steem offline.

Are there plans for local wallets?

i agree and i also thinking to buy some huge amount of steem and hold it for a few month and let's see what will happened i hope that they will give me good profit thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing with your ides to us i am really inspired of your post and also waiting new post from your side

amazing !!

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I like it's picture

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