1,035,858 Facebook Users Discover Steem for $1,008.91!

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Will we continue funding Steem video ad #3 with the post rewards because 1+ million more Facebook users are ready to learn about Steem today for the next $1,000 in ad spend?

Here are the results of the ad so far!

View the ad live and answer questions in the comments to gain new followers at https://www.facebook.com/jbanfield/videos/1517754641578040/

facebook video ad 3 1 million.png

steem video ad 3 1008 spent.jpg

video ad 3 budget by country.jpg

steem video ad 3 where ads shown.jpg

steem video ad 3 targeting 1.jpg

steem video ad 3 targeting 2a.jpg

  • 1,035,858 people reached meaning that many unique Facebook users saw the ad with many setting it two or more times.
  • 363,000+ views on the video.
  • 25,000+ likes on the post.
  • 840 shares into user timelines, groups, messages, etc.
  • All of this for $1,008.91 from author rewards we gave on posts like this!
  • The campaign is worldwide with the United Kingdom currently being the #1 country for the budget at $125 of the total being spent on ads there. Facebook chooses where the ads get the best response for the lowest cost combined with me making a few ad sets in the campaign targeting the US, UK, CA, and AU to make sure some ads run in these countries even at a higher cost compared to the rest of the world.
  • See the targeting below including both logical categories such as Bitcoin along with choices such as PlayStation where I already have shown a lot of ads in the past.
  • USA+ on a targeting group indicates the ads are only allowed to show in that specific targeting group in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.


If we want to continue showing these ads and bring more users into Steem, will we upvote this post because all author rewards will go directly to the Facebook ads for Steem video ad #3?

Jerry Banfield

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Keep it up pal

look my post about waves. I think is interesing currency. It have LPOS , you can earn tokens leasing your waves


Steem is such a great platform that it will succeed even without Jerry; however, having people like Jerry, helps to speed up significantly this process. Very good job...

I would agree, but promoting to all them poor countries isn't going to provide anything beneficial to the platform short-term. He should target countries with more money, influence, and education. There's enough spam on here already in my opinion, and his campaigns will only make it worse. 😣

I agree with your point of view...

So you're the one. 😉

Agree added to the fact that alot of the users from theose countries are from clickfarms, I wrote about this in my last article https://steemit.com/steemit/@rj23/is-mark-zuckerberg-a-bigger-pimp-than-snoop-dogg

Very true indeed, but thankfully, this kind of system was built to where you gotta either put money in to give yourself money, or you gotta create good content. It's just the spam they bring to the table, that's the shitty part.

This is what I was arguing with a Steemian, he said @mindhunter had done hard work to be here, I told him @mindhunter is just here to earn for himself and @jerrybanfield is here to add value to steemit by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
Great job @jerrybanfield

Of course you will envy people like @midhunter since you're a broke ass and can't afford to buy any Steem Power.

I agree with you @crytoeera. Bottom line is everyone would like to make some $ here. Do you think @jerrybandfield is doing it for fun? Remember everytime you vote, he earned something so the advertising cost is not for fun, he wants more followers like you and me to vote.

We are all here to share a piece of pie, and I hope we do it in a friendly community.

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Thank you.

Very nice post I agree with you wish you all the best .

haha am not as pathetic as you, upvoting your own comments like him, get a life first clown

Better to be pathetic than perfidious.

Get a life then kid

It takes a creative and persistent person to provide value for thousands. I appreciate that Jerry has stepped up.

nice have a good day

This will increase the steem price

The world is shifting to decentralized...that cannot be disputed.

I agree about Jerry...we need warriors out there who lead the charge. FB and Markie Z are formidable foes. They are no different from the banking established and cryptos...their day is coming.

We are moving slowly ... last time I checked stemians are in 360,000 compare to FB of millions. But keep in mind this is the second year, best of this we are part of a moving community.

Be cool, we all go to the moon.
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Yehaaa.. wait for me!!

Steemit ahime is not an application like facebook, they call it aocial network? But is it?! Notifications not working, no chat, no photo albums.. Steemit is a blogging platform.. The people over here are those who are moving from wordpress, blogspot and similar... mostly

You are correct...we have to start somewhere.

Upvoted and followed.

Steemit's userbase will grow exponentially. Also, 1 viral article/post could be enough to start a snowball effect that could lead to millions of new users. :)

You are right!
Having different personalities like Jerry, boosts the Steemit platform. ;)

Hello I'm new on steemit.have to follow you .

Good lucks. Keep post n comment

I couldn't agree more. Its great we have Jerry to teach noobs like like about crypto and Steem.

Great Job @jerrybanfield
Follow & 100% Upvoted

Just curious, how do you adjust the percentage of your upvote?

There's an "upvote slider" that appears when you click the upvote arrow -- but, you only get that after you have achieved (or purchased) 500 STEEM Power.

I don't see that when I click. Perhaps I don't yet have enough steem power to do that?

Right, exactly, you need 500 SP for the slider to show up.

If you know coding, you could use the command-line tool which would allow you to specify the percentage of the vote, even with less than 500 SP.

Also, I think the phone app "esteem" will also allow you to specify the percentage [edit: with less than 500 SP, that is], but I haven't explored it much and haven't used that feature -- I'm mostly here on my laptop.

Hello it's my pleasure to follow You.

His posting always positive for steem n the community

Great marketing, good job

You too. You just got yourself upvotes.

Ein absolut hervorragender Job

Great work Jerry!

Yo ,
Thanks for sharing

363,000+ views on the video. Awesome!!

Having a video in a page post ad is the ideal formula for getting the most reach at the lowest cost! Thanks for noticing Tomas!

Interesting! Did not know that

Two thumbs up. For investing.

out of the 363,000 views how many do you think joined steemit? It would be cool to find out that's statistic some how ...even if its a small number, thaqt still means Steemit is having its own users pay other users (like you and me) to promote steemit on other social media websites with paid and unpaid traffic so the system is organically promoting itself!

I am one of them. I was brought here by that post. My first post has that link and my gratitude :)

Here https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@tezmel/hello-from-africa

Yes 363K+ views on Facebook..

good job

You are doing great work! Upvoted! ;)


Nice!! Great work @jerrybanfield! It's incredible how such a low-budget ad can reach so many people! We can just see Steem grow bigger and bigger!

Thank you @jerrev it shocks me how many people are seeing this for the cost also not just in this ad but every ad for Steem! We each have a great opportunity to get new followers by responding to the comments because there is a lot of skepticism there along with a lot of excitement!

Steemit works in a strange way... Not easy to understand it....

This voting to comments and somehow it is paying.... It is not easy to grasp...

Great results jerry !

Thank you @spacehd! I am very grateful our upvotes are giving me the opportunity to show these ads for us!

The value of my upvote is very small yet but I play my bit so you can continue with these incredible promotions of steemit

Love what you are doing in other social media @jerrybanfield . I'm creating awareness too and hopefully get the same result. This platform deserves more people like you.

It is time that lure people with no background in cryptos so that our contents here in steemit is more diverse. I see in future steemit will be just that.


Jen our ability to get new users starting out in crypto with Steem is the reason why I think we will soon be the number one currency even above Bitcoin!

Yes it has the potential to go up... But what about inflation?

Jerry - how are you defining number one currency? That's a strong claim to be over Bitcoin.

You are doing a great job on steemit @jerrybanfield
Thank you very much for your effort. Sure steemit will be more faster famous than it would without you (and other great influencers) :)

Hey @jerrybanfield, I am admiring your hustle and your efforts and I have to mention that you are the one brought me into steem, bit I have a question for something I just noticed.
How it's possible your Facebook page with 2,2million(!) followers to get less than 40 likes on each post? I am just wondering and I would be really curious for an answer. I am not trying to criticize, I just found it really weird =D

Its an issue with facebook's policy. They show your posts to a only a small fraction of your followers, unless you buy Ads. And this Ad was for views not 'Likes'.

I understand that policy but we are talking for 2.2 million followers that why I found that so weird. I am just comparing those stays with other pages and what engagement they are having.

I would like to see the videos for this project being linked from DTube!

We need more people like you, you won my vote for witness, cheers.

The first platform that i have come across the pays users for post good contant. I hope to explore more here in steemit.

Thanks for sharing. . im watching you on youtube :)

Great work. Great ROI.

Thank you Dave for commenting on the ROI! I think the more we advertise like this, the more we guarantee a very bright future for Steem.

I wonder if any of the other whales or dolphins see the value of doing this. I think you bring your unique talent for talk to the table, but what niches could some of the others bring? It seems like a no brainer, that more people should be making these ads!

Yes... It is great ROI.

Steemit gets more popular every day thanks to people like Jerry! Thank you!

Done.. upvoted 100%!... Keep up the great work @jerrybanfield

Jerry I love your writing but I think the ad is deceptive. People with large amounts of steem power are well-paid by upvoting their own posts and those of their friends. The majority of users without a lot of steem power make pennies. That's why people join and then leave when they learn how the steemit sysem really works.

I think Steemit had and has great potential. But the weighted SP voting system just leads to abuse and gaming the system. It sounds like other platforms under development like Yours.org may use unweighted voting. We'll have to see once they release a working version. And maybe those who control the direction of Steemit will discover ways to change the system so that the majority of payments don't go to the "wealthy" members of steemit.

Here are some of the things in the video text and my comments.

  1. " As of today authors publishing posts are earning about 68% of that while upvoters are earning 15%, commenters earning 7%," ---- You make it sound like the average user is making bank when it's really only people who have high amounts of steem power.

  2. You say there are 300,000 accounts. How many of those accounts are active users, posting at least once a week? I know so many people who came to steemit a year ago thinking they'd be making good money for writing and commenting. They left because it was clear that only those who were friends with and upvoted by whales made decent money.

  3. "New social media blogging website pays users to post, upvote, and comment!" --- You're not telling them that probably the majority of people who post anything get pennies per article or comment.

  4. "For sharing with friends, Steem gives us the chance to help our friends earn money by voting their posts up which also then pays back too" ----- What you don't say is that it's the whales and dolphins with a lot of steem power who join together to vote their posts and comments up, taking the majority of the rewards pot and leaving pennies for others. You revealed one of those schemes here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@jerrybanfield/meet-steem-s-1-author

Well said, there is a lot of false advertising going on. Steemit is great in concept but more a more the trending page is filled by the same people and the quality of posts I see there are not a good reflection of what others are bringing to the site. I know that if i attracted new users here they would be very disappointed when not getting the hundreds of dollars per post that they see trending posts get. I will stick with it but will also be keeping an eye for a fairer systems on other networks. Its becoming make or break time for Steemit i'm afraid.

you have point... But i think, they will still try... The point is, the whale like jerry must support also the small person? Not only whales to whales. Soon this small will be bigger than the others because of the help of other whales.
But the point is, how long they can stay of blogging just to earn? The good thing is, they are enjoying of expressing their feelings and share their thoughts. And they are happy to earn atleast 10SBD! Like me... i am one of them...

I am not sure things will balance by it's self. Some work needs to be done on the self voting (at least for comments) I believe and maybe a change to the trending page. to give a suggested post for a new writer but on the same topic a chance to be seen. These are just some of my own ideas.

It is really good if more people come to steemit? if yes, why?
This is not an ironic question, i would like to know your and other people's opinion. What will be the benefits?

Hai jerrybanfield , I Actually i Visited your website and your Own University [i have account on it] & Youtube Channel etc.... you made lot of work in Online , I'm Impressed with your work , Any way based on your youtube video , i made forst post on Steem it : https://steemit.com/facebook/@jayaprakash/get-facebook-likes-at-just-usd0-002-only-facebook-advertising-technique

Here i Mentioned your Name , Because you are the backbone of Above Post .
Anyway All The Best .

Thank you I just upvoted your post now!

Keep up the good work Jerry, I'm glad you are our spokesperson and doing so much hard work to popularize this awesome platform!😍

As always amazing progress promoting steemit! Imagine if we AL did work like this! We could get millions of users to join in just a few months! And @jerrybanfield i was so inspired by your posts that i am doing a reddit ad right now and I jsut finished it and posted it and awaiting approval from reddit and id love for ytou to take a look at my post about my Steemit Ad for reddit , here it is
here is what the ad for stemit Will Look like on Reddit.com !

And the money from the upvotes on my post here will go towards buying more ads for steemit on other social media platforms!

I am trying to follow in your footsteps! And more people should too! Its only $12 to run an ad on reddit we should all be doing it AND we should start buying INSTAGRAm ads ! that's my next thing!

Instagram is the best place to hunt fior potential steemit users! instagram users are all about making money much more so than facebook i would assume! Instagram users would LOVE a way to make money of their views likes and followers and we should really promote steemit as a way for instagram users to finally make a profit off social media without any "extra" work other than switching to steemit and maybe learning to use Bitcoin but trust me, instagram users already love Bitcoin and would LOVE to "have to " learn to use bitcoin to cash out steem they earn! Steemit seems to good to be true for many people on social media so just post screenshots of your blog posts and wallets like I go instagram.com/ackza770 See this? I posted screenshot of my steemit wall to my instagram and i get hundreds of likes after a few weeks go by!

So just post screenshots of your own steemit blog to instagram use tags like #bitcoin #steemit #blockchain #cryptocurrency and youll end up gaining a lot of attention and be creating free advertising for steemit!!! If just 100 of us did this everyday we would reach thousands of people a day potentially doing very little so imagine what we could do for steemit promotion from just organic social media traffic!!

Thanks jerry for the inspiration and This niche of marketing for steemit is very profitable! ;) I hope EVERYONE starts promoting steemit because I think whales always have upvotes for people going out to advertise for us! Its like organic decentralized marketing! nowhere else do users go and spend their own money to market the site! Its a unique phenomenon!

This is fantastic, I think STEEM is greatly undervalued and more people need to learn about it.

I'm telling all my friend about STEEM and how they can even earn money just by commenting or writing articles.
Now with Dtube and soon twitter "like" client build on top of STEEM i think we will see a huge surge in a near future.

One thing i'm disappointed about is the lack of communication from the dev team. They should make videos, interviews, share project plan etc. This would give more confidence in the platform.

@jerrybanfield for president! Thanks for promoting steemit! Your work is just amazing!

Great results, Jerry! Go on:)

Upvote at 100%. Take my $4.50 and go help STEEM prosper.

I admire your commitment, and understanding of cross marketing between platforms


Great Job dude, you are the MAN!!


I am super positive about ong.social though- a quarter of a million users (more than Steemit) and half a million dollars so far in the ICO WITHOUT PAID ADS, only organic growth and evangelists (like me! haha)

This, very much this! They've been around long time already and have done lot of work for the platform before even having an ICO. Very rare case in crypto land.

They're pretty impressive stats!

Yeah, onG.Social has many advantages in comparison to Steemit. It is therefore growing everyday, because people are realizing the great potential of the onG platform. It seems as if it's doomed to become huge.

That is so cool! 1 : 1000 ratio!

So if you will compute it @jerrybanfield, $0.001 per view!

A win-win for us <3

Definitely worth my upvote and as a witness :)

I am hoping to promote you on our meet up next week especially in supporting your candidacy as a witness. Why? Because we have the same outlook, I am also promoting Steemit in our university! :) If you have time, please take a look on our campaign here :




Worth post for today @jerrybanfield
Keep posting relevant topics 😎

wow wonderful

Great job Jerry ! I like you because you are 100% in steem project. All my earning from crypto now are going to buy steem power. Thank you :)

@jerrybanfield you are a one man viral army.

This is huge! Great Job.
You can try https://steemwinner.surge.sh if you want to make some contests or distribuite some prizes to them.

The milestones are still huge before you can reach most facebook users @jerrybanfield. Am sure that with the great work and the effort you are producing all these will pay off soon with some astonishing results. Keep doing the great work. And thanks for sharing this amazing result with the community.

Yes, The milestones are very huge.


Great Project Jerry. You have really nailed it with this project. I also believe in Steem. This ad campaign will bring a large traffic volume to steemit and introduce a lot of people to the great community and get them more rewards which in the longterm will boost the value of steemit. Keep working on more of this projects. Godspeed!

Jerry. You are in the right track. I doing exactly the same but on atomic scale. I mean very, very small amounts invested compared to you. In my case I do market Job Post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Audiences. Roughly about 50,000 people plus about 800,000 on my private Networks. My target too, is a 1 million reach exposure.

Great Job, so many people still haven't heard of Steemit.com

Thank you selfie.jpg

@jerrybanfield if you read and upvote this comment i will know that you are reading what we comment here :) Lets see?

wow 363,000+ views on the video. Awesome!!

FREAKING AMAZING! My friends list has been invited also, it is great, all my intellectually superior friends have joined, only ones that haven't are people we wouldn't want polluting steem with their non sense. Earlier I called it the intellectual exodus from facebook!

Burn facebook down, it should be in a museum next to myspace, it is just a spam haven... and incredibly creepier everyday... i dont even need to tag pictures, it knows who everyone is based on bio metrics which is creepy as hell.....

Shared you facebook post to all my friends. Great Job @jerrybenfield

You really are adding value to steemit! Nice job Jerry!

This is awesome @jerry you're really a nice man keep up with the good work

i wonder why spent all of that cash to marketing something thats not yours

Great job man keep it up

and i discover you through steemit lol..

Steemit platform must have all the functionalities of a social network platform like facebook. It will be more beneficial to Steemit. Al least proper notifications of comment, Upvote, Resteem is necessity. Devs are working on this i guess. My dear Steemit fellows please Follow me and upvote my posts if you like I will give you Vote back on your posts always. Thank you.

Nice information. Mr. Chips pay tribute to you for this amazing info.
Please upvote and Follow @mrchips

This whole idea of communities supporting eachother is amazing :) growth growth and more growth

I envy you a lot @jerrybanfield good work sir

That would be nice figures! FB is a good platform to spend less and earn more! Power of social medias nah! Thank you very much for sharing such great results with us! Everyday we have something new to learn from you my dear friend!


You have a really well documented post. I pay my respects

Awesome man
Interesting post. Following and upvoted .

Steem and Dtube are the future of Facebook and YouTube. Stop the censorship and let's be free together!! Nice work Jerry!! It's amazing how many people one person can reach. STEEMIT!!!!

It's nice to see your steemit growth projects! I admire your work!

Great post! Glad we have people like you in our community. I'm really excited of the views your video/add got. But what if instead of a video tutorial you would share a quick 1 minute animation about steemit. I think it would be more catchy and if animation done good it would attract those who aren't even familiar with crypto-currencies and/or bitcoin.

very cool :)) I like it :))

Awesome idea keep the community growing!

Woah. Digital marketing is indeed a powerful tool! Good job jerry!

Great post as per usual @jerrybanfield , doing a service for the entire steemit community!!

Great job. Lets beat YouTube. Will steemit also beat Facebook? Would be great in 2025 if Facebook is dead just like MySpface.

Great marketimg post Jerry

Hi @jerrybanfield.

Anda selalu menemukan hal baru dalam artikel anda dalam #steemit ini.

Saya jadi semamin haus akan #education tentang #steem ini.

Terimakasih atas share nya.


While Zuckerberg is focusing upon Snap, Jerry and Steemit are in the process of cleaning his clock.

@jerrybanfield - Sire, love your work. Spending $1000 on FB will give you a lot of beneficial Sire. Nice work you are doing Sire.

+W+ [ReSteemed & UpVoted]

Great work @jerrybanfield.may Steemit continue to grow and grow!

This is great! However, some of those 1,035,858 people might have already known about steemit :) but great job there @jerrybanfield! I appreciated your effort!

wow great nwe, thx for sharing!

Good morning to you Jerry and thank you for mentioning me in your post :). It feels good to give back to the community in this way because we all benefit from greater exposure.

Thanks for continuing to promote Steemit and keep up the good work! I've upvoted and will keep an eye out for more of your fundraising posts so I can continue to support the project.

Fantastic Stats

I hope we get a month soon, where we get 100K - 200K new accounts :D

What the -ive figure means? (-6,855.017 STEEM)

great work!

Omg! This is awesome. Good to hear that one! Thank u for sharing. Im newbie too. And i first noticed Steemit on Facebook also. So im one of that million.


brilliant, I've been thinking about doing adds similar to this, but I'm not the most computer inclined. Just started with youtube videos, but hopefully one day get there!

Really really good job jerry

great way to promote i like the way

This is a very good news and innovations. I hope i can get an

Excellent article

Hopefully all of them are good

That's why jerry was the first one i followed when i joined steem it 5 days back.And becasue of this guy i am motivated to post on my channel.Today also i wrote a blog whole in my words with poor grammer.Let's see how it goes :)

thanks @jerrybanfield we can certainly benefit from what your are doing in this community all the best God bless

if every know about steem they live other plate form as like me i every time use only steemit

thx for sharing

So amazing!! I learned about steem from a boosted ad of yours!!!
So I totally agree with what you do!

Great work but the comments are a bit worrying. People think it's a scam. How can this be resolved? The video also seems quite long as an introduction.

Good work 👍👍👍