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Readers on Facebook and Google are about to discover Steemit in our new article "The Social Network Doling Out Millions in Ephemeral Money" by @andrewmcmillen at Thank you Andrew for getting this article published on Wired which will help us bring in many more new users!

Ads Starting Today!

I submitted the ads on Facebook and the Google display network today to make sure this story is discovered everywhere especially by existing readers of All author rewards from this post will contribute to the ad budget which is currently about $40 a day for this article!

The post on Facebook is at as seen below! facebook post.jpg

On the Google display network, the ads can look like this or come in many other responsive formats!

steem wired ad on google.jpg

Reports from Existing Ads

For the Smart Media Tokens campaign we funded at, Google display network ads have been effective in getting a lot of impressions for a low cost to targeted audiences! The report below shows 395,465 ads shown for $164.95 in ad spend.

google display ads for steem oct 5 2017.jpg

On Facebook the ads continue to reach millions for a relatively small amount of ad spend as shown in this report screenshot featuring 254,916 unique users reached for $361.35.

steem facebook smt ads oct 5 2017.jpg

Review all of the campaigns anytime in more detail by individual post at

Increase Our Ad Budget!

Would you please make a vote for jerrybanfield as a witness or set jerrybanfield as a proxy to handle all witness votes at because as a top 20 witness I am pledging 80% of my earnings (~$200 a day) towards ads for Steem on Facebook and Google? Thank you to the 1361 accounts voting for me as a witness, the 718M VESTS assigned from users trusting me to make all witness votes by setting me as proxy, and @followbtcnews for making these .gif images!

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sweet one man marketing machine that you are jerry

this sounds oddly sexual

sweet @ackza i see ya. thank you too for supporting Africa.

steemit still censoring me.... fuck this platform telling everyone not to buy steem

Questions for Jerrybanfield
Few things
Hope you will answer
Why I can't see my own add in any category right after 1 minute. .. and your add is always onn the top of list every day.
And why steemit so down now

It wasn't NASA's doing as I recall.

Hi Jerry ThankYou for always sharing your knowledged and idea to the Steemit Community You are a Big blessing to everyone Godblessyou. #FANfromSTEEMITPHILIPPINES


Great idea and initiative, Jerry!

Thank you Tom for noticing so quickly and upvoting!

Can you make use of that too?

Thank you very much for your upvotes here @transisto! I sent you a message on

hey @jerrybanfield we need to talk. Sent you a pm on

Thank you for reaching out to me on today!

you are he best for advertising strategy thanks for sharing cheers !

Great post

Nice post

It was definitely nice to see Steemit mentioned in a fairly mainstream publication, and the tone wasn't just the generic "it's a scam, watch it crash" tone most skeptical writers like to approach things with.

I was especially happy to see that the rewards were covered in a balancedmanner, telling people "you'll probably make pennies for a long time," rather than the previous go-to of "Look! Jeff Berwick made over $40,000 for a blog post!" after which every Joe Sixpack who can write his own name flocks over here and expects to be bankrolled from posting a picture of their bellybutton lint.

Anyway, thanks for helping it get more exposure... seems like a worthy piece to put some energy behind.

@reddragonfly that is what I liked also which I hope will appeal to the mainstream reader!

lol bellybutton lint.

damnit!! he took my idea!

Thank you very much for voting for me as a witness!

Thanks @jerrybanfield, this ad will resonate with tech community. That is a great initiative and it would be great we can reach diverse community on our boat.

hi I'm new at steemit. please vote,follow and comment me .... please,please

my Steemit Id ???

Hey @jerrybanfield

I really love the way you are promoting Steem to the world and I consider you as one of the most valuable assets for Steemit man. Great job there!

I am curious to know about the model of advertisements on Google. Are you running CPM based ads? or they are PPC type of ads where you pay on per click basis?

I calculate the money you spent per click. On 1st and 3rd campaign, you spent around $0.02x per click. On 2nd and 4th campaign, you spent around $0.07 per click. I am impressed with your 1st and 3rd campaign if it's PPC model.

@princewahaj thank you for asking about the ads! On Google I am doing display network ads which are CPC at around $0.02 for global and about $0.08 USA, Canada, Australia, and UK. On Facebook I am doing worldwide ads to readers of which is about $0.02 a click!

Hey, Jerry... If I can help you to translate your ads to other languages, just let me know.

Welldone. I wish this platform had improved into a fair platform. Right now it is not fair to all. Few are benefiting while others are used to increase legitimacy.

Have you checked the activities of those you brought into the network? How many remain active after 3 months of innitial frenzy? Churn rate is high because steemit is a gamed platform.

I wish you luck. Another better platform will be born shortly.

This will be good for the platform to get the news out about Steemit!

Very useful information Mr @jerrybanfield

I can share to many people on indonesia

Thank you for helping us expand our community in Indonesia!

spread the word we are all steeming!!!

Good information Jerry. Everytime I get know something new.

lol nice one of @ned!

@jerrybanfield Ephemeral means: "short-lived" I like Wired, Hope they're not trying to be cute over there...

Some of us may respond better to this compared to say my over the top OMG this is the best ever ads and I hope you are right!

Such a great news to have exposure on wired. So glad to see that Steemit is getting popular. That won’t work without great support, dedication and promotion from you guys. I am also happy to see that Chinese population is getting bigger in this community. :)

Thank you for sharing your feedback here with us Susan and helping the Chinese community grow!

You really are the example of how to really create financial freedom with Steemit. Keep on the great content!

Thank you @jerrybanfield !

I have already given you all the power to vote for a witness and it looks like your putting that power to good use spending it on ads for steem! The more people steeming around the more money for everyone.

Anyways cheers mate !

Thank you Josh!

@ joshdurstonhow do we give power to vote?

This is how we get Steemit's good word out! Thank you @andrewmcmillen and @jerrybanfield for doing the heavy lifting!

i have upvoted and folowing you jerry hope for same

lol are u new here ?

yeh i am new:D why

Asking for follow for follow was the first clue but self voting buried comments is another indicator. Vote on your comments to raise them up the trending, but once they are buried you are not necessarily competing with anyone, just developing an 'income' stream.

nothing hahaha 😂

Hey dear @jerrybanfield your post is awesome as usual. I always enjoy your post specially real images that shows your incredible efficiency. well done.

hi jerry i am new user your post very very nice and guide me
and upvoting me thanks.

@jerrybanfield good work you are doing a lot for steem community ;)

eye catching ads - great job

Steemit is going to be massive, this is just the beginning.

Thats great you make steemit more valuable every day :)

I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.


thanks for sharing the post

@jerrybanfield I read this story by @andrewmcmillen about STEEMIT from wired yesterday. Thanks for sharing this great initiative and for making it be seen by many more people by placing the Ads. Sooner or later STEEMIT will go mainstream. @gold84

I saw the Wired story yesterday totally organically, possibly through a Facebook add. Regardless, word is getting out! I am so happy and grateful you are taking the initiative you are on this @jerrybanfield!

Your efforts are highly appreciated @jerrybanfield
With continuous and collective efforts, definitely steemit & we all will grow together. Will definitely play my part and contribute towards your pledge! Thank you!


All yours @jerrybanfield ..
I Still have 28 votes to use, any suggestion?

Great Post Nice Information

Hello Jerry, I am a steemit enthusiast too... but I see something very important is missing for all crypto currencies, and that is they (Bitcoin, Steem, etc.) all have to be accepted to actually BUY something. I have an idea of what to do and how to make this happen, but this is something I would like to discuss with you privately before I make it public... if you would like to discuss it. (By the way, I am also your student on Udemy.)

Very nice content sir,Everytime i am getting new information from your blog

Jerry Banfield, i am interested how did you work it, yes you are inspiring me on how to develop my fb ads how it works.

Great initiative, I hope you will get the best from this campaign.

Putting the steem comunity to a whole another level. 📈⬆🆙📶


All time your article Very useful information @jerrybanfield

i'm also share your post

great as new users will know the steemit and all its power

You being always be active and bring us new ideas
Amazing work
Keep posting sir

Hi, Jerry you are doing a great job. Can I share your facebook post to my friends on facebook and histagram? I need you permission because I'm also passionate about bringing more people to steemit.

wow du hast immer coole Sachen auch auf youtube...


Great idea to promote the crypto community. If you have other bright ideas pls let me know as I'm also promoting the adoption of cryptos in general. If interested pls check out:

Hello guys so amazing post _so upvote for u

Jerry, thank you for everything you share... You are
inspiration to me! I am from Brazil and i am trying to encourage brazilians to use Steemit. Most of my post are in portuguese. I still need to improve my english! I´ve set my proxy to choose you to vote for witnesses for me! I am reading all of your posts too. Thank you, again!

Jerry don't have time to thanks your appreciation. At least, I thank you.

HAHAHA.... So funny. You are answering on behalf of.....

Impressive returns on your ad spend, it's a shame you can't track how many clicks result in a new user account. What is the greatest benefit to steemit though, volume of new users, volume of new posts or volume of upvotes and comments? I have not worked out whether posts are more important then upvotes of posts an comments?

Thank you for sharing the information @ jerrybanfield

Gracias por el aporte amigo, saludos!

You are the best man! Thanks for the information!

Im one them

Hi @jerrybanfield, I must say you've impressed me thoroughly through our limited interactions on MSP/PAL Discord and reading some of your articles. I love the fact that you are making it a point to give back so much to the community when you could easily pocket so much more.

I'm still in growth phase and do not have the backing (nor the following for my writing) to make as much of a difference as I would like; but I do try.

Post of the day.Congratulation bro.

You really deserve our votes @jerrybanfield

thanks for information @jerrybanfield

I'm glad there are those like you on this platform who re-invest and are in it for the long-haul... gives us n00bs hope that we're not wasting our lives making amazing content, for often no recognition... sending you awesome cosmic energy (as I can't send anything useful over Steemit yet)... keep it up!

Nice Post Dear

Let us all hope that googlization would not happen to Steemit and Dtube like what happens to you tube.

Its great news about the Wired article, should really put Steemit front and centre for a lot of people like me that always fancied getting involved in a cryptocurrency but were a little wary of them.

I'm sure your tracking, but it will be interesting to see how much of a spike in interest comes after the Wired mag is published.

plz..bro follow me

I actually just joined after reading the Wired article! I was curious to check out the incentives at first but I was amazed at what a fun and supportive community you all have here! I'm looking forward to continuing to take part in it

hello sir Jerry! I've been steeming for 7 months now and you are such an inspiration everyone all over the world. I am a big fan from the Philippines!

nice post jerry

steemit rocks media shocks hahaha

I really hope steemit sticks to the way it is. I'm not saying we shouldn't attract more users but what I'm saying they shouldn't allow ads on here. It will make it exactly like the other platforms.

Great initiative and awesome advertising jerry, keep up the great work =)

this is a Really great article! I love the tone, and it explains Steemit better than i have ever read it said! Good to see it in a mainstreem mag too!!

Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Wow! @jerrybanfield you are everywhere in all social media i know, Am seeing you everywhere.. Kudos to you i have upvoted you..hope to reach you level one day.

Great work @jerrybanfield Love the work you're doing to promote this site. Been following you for a while, first on udemy, then skillshare.

This is exciting! I'm sure more people will realise that the grass is greener here!

This is FANTASTIC. Millions read Wired! My theory is that will be a household name in a year or two, just like FaceCrook, and ScrewTube are now.

I just read Andrew McMillen's article, and it was very good. There's no telling how many new Steemians it will bring in! Maybe there's millions trying to sign up right now, and that's why I've been having problems with all night.

Thanks Jerry.

Steemit on wired, damn! Boom!


You just changed your scholar picture for a regular one? The other picture makes you more noticeable, my friend. But you look great in both. As always, you articles keep motivating others

Hey thanks for your post bro, keep inspiring and moving forward positive and helpful, and always be well jerry. 👍😉

Jerry you are amazing i saw your most of video on YouTube you are doing amazing work really.

This is really great Jerry, I really enjoy your post, and I'm very glad people like you are in this platform. I'm new here and trying my best to learn as much as possible. Also working on a lot of great things to be of positive contribution to this community; and can't wait to share soon. Hope to some day do a collab project. Stay tuned! Best wishes to you always. Up vote! - @splendorhub

Hi Jerry!

Thanks for what you do man, I joined this community mainly due to you!
Let me know if there's anything I can do to help as I'm quite a nub at this currently. I'd like to make positive contributions in this community and help it grow!

Thanks and keep up the amazing work!


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i am new user in your steemti user.
your post is very nice.
and follow me and guide plz.
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I will also vote u as a witeness

Voted and advised my humble bunch of listeners to do the same!
Great initiative @jerrybanfield

Great content, thanks for sharing it. :)

You are really the king of the internet. So ao good.

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Thanks a lot for this great tip about google sem display!

Ladies and gentelmen, I give you the hardest working man in the Steemit business, @jerrybanfield. He's our guy in the trenches.

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your ptosts are very helpful and give me little inpu

Great idea and initiative, Jerry!

sir i didnt get anything

I believe most of us are here because of @jerrybanfield.

Really great idea thanks @jerrybanfield. It will be interesting to see if there is a spike in new accounts .