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All author upvote rewards from this post will go to ads for Steem in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia because we are ready now to advertise Steem video ad #3 in these countries where the cost is higher! To help reduce the cost, I wait to place ads in the most expensive countries until the ad has good social proof which our ad below now does!

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Thank you for funding Steem video ad #3 on the following posts!

  1. resulting in $217.11 author rewards.
  2. potential payout $188.07.
  3. potential payout $437.72
  4. All author rewards from this post!

Total budget so far for Steem video ad #3!

  • ~ $842.90 minus curator rewards.
  • ~ 376.30 spent
  • ~ 4 days remaining with the budget at ~ $100 a day which is reaching about 100,000 people every day.
  • The rewards from this post will extend the budget!

How much have we spent so far?

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$309.13 on Facebook with the budget at around $95 a day on Facebook.

steem video ad 3 remarketing youtube first results.jpg

$67.17 on YouTube with the budget at about $10 a day in Google AdWords for video.

Review Steem video ads #1 and #2 in these posts to see how we are getting these results!

  1. Video ad #1 reaches over 2 million people already interested in cryptocurrencies with the good news about Steem at The price makes the biggest jump it has in a year just days after the ad comes out ...
  2. Almost a million people reached for $1,161.14 in ad spend focusing on getting those using WordPress to join Steem at

Where are we going with this?

We are working up to a growth-project following the crowdfunded marketing protocol guidelines at Every upvote on all these video ad posts will provide clear proof of strong community support which hopefully will motivate funding of a growth-project that will directly provide the Steem without doing it this way. Until then we can easily keep raising money for the advertising budget this way!

Growth Proposal

  1. Metrics: In this post we have reviewed the metrics for the existing campaign and previous campaigns above. In summary, thousands of us have upvoted about $5,000 total for the Facebook and YouTube ads campaigns already with nearly universal positive feedback along with suggestions to increase the effectiveness of the ads even more on larger scale campaigns funded by Steemit.
  2. Summary: How many ads have we seen for our favorite products like the iPhone or the car we drive or the food we eat? Advertising works so well that spending on advertising worldwide is expected reach to 550 BILLION USD in 2017 according to That is nearly 8 times the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization.
  3. Problem: Steemit currently is not doing any advertising at least that the majority of us are aware of. Without any advertising, we are unlikely to hit the critical mass needed to ensure our top position which currently could easily be replaced by an Ethereum powered social network that makes an exact copy of Steem.
  4. Solution: With advertising, we can guarantee that we hold the top position for a cryptocurrency powered social network which in time seems certain to consume all the existing social media websites. The ad campaigns we have already worked together to fund here provide clear proof that our ads for Steem are working to greatly increase awareness (branding) and attract many new users to sign up (conversion).
  5. Desired Outcome: With $5,000 so far resulting in millions of people learning about Steem for the first time and thousands signing up immediately after seeing the ads, we are ready to share the message with tens of millions of people and bring in tens of thousands of new user signups every month from ads. We expect our advertising to multiply with all of our existing efforts to promote Steem and to help us become the first digital currency with mass adoption. Bitcoin currently is not even close with most people in my life having never done anything with Bitcoin or seeing any reason to use it. Steem has a clear reason to start and if we go straight for mass adoption the majority of users in the world over the next ten years will make Steem the first and only cryptocurrency they ever use.
  6. Cost: Will we receive 27,000 Steem a month out of the 70 million that @Steemit has to scale up our existing ad campaigns and fund new ads every week because we can expect to get 5 to 10 users to sign up for every one Steem we spend? In an upcoming growth project post, we will ask for the funding and present out work to Steemit for review.

Would you upvote this post with whatever you would like to contribute to the advertising budget on Steem Video Ad #3 because all author rewards from this post will go to the ad budget? If you would like to participate in the filming of an interview for a future video ad, would you please comment here to be added to the list I am making for people to invite to do a video with me?

Jerry Banfield

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Hello Jerry, fantastic as always. I just wrote a post to give little support to steemj so feel free to check it out: Thank you and have a great day. Tomas


Love your post I just upvoted it!


Excellent! Just doing whatever I can to be at least little helpful:)....

@jerrybanfield my upvote is worth very little but I'll be happy to upvote this post as every bit counts. I also wouldn't mind contributing a few SBD to the cause. Can we send you SBD directly to use for advertising? Just let me know and I'll send what I can afford to spare right now.


John amazing idea! Yes you are welcome to send SBD for me to use as advertising by saying in the memo that is the purpose of it! If you want to send for this, please contribute at least 25 SBD because then I will include you in future posts mentioning funding and that will reduce the amount of entries I need to track on my spreadsheet I am making to show contributions from posts!


Ok Jerry I'll do this later today when I'm home at my pc. It's a nightmare trying to transfer funds using my phone apps. I'll be sure to include the purpose in the memo as you've requested.

It'll be nice to be able to give back to the community in this way. I feel like I've been pretty fortunate as far as earnings go in my short time here.


Ok I got that donation sent your way. I'm glad I saved a few SBD as I've been converting most of what I have to SP!

I am new to Steemit but posts like this are very helpful, keep up the great work @jerrybanfield.

100% Upvote, Resteem and Follow from #teemnomad!

100% upvoted for this great marketing initiative.. Thanks @jerrybanfield for promoting Steem...


@hms818 thank you very much for the full upvote!

Hi Jerry,
Thanks for doing all this it's a terrific initiative. It's like you are Mr. Steemit! Question. If you reply to this comment and then I upvote your reply, does that reward also go towards the campaign? In which case if you replied to all the comments people could also upvote your comments and multiplicate the rewards they can offer....I would gladly spend all of today's awards on this campaign.


Great question Kate! For now I am doing a 25 SBD minimum to simplify my accounting because I am tracking all of the contributions in a spreadsheet. The more entries, the more work! I will keep making posts each of which will be counted for the total. Maybe on the next one I will add a bonus comment or two to vote up at the top also for additional funding? If you see it, you will know it was your idea!


lol - yes it must be pretty complicated trying to separate out the contributions! If you made like 10 comments straight after doing the initial post and made it clear they were there to clock up extra rewards I'm sure many people would gladly upvote them. Best of luck!

Question: "Jerry I see you powered up 100%! How are you going to spend the money from this post on the ads?"

Answer: I am going to spend the amount I receive in author rewards on the Steem ads using my existing advertising accounts with Facebook and YouTube. Therefore, I am agreeing to effectively buy the Steem Power I receive with money spent on ads which is easier than powering down and selling and then paying the bill for the ads or than taking half in SBD and selling that.


Great effort Jerry, keep it up!


@jerrybanfield Great job ... Hope everyone in the steemit community benefits from your efforts....

I support you Jerry!


Thank you Mark!

I transferred $25 sbd to your acct for the advertising campaign. :) I love that you're doing this!!!


@pretzelgirlsandy thank you very much I received it and added it to the spreadsheet which will be shared in future posts!

This is a good work, If we all support you bu Upvoting and then as you promise you will spend the money on ADS of steemit, Then we will get more account in here and this will make the price of Steem go-up; So Upvote @jerrybanfield post and support hem to keep working on growing-up the steemit community


@hamzaoui thank you very much!


You are welcome @jerrybanfield I follow you on FB and Youtube, I watch all of your video, You are a good man because you share all of your knowledge also i see that you warning people of polininex, Thanks for all and God bless you

Interesting :)

Jerry, very good work of steemit-team!

Steem for technical analysis does not yet show growth. But after such stattes you start to believe in it! Such prospects open a good road for Steem in the future and I believe that this future is very close. I once wrote in one of the comments under your post that I expect Steem at the end of 2017 at a price of $ 7.5. Judging by your job this is very real! But I think that it is still possible and necessary to work on optimization of advertising campaigns! I believe in Steem for the long term!

Thank you very much!


Yes Jerry!!

yeah you are the master promoter

Will you make a post on altcoin trading concerning that how do you manage when bitcoin price is reaching for the skies?

donate for charity water thank you

Live video online great

i like you post nice

Good article. Communicating is the best way to learn and steemit is here to do it. Cheers.

Hey,i signed up for streemian,but now it says to unlock steem account

Jerry, thank you for your post, and I like you idea

Again, well done. For the Steem team you better hire Jerry. Hè knows how to reach people!

This is great Jerry, you're one of the few genuine leaders out here. Keep it up.

good thing, hope it can work well, dont know why but im thinking ads cost more and more with less and less results.

Sadly I'm not in the position to give big upvotes but have a tiny little one anyway! It's really great that you are doing this for the community.

Jerry vote I resteem me please

You are doing a great job Jerry. It's really commendable.

You are fantastic and your post are very fantastic every day....keep going and learning us.

Thank you for taking the time to create this article. Always great to get insight and help for newcomers like myself!
I am your follower and I will be thankful if you give your precious Upvote to me.!!

I love the idea @jerrybanfield Upvoted ! After ten days here, I believe Steemit is a great community
You make me realize that I am not totally wrong :)

I have been inviting my friends and the various artists and creative people that I know to come and join Steemit, so I'm trying to do my part in a small way. I can certainly see that if we as a community support these large ad programs and along with that do our part to inform and invite the people that we know, then the Steemit adventure will grow exponentially. Thanks for the efforts, I appreciate the work and talent that goes into doing something like this.

As always you encouraged us. I am hopeful you can find me in my posts, actually three posts as of this writing. It may interest your goodwill approach here.


Great Jerry! Be sure to notify us when the ad goes live so I can moderate the comment section and help confused facebookers out.

You are doing a great service to the steemit community Jerry.
I think you single handedly recruited like 1/30th of the steemit community.

I like the fact you are still producing quality content when the rewards benefit not you directly but instead the wider community. Thanks for that!

100% upvote. Cheers.

Amazing! I upvote this post

I like your post because your post is interesting and good, hopefully always successful

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loved your facebook add! so happy to have people like you helping to spread the word to the masses.

Just upvoted this post. Contributing the little bit that I can. I decided to go all in on Steemit after watching one of @jerrybanfield's videos.

Excellent! @jerrybanfield
Upvoted and resteemed

Make steem great, but not again.

hello jerry.., you are great, i have watche some video guide on utube that are very informative one. keep it up.

Jerry, you the man! let's make Steemit big together. Upvoted!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Thanks for the information!

Very interesting @jerrybanfield. . .

Jerry i really do admire your passion for the online world as i prefer to put it, hope to be like you am your invisible passionate fan.Thanks for all you are doing am following you on most of your channel

You make awesome video i just loved you

Amazing, just started here, more potential ahead when I read your posts jerry.

Good Job Jerry, advertising will get Steemit to the masses for sure before the Ethereum powered social network makes an exact copy of Steem.
Thanks mate

Great effort jerry as always.

Oh God!
What to say!
Keep wonder post
Upvoted for you
Keep it up dear

Congrats @andrejcibik Great job

I think an add champagne, using your experience is a great asset to Steemit. Go get um Jerry!