Steem Video Ad #3 is Live on Facebook and YouTube!

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steem video ad 3 red shirt.png

1,000 ads for Steem are showing on Facebook today every time we spend $0.35! Will we upvote to add funding because the author rewards from this post are all going towards the third Steem video ad I am running on Facebook and YouTube as seen below?

steem video ad 3 initial results.jpg

See the ad on Facebook at which is running for just $0.35 per thousand impressions as seen below! Note that reach is different from impressions because reach means "unique users" while impressions is the total times the ad shown meaning impressions is higher when a user sees an ad more than once.

steem video ad 3 initial impressions on Facebook.jpg

steem video ad 3 initial facebook spent.jpg

View on YouTube below!

Here are the first YouTube results from the video on YouTube including both views from the ads and organic views from my existing subscribers!

steem video ad 3 initial results for youtube.jpg

Thank you to the 668 Steemians voting the last post about video ad 3 up for $275.35 at because this is what I am using for the current budget which at this rate will run out by the end of the week with spending about $50 a day on the ads to reach about 150,000 people A DAY on Facebook and thousands more on YouTube with the good news about Steem! For additional funding, I will soon be submitting a growth proposal to ask Steemit directly for the funding for future ad campaigns.

Will you help show Steemit that we need advertising and help continue funding the ads I am already running for us on Facebook and YouTube by voting this post up and/or the last post up also because all of the rewards I receive will be spent as the advertising budget on Facebook and YouTube for the videos linked here?

Jerry Banfield

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Jerry you are a genius to get this going and get the funding done for advertising which is make or break on the road to success! What other place, platform or industry can get the adds paid for by the users that actually do not have to spend any of their money to give the support? You know very well which, non... I am amazed more and more...... Wish my upvote had more power to add more funds.... I am working on that part and will be better next time:)....


We Support you

Watched the whole thing. Very good job. Very enthusiastic. Perhaps a bit too much focus on the money and new users – could be misunderstood as a pyramid. Next time I’d try to tie in what the slogan “Blogging is the new mining” means in this context: the money comes from mining (i.e. what miners earn on other cryptocurrencies, bloggers and curators earn here). I know you mentioned the witnesses, but a greater focus and more detailed explanation might be worth the effort. Also liked what you said about helping to manage the community. I’ve been here for a couple of months now, mainly focused on my content creation, all in my spare time and with little time left, but I’ve decided to try and set aside time for curating too, so maybe I’ll be around here a little more often, first to get through all your tutorials! 😃

Again, job well done!


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“Blogging is the new mining” means in this context: the money comes from mining (i.e. what miners earn on other cryptocurrencies, bloggers and curators earn here)."

makes sense good points


Thank God your post is short and brief this time,i have to resteem for my friends to read, good job. Check out and upvote me


@cryptographic thank you very much for your feedback here because it will help me improve future versions of the Steem ads! I appreciate you for watching the entire video and thinking to share your thoughts here right away!


Glad to know it was a help. After all, we're all in this together! 🙂


It is one of your video on youtube get me here, great Job


I want to put up my picture, I'm so beautiful I want everyone to see. I just can't figure out how


Working on that as well. It is my goal for tomorrow, LOL :)


ok, great.


If you figure it out before me, I would love to know how you accomplish it.


Also take into account Jerry that powering down takes time! You can get your 5 million out at once, you have to power down which takes 2 years IIRC.


nice words :)


I need to start watching tutorials, yeah


Thank you very much for voting for me as a witness today!

Nice Jerry :D

You are doing a great job on steemit.


Thank you Mikael!

Thanks for sharing

Awsome. You have got a huge audiance and I am sure you will many,many new customers to the platform! BUT, sill that mean the more users the less there will be in the reward pool?


With more users I would guess the price demand over the long term will keep up with the rewards although in the short term rewards may get more competitive, when the price spikes it will be crazy!


Yeah Good point Jerry! Means more votes in the longer run, we are still pretty new in the Steemit platform so we can only improve!

Cool !!
Advertisement is what steemit want.
Past 300k so far.

Love everything you do Jerry and you definitely have my support. Btw, I think Steemj is a brilliant idea and will greatly help promote the utility and incredible community here at Steemit. Keep up the great work!! Resteemed


@orionschariot thank you very much for resteeming now two of my posts in a row! When you write a new post, would you share it on the newest upvotable to help me include it?

Great work @jerrybanfield. You are always an inspiration to most of us. Wish i have 1% of your skills, would be impacting on lives like you do. Keep it up. Resteemed


Evelyn my main goal with what I do is to inspire each of us to claim ownership of our 1% skills! Each of us has rewards for real like we get on Steem and we are often scared to own them for fear of what we are capable of! I am grateful so many others using their gifts gave me the courage to take a leap of faith and give with my whole heart!

Really nice initiative!
You are one of the best content creators and supporters of the Steemit platform!
We're glad to have you here! :)
Your content is extremely useful and encouraging.

Best regards! :)


@resiliencia great profile picture!


Thank you very much @jerrybanfield!
That's my SUPER-Grandma and I!


Love what you do Jerry!!


@starkerz thank you very much for helping me so much with your 18 upvotes in the last month!


Thanks very much for the recognition Jerry! I feel it is important to support people who are promoting steemit such as you. You have inspired me to get involved with steemit promotions here in the UK, where I am part of the #promo-uk team with @stephenkendal and @anarcotech among several other legends who are putting in their own time and funds to promote steemit! We are currently deciding how to hit all of the major universities in the UK during the first 2 weeks of term in September see here and here!
We are going on a road show to promote steemit at these universities and are using this technique as the model to market the platform see here.
I don't want to make the comment too wordy, but I hope you like what we are doing as much as we like what you are doing! :)) all the best with the marketing programme!

Great initiative u got my full upvote


Thank you Alex!

@jerrybanfield - love it, love it, LOOOOOOVE IT!!! :D behind you 220% (ok, that was a rather specific whatever!)

You are spot on in this vision!!!! and other than supporting where I can, I sincerely hope (and keep all fingers and toes crossed) that what you are trying to achieve here gets recognized!

Heading over to your fb platform now as well... to show some love :)

inappropriate as always... (but hey... that's me)... some "now" bedtime reading for you... ;) (seeing as us steemit bloggers are your new "books" lol)


Stay awesome!!!!!


Thank you @jaynie for helping me feel excited about using Steemit each day! I will take a look at your post!

@jerrybanfield I Up Voted and just wanted to say Thank You my Brother for spreading the Positive Vibes that STEEMIT is for Everyone. You are the Shining Light that will attract those that want to benefit for their Social Media Interaction. Love my Brother One Day at a Time !


Amen @stokjockey let's do this!


I will be back tomorrow with more Positive Attitude............ We don't have harbor any negative anymore.

Steemit will kill Facebook and Reddit.


Let's hope so!

@jerrybanfield great job!! Appreciated you were doing hard working to promote steemit through the social media it's a really a great. I also add 30+ people on steemit. I really liked to shared this post on my facebook wall and whatsapp as well as :)


@raghwendra thank you for sharing and bringing 30 more people to Steem!

how is it even possible i pay 2$ for 5300 impression :/ how you did that bro i always pay a lot for just few reaches


Thank you for asking because I will have a new Facebook ads tutorial up on YouTube showing how I make the ads soon! The two key tricks are showing ads worldwide and using a video!

You contribution to Steemit is very important @jerrybanfield. Thanks you.


@srolanhoun you're welcome thank you for helping me remember my value today!

I think Steemit is a direct threat to Facebook and YouTube, I'm sure advertising on these platforms will work, at least for now. However with YouTube censorship it may not last too long before they a stance against Steemit. I already see a lot of Steemit vids on YouTube and I am surprised that Google did not take a position against it yet. YouTube is on its way down, while Steemit is... well picking up steam!! The same goes for Facebook, personally I am not fond of it, even though I do have an account. As Steemit ads functionality and it gets better will take over to be the multimedia/social media platform of choice.
Steem on my friend!!


Agreed it is funny that they will accept money to promote what looks like it will put them out of business especially if we get a video hosting platform up here!

Awesome and @jerrybanfield go together! I just upvoted, and you know we have your back on this buddy. You've done a wonderful job as a brand ambassador for Steemit. We're so proud of you! Now about 2020... :)


@evernoticethat thank you for sharing your kind feedback and upvote!

Great job Jerry.

You are a true Steembassador.



Nice picture and word choice Steembassador :)


MsPaint to the rescue.

This is terrific! Upvoted and resteemed! @jerrybanfield


@breakingtonight thank you very much for upvoting and resteeming!


well done , and i follow you too

@jerrybanfield, you're definitely in the top ten steemians for energy expended on the platform. You've done a crack up job since you joined Steemit, promoting the site with gusto.

I agree with cryptographic that the pitch may need to tone down the cash money aspect and focus more on rewards or "the new mining" type of language.

If we promote steemit's cash aspect too much, new users will likely be disappointed with their results, until they find their niche.


@wakeupsheeps excellent point I hope to continue making many different ads that way I can send the message out many ways and see what works the best! Your comment here is helpful for explaining it with different language and focus next time!

WAY TO GO!!! AHHAHAAA!! Makes me laugh, you are AWESOME, nice way to beat the system and how cool of a thing to put your steem$ to! Rock On Jerry! :D


Lyndsay thank you :)


You're very welcome. I think it's super sweet that you take the time to reply to everyone's comments, you're a class act.


Thanks Lyndsay for noticing :)


You're welcome :) Thank you for helping others feel Seen and Known.

Jerry I have been following you on YouTube, and yesterday I saw your video about Steemit social platform. I have joined, and will be posting some content real soon. Thank you for sharing information about this amazing opportunity!


@roblubocki thank you very much for joining from YouTube, telling us you did here in this comment, and planning to contribute here soon!

i beleive in steem to beacause of your word mr. jerry


@ninzkie143 thank you for telling us you joined here because of what I shared!


yes I believe in your words, your energy is very high which is unbelievable where it comes. I keep following youre videos and blogs. keep sharing and makes us educate from your experience.

Love to see the progress @jerrybanfield. I'm always interested to know how steemit posts will perform with a paid ads and your post is give me my answer. I also like to know how it will perform with bing ads. If possible could you please try that ??

Amazing idea. Voted 100%. You are bringing real value here and everyone can see it. Welldone.

Nice :)

I am glad to have pushed this up past $181 dollars! This deserves a facebook share! this is amazing and i will feature this in my instagram wheni do my expose on you as an example of steemit marketing strategy!
With Jerry's help, we will have 10 million users by end of the year, and $20 steem by December, and we'll all be singing "Watch me Dab, when I ride past, that's too much swag, even on my hoverboard"

great post

@jerrybanfield Im a big fan of your work for steemit, I would like to help, maybe doing some events on my local site, if you have some ideas of how can I help please contact me! All together can make Steem go to $10 $20 $30 dollars and beyond! Im sure of it! :)



I am very happy if you want to follow me. I like to read your article. I hope your follow bring a blessing to me. I am a new steemian from Aceh, Indonesia. Do you remember the 2004 tsunami? I live in Banda Aceh.


Very good job !!!

Not sure how long it will last until they decide to take it down, perhaps not because they are earning revenue from it.
Good to see it being advertised and reaching a lot of new people which will help the community & platform.

Thank you for your efforts.

We should all be thanking jerrybanfield because when he sends people to steemit it helps other get more views, followers, and money. It's a win win situation thank jerry!

Thanks you @jerrybanfield for marketing the Steemit. You are awesome!

Cool @jerrybanfield! I learn a lot from your YouTube video. Now I am here with you :D

Love your work Jerry 👍👍 Keep it up

Upvoted and followed you @jerrybanfield! Glad to have people like you in this community. Grow it bigger!

Thanks Jerry for your continuing dedication to the steem community. Upvoted and resteemed!

I appreciate your work Jerry, coz of you I am here :)
I whish Steemit should reward you for sponsoring others to this community :)

Really great initiative and the ads are also superb!

Great work! Cheers!

Resteeming for more support :)

Great job, you have my support and of course my upvote. You're doing great sir. You'll always have my support :) A big thumbs up for your effort sir @jerrybanfield

Nice Jerry

awsome thanks for share this video

Great work man

Keep it up and i hope you get more support and upvotes from this community to continue this good work

I'm going to look into other ways to promote Steemit. Thanks Jerry for all the work you do!

Thank you for investing so much into building Steemit. Your contributions both financially and socially are bringing so much value to the community.

I hope to build quickly in your shadow and create continuing value for the inflow of members!

I'm not sure about this, do we really want all that Facebook riffraff here on Steemit? There is a reason facebook users are more depressed than non facebook users...all the trolls on that site.

Great things happen when we're

Very good job #Jerry! That was helpful!

This is going to be outstanding! I know you will atract many more to steemit with these amazing videos!

Great job Jerry! We all should promote Steemit!

I am still in YouTube because others great youtubers are reluctant to come to Steemit.

This is an extraordinary breakthrough. We will be happy to help for steemit progress, no matter how small it is. Thank you for your hard work so far @jerrybanfield

Very motivating to keep on writing! :)

good work...I insist ... you deserve every upvote

Thanks for the motivational video Jerry!! Really helpful. I also started in May but i have a long way to go. Ciao

Go get 'em

I help upvote you post now. Thanks you for helping steemit to grow faster @jerrybanfield.

Well done @jerrybanfield! Upvoted :D Thanks you for your effort for steem community.

Good sharing
I followed you and upvoted this post
please, upvote my post

Good job @jerrybanfield! Steemit is going to boom after your promotion :D Voted your post!


Yea, i expected something interesting to happen after Jerry promotional campaign so i'm going to be holding some steem


People will start to use Steemit more and more :D

Good sharing
I followed you and upvoted this post
please, upvote my post

Hey @jerrybanfield can you DM me on say, twitter (@decentralizd) and or can I message you on the new youtube feature? Would like to discuss a business proposition with ya.

how much earn from here?

I see you doing a great job on Steemit. Many of your posts are succesful. Bravo !

สุดยอดมากๆๆๆ excellent

👍คุณกำลังทำงาน ที่ยอดเยี่ยม ในsteem 🏆👍

Steemit gets bigger and bigger!!!!

Hey Jerry, nice post... whenever you are posting something I get inspired... Sometimes I think about the pace of your work.. How do you manage to a lot of work in a very short time...You are truly an inspiration to everyone...

You are the hero this community needs. Thank you.

Thanks for all that you're doing for Steemit and the community!!

I was wondering if people were posting stuff on Facebook! For the first time since I've been on Steemit I've upvoted the same thing I liked on Facebook! Lol Best part is I was able to tag people in it!

Great job Jerry! Between FB and YT we should be seeing more folks joining. I myself got here after seeing a video on youtube. Dollar Vigilante video from about a year ago. I have been here a month and got my highest payout yesterday. About $50 in SBD and SP. I looked up where it came from. Just a single comment on someone else's post that got upvoted and commented. WOW! Steemit is amazing.

I'm like Wow. I was watching a movie on youtube on the adds pop up about steemit. Honestly, I thought it was something to get rich quick, but now I don't think so. Not saying you can't get rich. Making money or not, I love steemit and I don't even fully understand it yet. I love to read and so many excited things to read and learn. Keep my brain steaming

Steemit community should be proud that people like you are here and bring so much value. Thank you

Congrats on your efforts to make this place grow !

Go go!
Go Jerry go go!
Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Great job @jerrybanfield you always gave good info about crypto and social media platform people gain motivated for your great videos nice too see here i appreciate your work keep more best of luck! Please follow me and upvote my comments @fkofficials

Very nice post, thank you, very good job! Greetings from Hungary!

I will upvote this post @jerrybanfield to help grow the exposure of Steemit on Facebook.

Great job, Jerry.

Been following Jerry for a while now. Love his energy!
Also his honesty is to be mentioned. Even when in wrong he will admit it.

Happy to follow your work and curious to see what else you will bring

Is this the time/hint to be pumping our money into STEEM :) ????

What do people think....?

Makes me feel fuzzy inside . All my real life FB people looked at me as if saying WTF is this STEEMIT nonsense you babble about ?

Awesome bro!!! Keep it the dedication, I love your post :D

How much impact do you think it will have in the long run jerry

hi , Jerry , i follow you in steemit and i subscribe to your youtube channel , so can you help me plz and upvote one of my posts on steemit (i resteem your posts) :

Good man @jerrybanfield! Steemit is getting bigger!

We need more persons like you jerry ! Steemit is lucky to have you

Thank you for this concise video. Watched to the end. I learned a lot and all the best to you.

Jerry, I've been following you on YouTube , and saw your video on Steemit. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing opportunity! Will be posting som content really soon!

Great ..! @jerrybanfield
you are the future maker of steemit..

Nice one Jerry. Keep up the good work!

Very interesting

Great job @jerrybanfield i keep learning on each video , thanks for sharing and clarifying , i am currently working on building different language groups to start with steemit .. & A bunch of very useful marketing mostly #free content to help small to med size businesses thrive ....Enjoy

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Maybe some money should be put in to improve Steemit and make it more skicky. I think Zuckerberg sleeps better when Steemit advertises on his site and keeps the site stale.

in work at the moment however I watched your videos on youtube yesterday and loved them. very encouraging on the day of me getting verified for steemit :O will watch the whole thing.. thank you for being such an awesome steemian!!