Steem Video Ad 3 Gets 7,213 Likes in 48 Hours on Facebook!

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7213 likes on facebook for steem video ad 3.png

Will you join us in funding more ads for Steem on Facebook by voting this post up because all author rewards go to the Facebook ad as seen at combined with the YouTube ad on the video shown below!

In the first 48 hours, the Facebook ad received 7,213 in the first 48 hours mostly from ads! In just two days of advertising on $85.90 of the budget, 196,729 people were reached from nearly every country with the good news about Steem!

steem video at 3 day 2.jpg

Thank you very much for the funding from the previous two posts which I am using combined with all the author rewards from this post to continue spending money on Facebook and YouTube each day to advertise Steem!

  1. Steem Video Ad #3 is Live on Facebook and YouTube! at
  2. Steem Video Ad #3 Text and Script at

If you would like to guarantee more advertising for Steem and many more user sign ups as a result of these ads, would you please upvote this post and the other video ad posts because all of the author rewards I receive will continue to be spent on the ads you see here which are already working extremely well? These posts will also hopefully be useful for getting funding directly from Steemit in my upcoming growth proposal which will then eliminate the need for me to ask like this!

Jerry Banfield

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100% upvote for you! This is awesome, please keep up the hard work. Will upvote each of your marketing posts.


how did you get pay so much on steemit? Are you a Steemit contractor? or employee?


You are awesome jerry , head off to your creativity thanks (have a look at my post too[Having The iPhone But Missing The I])


Mr. jerry very very usefull information thanks for graet video

I love watching your results on Facebook ads, it showed others whats possible in facebook advertising

I know it's a very long way to go and perhaps even impossible, but if someday I will wake up and see that Steemit surpassed Facebook and other traditional exploitative social medias -- I will be in the 9th sky.

I've seen people on steemit with over 100k in steem who said they joined after seeing jerry's ad , so its working!


I also joined steemit after seeing jerry's ad on thankful to this man. Keep on sir jerry. God bless you. Followed you @storcogato ...


Actually i joined after viewing Jerry's ads. Good job Jerry

This is a fantastic idea to spread the word about Steem @jerrybanfield! You have an amazing ability to spread knowledge. Thank you!


You're welcome @jeff747 thank you for your support here!


Upvote and follow me back so i will follow you

Nice ad Jerry, I just replied to a couple of people in the comments asking if it's legit or if you have to deposit money into it


@captaincanary thank you very much this is extremely helpful to convert those on the fence into signing up! I hope this provides the perfect opportunity to get new followers also!

Jerry you are doing us all a great service by promoting Steemit. Thanks for your efforts!

Jerry I am a follower! Been watching your YouTube and it gets me interested in Steem because of you and Thank you for that! I've shared it to a friend for now but I will be advocating Steemit as the New Social Media Vehicle that rewards within my region in Qatar as much as I can, I don't know yet who are the users here yet I will try to resound the name Steem in within my reach. On my next salary I will be setting aside a few cash to buy Steem.

Wow, it's really successful campaign! You know how to do it to get the best effects. I want to learn more about your marketing techniques :) Great job @jerrybanfield!

Thank you very much for the generous support on this post! All of the author rewards from it will be spent on Facebook and YouTube to keep paying for this ad at

If you would like to help out and get more followers, would you please reply to the comments both on the Facebook ad and YouTube video below because many people that are on the fence as to whether Steem is legit or not can easily be converted with one short reply into new followers for whoever replies along with an excited member of our community!

I value your feedback as to what you like and what you think I can improve or test for future ads!


you are great man follow me

I'm in the process of getting 2 friends signed Up off of tagging them in @jerrybandfield facebook post! So Thankyou for making these informative and describing Steemit in ways I cannot!


You're welcome Dillion thank you very much for sharing our community with your friends because this is truly what we need the most of to grow and I am happy the post helps!

the green monster likes what you're doing here @jerrybanfield
just voted you for witness! ;)


WIth great power comes great responsability.




my pleasure ;)


Fantastic, @jerrybanfield! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, a strong hug ...

Hello @jerrybanfield, i am Bukhari from Aceh Indonesia, I am one of those who followed the postings you, I really expect this status by the reply from you, I am still a beginner in this steemit use the steem, very useful for my work as a writer. Maybe my English is less precise, please be good friends.

If you like my post please Upvote, Follow or Resteem.
Thank you for reading :)


I myself am very willing to join you in funding more ads for Steem on Facebook by voting on your post, as all the authors' prizes go to Facebook ads as seen at 1517754641578040 /

I really like this post

I think it's incredible what you are doing Jerry. Your grasp and knowledge of digital advertising is at a very high level and your work is vital in spreading the word about Steemit.

I will definitely let you know when I begin posting again, but as of now with multiple projects I'm trying to get off the ground, the time to devote 1-2 hours to a post isn't feasible. Love your work man! Re-Steemed

Excellent video! You've inspired me to change the way I steem 👍

Upvoted and resteemed. I like your ads!

how many of those that engaged actually signed up? likes are nothing without action right? would it not be better to drive them to a trackable signup page rather than your own profile jerry?


Why he should sacrifice his own money for you? Use ur funds to make ads for Steemit if you want it to be more popular

He showed you the way to profit from ads. Also it can be more effective to make it on someone's own example, not talking about Steemit in general


I think likes are not nothing... at least people get some info about a different Network that not only doesn't sales your personal info but pays you for sharing quality content


ok, we have different opinions and that's cool! :) i'm going on experiences with paying clients that needed more than likes, needed engagement and then orders in the ecommerce of their site, not just branding.


For my ads getting sales on my courses, I completely optimize by Return On Ad Spend because I do not care then about likes either. I want sales and if it is not sales forget it!

For Steem, we have a huge community already and branding is one of the top goals at this point because branding alone can lead to a price increase as well as a user increase. While I would prefer to track sign ups directly, with Steem we can think more like the top brands in the world and just go purely for brand recognition without having to demand an immediate return on the ad spend as we do selling our own products and those for clients!


Correct, in business you need conversion, but in this case I think awareness is something, as we are still in beta and the registration process is not immediate is very possible that some people trying to register wont complete the process... so awareness is something


For this post I focused on the likes because there are also a lot of other metrics such as hundreds of shares, comments, etc. I will focus on different stats in future posts!


That is a good question! According to the posts, comments, and user account data it seems the ads have already brought tens of thousands of users to sign up given the large amount that sign up versus the small percentage of those that do who post about where they found out about Steem and remember to tag me.

If I had access to a Facebook conversion tracking pixel from Steemit that would track actual sign ups, it would help a lot because right now as far as I know there is no way for anyone to track signups from ads. Thank you for helping me see that I need to ask for this in my growth proposal because Facebook can optimize the ads much better if they know when a click leads to a registration.

I send them to my profile for a consistent experience that starts with my ad and goes to my profile. I was considering the trending page or the sign up page directly but both of those bring problems up with consistency. What if Steem chances the sign up page link? What if the trending page has a really offensive article? Using my profile page gives me control over the end experience and if I get the growth proposal funding, I will collaborate with other authors to send users to their page instead. I think sending to a specific person's page makes a much bigger impression than throwing them in the Steem interface without that focus.


ah yes! brilliant. i understand. why not direct them to a post with everything they need to do then on your profile too? even better! thanks for answering jerry, love ya passion for progress.


@teamhumble you're welcome and I appreciate you helping me stay humble in realizing there are ups and downs to each strategy I use with none being "right" or "best"!


i've realised that it's incredibly hard to maintain being humble when your a creative carrying so much passion for change! :) thanks buddy!


I doubt if Jerry can track sign ups because he doesn't own Steemit.


you don't need to own steemit to track a link. thanks for your comment thou, if you do any advertising on youtube or facebook and use any url in your advert you can track it, all i was trying to say earlier would be it would be even better data to show the conversion of signup too but no problem! :)


$0.26 per link click and now $0.41 for every one thousand impressions!


can you really track if they sign up? You can track if they click, but to sign up you need a cookie at the other end of the registration...



Interesting idea. I'm not sure if paid marketing is the right approach though. Anyway I've started to moderate the comment section a little bit and inform people that are hesitant/about to join.


Thank you very much @callmefib3r for moderating the comments because this is an extremely helpful way to convert more people interested into those signing up AND to get you some new followers too!

Do you reckon @jerrybanfield that if loads of people signed up to steem and it suddenly became as popular as facebook that it would for some reason get closed down? That's what I worry about for some reason? say, if the government didn't like how people made money through it..

Is STEEMIT best to be not understood for the majority or understood by the majority?

Do we want to tell everyone where the bag of gold is?


Good question we are going to find out one way or another! The government so far appears friendly with cryptocurrencies generally and I think going forward the nature of the regulations will make things most interesting!

Of course I would upvote this post so that the reach of your ads expands around the countries. What you are actually doing is helping people get aware about this amazing platform. And because of this more and more people would come on this platform and in return steemit rewards would increased. So of course I am with you sir @jerrybanfield. You're doing great . A great thumbs up for your work .


Good idea but might want to be careful. Facebook hates competition. Might start eyeing banning steemit content next.


Yes they are already requiring a captcha to share it on a timeline and in the future we will certainly have to deal with limitations from Facebook which means TODAY is a great time to advertise it while it is still wide open!

This is great, Jerry, thanks for putting this together!


You're welcome Tishya!

Hopefully this pulls in a lot of users! I found out about Steemit thanks to you Jerry


Thank you for helping us see here our collaboration together is effective!

You've got my upvote @jerrybanfield For what it's worth (I think about $0.15). Thanks for promoting our community elsewhere as it is a great investment in the collective future of all steemit users. Keep up the good work!


Thank you John I appreciate your vote because that is enough to tell about 400 more people about Steem via ads!

This is awesome that you are doing this @Jerrybanfield


@belalh thank you for helping with your upvote because we are all doing this together!


It's to get the awareness out there

Im so confused as to why steemit's price is going down recently, any ideas why?

I started in Steemit for you @jerrybanfield, I saw you talking about Steem on Facebook. I want to thank you for that and I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do to spread the word and to help to this community. Cheers body :)

Your motivation is great for the development of this platform. That's what keeps me always following your footprints. Success always @jerrybanfield


Thank you Saiful!

Thanks for fighting the good fight Jerry (:
Been following you for a while on Censor-Tube, and I'm glad you're even getting people to switch from FedBook! (;
I am also a Floridian myself and trying to network more here on Steemit! Even a comment back would be dope and if you could show my page some love it would be dope AF! I can tell you're a good guy, you post some REALLY real shit, and I was also happy to find out that you are also vegan (: how awesome! Also, on another note, you mentioned something about a SteemFest in Florida and that sounds very interesting! Looking forward to hearing more about that if possible! Thanks in advance man!

what would that 7000+ upvotes be on seemit ? ;)

This is an awesome initiative! The masses will trickle over in no time


Thank you I hope so!

great steemian... @jerrybanfield
you doing great and ready to support as always...
thanks for exposing steemit more in other social media platforms..

Keep up the good work @jerrybanfield.
Steemit to the moon.

Excellent.... Spread the word!

Well done.

Should Steemit Develop Its Own Decentralized Search Engine?

Steemit users can run a crawler on their computers and be rewarded for their contributions instead of using a Google API for searching Steemit content.


  • Profite with advertising
  • Move power and influence fron giant dominating companies back to average users
  • Google stores user logs for advertising purpose and who knows - A decentralized solution gives the control back to users.
  • Google manipulates search results for advertising and its political agenda

Great post! awesome you are spreading steemit!

Loving it, @jerrybanfield. By promoting Steemit, we all benefit! We should all do our part by being involved in the community and making Steemit the best it can be. Once the newcomers join, they'll feel welcome and love it just as much as we do!


Hey, it`s Sheldon Cooper again;) ... Just kiddin, love your posts, upvoted this one. You are actually the person who's youtube videos told me about steemit and now I am in here quite two month and earned about 500 dollars on my posts alredy, so thank you very much for getting me here:)
And you are still looking like sheldon somehow:)

Hi Jerry! Yes, you have my vote! :)

I'm convinced that steem is the next huge step in social media, not only because it pays for your interaction with the network, but mainly because it gives back the power to the users.

I love the transparency of the algorithms, and the fact that decisions are made based on the power that users are putting into it.

Facebook will only need to learn from this!

I always upvote your posts and thus always send in my support. Keep steeming to more success and feel free to check out my blog posts too.

That's actually hella good results 👌🏻🤙🏻🔥🔥

We at @steemph have a facebook ad up at the moment. Our budget is miniscule but were also trying word of mouth. Every possible angle really!


upvoted and followed keep up the good fight @artintelicoinves

That's great Jerry!! I will start a fb campaign also but in spanish to bring To Steemit the latin and hispanic people to Steemit! Will see!


Let's do that... Although, content with Hispanics is kind of hard to obtain. They need teachers like Jerry.

What an excellent idea Jerry! Just love your enthusiasm regarding this topic, keep up spreading the word.

Hello @jerrybanfield i have a querry
What happens when we click on the POWER DOWN option Please reply!!


it turns the steem to steempower and if you want to power it up again it will take 7 days

Buy Steem !!!!Think a little ..... if each of us would buy 10 usd Steem that would be the price today ???? Multiply the number of Steemit users by 10. how many times do we spend 10 usd on anything ??? we need to do something.!!!!!
I propose an exercise. From this moment we have 5 days to save $ 10. After 5 days, those who have saved $ 10 will all buy at once. For example at 20 o'clock Germany .. ok?
Today we are on August 9th. On August 14 at 20 o'clock Germany we buy !!!!!!
I will publish this article every day until the 14th and I promise to do this every day until we join.

Yours faithfully, Teodorescu

Very informative.Keep up the great content!


nice comment.... jerry is doing great!

What do use think about implementing adds on steem? it would keep a steady source of income coming in...

Hopefully there's a twitter version like this. I'm better with shortfrom than longform.

super post !!!!! thanks u r the best

bro make a yt video for beginner how to make money with coins

thanks for your thoughts! i am looking forward for your next post! followed you!

Look at those numbers!! @jerrybanfield leading the way on how to "BEAST" it with Social Media Marketing! :)

Good video i learned a lot of it

amazing post Jerry

Guys are #Awesome. Thanks for the informative info, good times ahead gaining, building, shaping the #Steem, mold it into what you want, and build it strong so it can serve you best when you need it to work for you.

Build your steam, well not that type of steam, that makes smoke and clouds. You want the real STEEM which is what's usable when transferring funds, using it to buy merchandise, using it to invest in @BitcoinCurrency.

Jerry I love your content it's nice to have you here I wish to have more followers like you @nwagod4

Always like the info man

nice good job keep it up

upvote to my posts i also upvoted u

That's excellent news and other platforms that utilize Steem such as are helping to. @jerrybanfield you can also track the performance of the tags you use on

Hello @jerrybanfield I like your post, I have a doubt about many questions, we have not a guide inside Steemit, you can to help us for research the answers

  1. How to selecting rewards ? how faq this default 50%/50%, power up 100% and Decline Payout

  2. how to use the Steem blockchain explorer Steemd and SteemDB.

  3. how the wallet page works and transferring Steem/SBD.
    Using Mobile App @esteem

  4. How to use for quick exchanges and crypto trading platforms such as Bittrex. and if we want to use poloniex fees is 10% in 0.0001 and comparition with bittrex 0.001

  5. How to power up, power down and cash out.

  6. How we can make a withdraw for our wallet bitcoin using all the process since Steemit plataform to our wallet

I sorry for bother you with my question, but I believe that you are a leader here and you may be have the answers

Thanks you

A beautiful strategy for the spread and fame and increase profits

Jerry my man, you keep posting the ads, and I will keep upvoting you so you can buy them. I say this knowing there are thousands of other Steem users who feel the same way.

Three of my friends decided to join steemit when I show them your video. Love it, love it . good Job.

Way to keep up to the good fight @jerrybanfield. The time and investment you put into this wonderful community to bring it to the masses will help keep this platform alive for years to come!

It's a great idea to fund an ad-campaign for the good (we hope) of Steemit. Or indeed anything - a mini-ICO or Kickstarter if you will. Could also be good for raising money for charity causes.

However, I don't like how you focus on upvoting yourself or your friend's post. That kind of incestuous stuff is the least attractive thing of Steemit for me and so I gather, many others. I think you should focus on upvoting great content to reward publishers, and the success stories of great content producers. Plus how you get rewarded for discovering and upvoting other people's great content.

This could really increase the traffic of Steem quickly. The busier the marketplace Steem becomes the better it is for all of us. Lets keep expanding new ideas to get this concept mainstream. Keep up the good work!

Good pos thanks

I am really surprised you have so many ideas. But don't worry and keep on going as you are helping lots of people including me. Thank you.


NOT Jerry Springfield Ladies & Gentlemen BUT Jerry Banfield!
Nice... Very creative idea!

Jerry.. Surely you are adding value to this world.. Keep it up..
When everyone adds value.. this world will be no less than Paradise.


Follow me, and follow you.

Jerry 1 question
I have earn steem on steemit but they can not give my steem reward
9 days ago i started steemit

that is awesome, i saw your video and just joined steem. This is my first comment :):) @jerrybanfield

hi jerry , i heard of steemit on one of youryoutube videos. nice meeting u

Did you see the amount of new accounts created @jerrybanfield ! This is great work! If you need a pretty girl in a video to do some talking I can help you out with that and we can get even more people to Steemit! Keep up the great work.

Tnx a lot we need more people like you

If we're gonna play around on social media, might as well, somehow, make it profitable.

Jerry for president!!!

That's great

Great Initiative... I had to share on facebook. Keep it up Jerry

This is a mind blowing concept! Truly genius! Thank you so much for sharing, i am brand new and still trying to figure this thing out but i see the ansolute potential. You definitly get my vote!

Lovely photos. You deserve a vote. Please check my blog.

@jerrybanfield your work is very awesome you
Can get 1 lack like within 7 days @sharoon

Keep up because we are all with you man jerrybandfield!

Hello @jerrybanfield , i have question to you,
why should i share this video on social media? and how it will end up benefiting me or you?
i am sure that there is a benefit, but i just can't see it, so can you clear it out to me..

This is so stellar!! I'm so excited!!! Love Love Love

Hey @jerrybanfield. I became your 10000 follower. Congrats!

That's the usual awesome jerry. Your videos are so exciting and the promotion can be no better than this.

hi, good video . I like it . Pls help me . Pls show me the way to post video on steemit. thanks you much.

Let's STEEM - roll over Facebook... great endeavor!

Great job!

Excellent work, I'm following you; You're an artist