Update, Month 12: 💥 Annual Highlights Edition! 💥

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Continuing to blog on all the fascinating aspects of my experience on our Steem blockchain, here is my twelfth monthly one year update!

Since posting my introduction on 14 May 2019, these updates represent my "log" of sorts, giving my readers a monthly window into my "journey" through the Steemisphere - a new "virtual world" based on the creation of our Steem blockchain.

So ... "What are you doing 'in there' @roleerob and how is it going?"

  • Note: A link to an index of my Year One's posts is in my profile. The post which follows is complimentary to it and together will be my "contribution" to the Steem blockchain about Year One of my "journey."

Status or "Executive Summary"

To begin, here is a brief overview to answer the "how is it going" question we should probably be "checking in" with ourselves and answering, from time to time.



There is an old saying, "numbers don't lie." Yes, well, there is also an old joke about the executive asking the accountant, "what do the numbers say about how we're doing?" to which the accountant replied, "what do you want them to say?" ... 😉

Required to issue a monthly report for most of my career, with numbers to quantify progress, here are a few:

To date on my Steem "journey," these numbers are the most important. The first three quantify our influence on adding value to the Steem blockchain. And the second two, the actual work we are putting in to add value ourselves. Given all of our rich diversity, I trust we all have one focused objective in common - adding value to the Steem blockchain.

We want the value to go up!

How is that working for us? Well, you see here the market numbers, i.e. the "bottom line" of how our investment is doing. Up modestly over last month. Pretty good, right?

For this "Annual Highlights Edition" of my monthly updates, I took the extra time, to put together the simple metrics shown above. What do we see? From the absolute bottom of the recent "crypto winter" lows, STEEM has risen about half as much as the market overall.

Just a coincidence? Nothing to be concerned with? It is relatively easy, dear reader, to find post after post which encourage all of us "in here" to remain faithful to STEEM, power up at every opportunity, etc. The "heavier handed" ones will even make some pretty unpleasant statements about anyone who might speak "ill" of STEEM ...

My response? What it has been for some time. I have made it sufficiently clear that I have stopped any further (with a few minor exceptions recently, to fund SBI prizes ...) investments into STEEM, although capable of much more. The "numbers don't lie" and I refuse to allow some "emotional investment" to overrule sound judgment. That can be and often is the path to disaster ...

Why I am still around? Please read on, for the "qualified" answer ...

Source: Tim Cliff Post - SBD Explained


Engagement "Formula"

A steady work-in-progress, is attempting to maintain the following "rhythm" in the investment of my time:

  1. Engaging "down" with all of the many great Steemians steadily adding value and working hard, who have a smaller stake and doing what I can to encourage them.

  2. Engaging "up" and adding value, as much as I can manage, to the posts of those who may chose to ... uhhh ... increase my "influence" ... 😉 ... to help those in #1 ...

  3. Adding value by writing my own posts, so #1 and #2 have some idea of why they would want to hopefully "engage" with me ...

I don't have my stopwatch out or anything. I just try to be mindful of switching from one to the other. Part of the "flow," as I have written about elsewhere, is naturally regulated by your decline in voting power.

Year One Awards and Accomplishments

In this section of my routine monthly update posts, I highlight anything which stood out to me in the way of an award or accomplishment. As much as anything, it's for my reference, when I look back over time and ask myself,

"Are you really accomplishing anything meaningful 'in there' @roleerob?"

For this "annual edition," I have highlighted what stands out to me for Year One of my "journey" on the Steem blockchain ...


"Mileposts:" 1,000 SP Earned and 100 Posts

Within the last 6 weeks, I achieved two significant "milestones" on my Steem "journey" - 1,000 SP earned and 100 posts!

Reached in April, I was quite pleased with this. I am not likely to invest any more of my hard-earned income into the Steem blockchain, until I see some significant improvements in key aspects of it, but I will still remain relatively active (for me anyway ...).

While I am at it, I like the idea of measuring progress with 1,000 SP earned "mileposts" along the way ...

Reached in May, I was also very pleased with this. For many Steemians, I'm sure this might be a "ho hum" moment, as they churn out posts quantitatively at a far greater clip. But ... As shown in the "Executive Summary" section of my One Year on the Steem Blockchain! post, my posts aren't ... uhhh ... "normal" ... As this could've been 805 posts in one year ...

For me and my "journey," I am quite content with this.

  • Note: As a little "inside secret," these 100 posts include a "boo boo" post that I was unable to delete. So ... Actually, this post is my 100th "real" post! 😉 And while we're on the subject, take a closer look at that 100 post image. What are the odds of getting those numbers on the total post and average post payouts? 👍


Publishing "Road to Recovery" Travelogue Series

Beginning with my Reflections: My "Road to Recovery" Trip post through to my Recap of "@roleerob's excellent adventure!" In winter ... post, I wrote 28 posts in a little over 5 weeks, including my new record of posting 15 days in a row (I started out planning to write ~ 1 post per week ...)!

Blessed with this wonderful opportunity to both relive and create lifetime memories, I made the most of it. These posts are an important part of both capturing and preserving these memories. Others seemed to enjoy them as well, as the awards I collected represent the most recognition and support for anything I have written for the Steem blockchain to date.


Publishing my Steemisphere Posts

Until further notice, although now a bit dated, these posts are what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment in contributing to the Steem blockchain. Why?

Here is what I said in my introductory comments:

”You are reading what I would like to have been quickly introduced to, when I was where you are right now.”

I wanted to help others avoid what I had been through, as much as possible.

Designed to be complimentary to each other, here are the two posts created:

  1. Welcome to the Steemisphere! Getting Off to a "Flying Start," Version 1.0 – Covers the full spectrum of what a new Steemian needs to know to get off to a “flying start.”
  2. User's Guide to the Steemisphere, Version 1.0 – Covers the recommended apps and tools a new Steemian needs as they begin to engage with our Steem blockchain.

dandesign86 Artwork

Source: Steem Artwork contributed by talented Steemian @dandesign86!


Those are the highlights of my main contributions to adding value to the Steem blockchain over this last month.

What about the contributions of others? I cover that next ...

Monthly "Annual Edition" Highlights

Beginning with my first monthly update post, in this section I was inspired to try to capture "the good, the bad, and the ugly" every month. Specifically focused on my interactions with others on this "social network."

So ... What do we have for this month year:


👍 👍 Two Thumbs Up 👍 👍

Working with ”systems,” as well as managing the work of others, for much of my career, I have always emphasized ”people” over ”process” believing that is the right priority. From a lot of experience, I know the best systems are greatly diminished, if not ”manned” by competent, engaged people. A great team will always solve the problem of less-than-ideal systems. I have never experienced the reverse to be true ...

This section, then, will always be about the people I “meet” in our Community. Specifically, those who have had the greatest impact on my "journey."

List of "Annual Highlights" Steemians (in alphabetical order):

  • @blessed-girl - I first "met" this Steemian on my Week 23 post for the @pifc community - my first post for them. I am very appreciative of the opportunity, as she and her family are Venezuelan. She has a remarkable testimony and I love the manner in which she and her family express themselves. Our thoughts and prayers are hopefully with the people of this oppressed country.

  • @cicisaja - Having first met this remarkable Indonesian lady through the @pifc community, we've actively engaged ever since. I once told her, if she could ever figure out how to "bottle" her inexhaustible supply of energy and enthusiasm, she'd be independently wealthy. And, I'd happily buy a very large first order ... 😊

  • @crypto.piotr - This native Polish gentleman spent a number of years in Malaysia and recently returned home, with his native Malaysian bride (along with their little puppy dog, Happy ... 😊). He is a very dedicated Steemian always working to promote content creators and community effort. I have always enjoyed my interaction with him.

  • @delishtreats - A native of Slovakia now living in Switzerland, I first met this Steemian through her comments on one of my first "travelogue" posts - Lake Quinalt Lodge in Washington. As a "seasoned veteran" of the Steem blockchain, in general, and the traveling communities, in particular, she was very helpful to getting me introduced to the right channels.

    She is also an exceptional engager, i.e. she invests the time to write great comments. She is working hard to fulfill a cherished dream - opening a new restaraunt. Along many other of our fellow Steemians, I wish her every success, although I would hate to lose her contributions "in here."

  • @insight-out - A native of Bulgaria, I first "met" this Steemian through my Week 25 post. It was her post that helped "plant some seeds" that ultimately "germinated" into my "Road to Recovery" trip. She is a great content creator, primarily for the #steemstem channel.

    Like @delishtreats, she is also an exceptional engager and I always look forward to reading whatever it is she has chosen to write.

  • @janton - I don't remember when I first "met" this Steemian, but my countryman from Texas and I share many similar views. I have jokingly said I think he is really a bot, given "the Champ" routinely won @abh12345's weekly CEL awards for engagement.

    And not "by a nose" either. If he is "fully on," forget about it. Just hand him the weekly top award ... 😉 I have seen his scores +double those of the #2 Steemian on the list. Currently, he is taking a break and even graciously contributing to the award given to the current "Champ." Until he chooses to come out of ... "retirement!" 😉

    I always enjoy our exchanges - almost guaranteed to be "multi-level" (and, thereby giving me an opportunity to contribute a teeny tiny bit to his weekly CEL score, when he's "on") ... 😉

  • @lynncoyle1 - A native Canadian living in Mexico, I first "met" her upon learning one of my posts had been featured by the @pifc community. Beloved and well-known by many, she was one of the first Steemians with whom I had regular exchanges. At a critical time, unbeknownst to her, they played a pivotal role in keeping me "in the game."

    While not able to be as active as she once was (our thoughts and prayers are with her in all she is going through ...), we all hope some day she will be able to resume being one of the "regulars." One from which everyone eagerly anticipates hearing, making setting the time aside for being on the Steem blockchain a "must do" part of the day.

  • @macoolette - A native of the Philippines, I first "met" this exuberant Steemian through the @pifc community. While they each obviously have their own special personalities, I have always thought of her along with @cicisaja, as I became acquainted with them both at about the same time. And they are both "on the other side of the world," from where I am.

  • @newageinv - I have referred to this native of Puerto Rico (I think ...) living in Florida as a "rock in the Steemian sea," given his remarkably steady engagement and content creation. I first "met" this Steemian through a resteem of one of my posts, by the great Steemian @steemchiller - the creator of SteemWorld (see below).

    I always appreciate whatever it is he is writing about in general and, as a fellow investor, I particularly enjoy reading whatever he chooses to write about this important topic.

  • @rawutah - Comparatively new to me, relative to the rest on this list, this Steemian has had a significant effect on our (my beloved and I) thoughts about what we might do in the "next chapter" of our lives. Tied to the permaculture movement in general and the "Back to Eden" lifestyle in particular. Stay tuned for a potential future post about details ...

  • @tarazkp - While my interactions with this Aussie in Finland have been comparatively limited, I consider him to be an exemplary Steemian. I have particularly enjoyed and appreciated the way he writes about the "cold, hard facts" of what it takes on the Steem blockchain. To make progress. To be successful. And his prolific creation of high-quality content, day in and day out, sets him apart in a class of his own, from any Steemian I've "met" during my first year.

Many other Steemians, with whom I have had some great interactions, did not make this "annual highlights" list. I really thought long and hard about putting it together at all, out of concern about the potential for ... uhhh ..."issues" ... But, in the end it simply seemed the right thing to do. To honor those who are most responsible for my still being "in here."

So ... My original "Magnificent Seven" plan (or "Seven Samurai", if you prefer ...) became instead the Magnificent Eleven! (ohhh, that @roleerob, always getting carried away and not knowing when to stop ...) 😉

List of "Annual Highlights" Steem Community Leaders (in alphabetical order):

  • @abh12345 - A Brit on Malta, he is a Steem champion for "all things" curation and engagement. He does an excellent job of "leading by example." His efforts, along with those of @paulag, have played an important role in retention for those Steemians whose "journey" crossed paths with theirs. Like mine ...

  • @paulag - In Ireland, this great "numbers lady," who works together with @abh12345 on their @steemcommunity initiatives, does an excellent job in her own way of representing the Steem blockchain. I've always appreciated her candid, "straight up" style of communicating.

  • @steemchiller - A humble German, yes, okay, while not technically a "community" leader, in the sense of these others, his influence on all of the rest of his fellow Steemians, with his tireless work on SteemWorld, is profound! Anyone on the Steem blockchain not using his incomparable app is making a huge mistake.

  • @thedarkhorse - An American in the Midwest and founder of the @pfic community, he is another great "lead by example" Steemian. To date, all things considered, his community has had the single greatest impact on my "journey" on the Steem blockchain.

Without thriving communities all across the Steem blockchain, the future for it would be very bleak. These four community leaders exemplify, for me, what that looks like "up close and personal." Yes, I know there are lots of other communities. And, yes, I had the same concerns mentioned above about only referencing these four. But again, as written above, it was simply the right thing to do. To honor those who are most responsible for my still being "in here."

For your future reference, dear reader, if you are not already familiar with them, here are the communities (and app ...) these four Steemians started and faithfully and consistently continue to lead (or program ...), week in and week out.

Please check them out (clicking on the images, as well as the links, will take you there)!

Great Steem Communities Engaging, Curating, and Powering Up!

The Curation and Engagement League Posts of @abh12345

The Minnow Power-Up League Posts of @steemcommunity

The Redfish League Posts of @paulag

The Pay-It-Forward Community Post of @pifc / @thedarkhorse

SteemWorld Logo

Wrapping up this section, I have done my best to provide some encouragement to some of my fellow Steemians, who collectively are playing an essential role in keeping the Steem blockchain alive. All while illustrating a bit of the remarkably rich diversity of human interaction we can all experience on the Steem blockchain. This is far and away the #1 reason I am still "in here."

  • Note: As you are likely all aware, to obtain any benefit from your "prize," you'll have to keep going in your efforts to add value to the Steem blockchain. 😉


👍 One Thumb Up 👍

Almost on "cue" to go with my annual highlights edition, the "Leaving Survive Mode and Beta" post from @steemitblog showed up a few days ago. Followed shortly by the "EIP" post of @steemitblog and the associated tech details post of @vandeberg - Senior Blockchain Developer at SteemIt.

The "glass half full" view of these posts is the very encouraging overview it gives about progress made in the last 6 months. I particularly liked the brief glimpse we all got into 4 key people - @justinw, @vandeberg, @roadscape, and @andrarchy - and their individuals roles in the progress made.

The "EIP" (Economic Incentive Proposal) discussion has brought "out into the light" what has been troubling to me for a long time. And, for that at least, I appreciate it. I could write another whole series of posts about this subject alone, but this is not the intent of this post. For now, we'll move on ...

So, @roleerob ... The "glass half empty" view of these posts? Glad you asked! The answer appears below in my 👎 section ...

dandesign86 Artwork

Source: Steem Artwork contributed by talented Steemian @dandesign86!


👎 One Thumb Down 👎

Like most posts on the Steem blockchain, particularly true of those written by SteemIt, the "Leaving Survive Mode and Beta" post generated replies / comments. A lot of them.

So ... What would a "casual observer" conclude from scrolling down through those found on this post? Or a growing number of other posts? "All is well in Paradise?" Yeah, right ...

It is very instructive and important to understand the link of this problem to the "EIP" discussion. I was thankful one morning, with an unusual amount of time to follow a "multiple links trail" of various resteems, to find this "EIP FAQ" post of @trafalgar. A new account to me, while I could do without some of his word choices, I appreciated his straight-up style and straightforward honesty in writing it.

As a self-professed "player," (my word, not his ...), these statements stood out to me:

”I can spend $6000 a month fighting abuse with the full knowledge that at least 75% of that money is just flowing into the pockets of others doing the exact same thing.”

”It's just too expensive and too futile to do anything 'good' in a broken economy. Knowing this, most of us capitulate and choose to just maximize our own stake to mitigate the negative price effects of a failing platform and in the process we make it worse. This is why we desperately need the EIP. I'll likely be switching sides once that's introduced.”

[emphasis added mine}

You may wish, dear reader, to read his whole post. And read through the words above again. It answers my oft asked question of myself why no one of sufficient ... uhhh ... "strength" does anything about the problems cited above? Now I know ...

Is "EIP" the answer? There is certainly a lot of heated debate about it. We’ll find out together what the “Top 20” decide is the best course, going forward, as God knows there is a considerable problem which needs an effective solution to address it. The sooner the better …


👎 👎 Two Thumbs Down 👎 👎

Summing up my view of what I have written about in detail in the 👎 section just above, my single biggest frustration with the Steem blockchain is the complete lack of any sort of means of effective redress to those of our fellow Steemians seriously damaged by these actions.

The rest of us are left with simply being thankful it wasn't us "in the crosshairs" ... (I've suffered a few "glancing blows," but ... It certainly could've been worse ...)

But ... Did we truly "escape" from suffering any damages? No is my strong response, as we have all paid a price in the overall value of our Steem blockchain holdings. Compounded by an "economic incentive" currently built into the Steem blockchain, which not only fails in addressing it, but rather promotes "joining in!?"

Again, I'll say the same thing. I could write a whole series of posts about this topic, but that is not my intent here ...

I'll finish with a challenge to those of you who may disagree with my perspective here to do one thing. Imagine a "whale-sized" prospective investor finding this post. It is not inconceivable to me, as in performing the obligatory due diligence, it stands to reason one would look through the posts of SteemIt, which, up until now at least, is the single biggest "influencer" of where we are at this stage of life on the Steem blockchain.

What conclusions would they draw about the Steem blockchain? First, the positive from reading the post itself? Being prudent and "drilling down" into the details of some of these accounts ... "Crying wolf?" Or finding that some very serious loss had been suffered by innocents? "Collateral damage?" It is inconceivable to me this outcome is justifiable by anyone. At least anyone to whom I am going to give the time of day about their opinions ...

You are reading the post of one such individual investor. I won't say more than that ... Overall, suffice it to say I did not stumble onto some of this garbage until later on in my Steem "journey." When I did, along with the cumulative effect of other issues, it was enough to end any further investing. I'm still here (see above ...) solely due to the fascination I have with and appreciation for interactions with good people from all over the world ...

Until further notice, my increase in "value" is now accruing based solely on whatever comes from my "earnings" ...


Crafted on top of Background photo created by rawpixel.com - www.freepik.com

So ... With that, Year One is "in the bank" ... "Onward and upward" into Year Two!


It is remarkable for @roleerob to consider I have been "in here" for over a year now. Having never chosen previously to have an online presence, the odds were not good I would make it this far. But, until "jumping in," I could never in advance have predicted the fascination I have experienced through the opportunity to interact with good people, all over the world.

Thank you for reading my annual highlights post, dear reader. I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Steem Communities and increase the value of the Steem blockchain! 👍 😊

Steemian @roleerob

Posted using SteemPeak and “immutably enshrined in the blockchain” on Saturday, 1 June 2019!


P.S. Whoa, 4,405 words ... 🤔 Well, I am honestly "working on" writing shorter posts! Failed again ... 😏 Maybe by the end of Year Two, I'll get it down. "Practice makes perfect" ... 😉

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It is relatively easy, dear reader, to find post after post which encourage all of us "in here" to remain faithful to STEEM, power up at every opportunity, etc. The "heavier handed" ones will even make some pretty unpleasant statements about anyone who might speak "ill" of STEEM ...

Exactly... and what are they doing themselves? They are Powering Down and dumping STEEM on the market at whatever price they can.

My response? What it has been for some time. I have made it sufficiently clear that I have stopped any further (...) investments into STEEM, although capable of much more.

Looks like we're on the same boat. I haven't bought any STEEM since January 3. If the whales and the devs don't show any proof of trust in this blockchain, why should we?

Thanks for the feedback @trincowski. For me, this falls under the "I would love to be proven wrong" category.

But ... Until I see some tangible evidence of improvement in what is so troubling to me, I am not going to go against my experience and instincts ...

At least I have not "pulled up stakes" like others and left. I value the relationships with those, like you, who are still "fighting the good fight," so I can "hang in there" for now.

I joined over a year ago and left for some months.
Steemit was not easy for me to figure out and I only joined because people asked me to (most left or we are no longer in touch here).
To be honest I found it boring. I am not a social media person so that might be a reason?

As I came back (mainly because I am hardly able to blog elsewhere with my slow connection) I met the right group and people who made it possible for me to post and comment (@crypto.piotr is one of them).

I never cared about the figures and have no money to invest so if I grow it is slow. So be it.
There are nice people over here, interesting posts to read and I don't meet drama.

I try to invest in the community and will see where it brings me.

Your post I will save to read it over in time.
Since I invest a lot of time in steem most important for me is I like it. If not I leave.



Oh, what can I say @roleerob! You definitely keep me in the game :) Every time I get a bit carried away you made an amazing surprising post and a great gesture!

It's high time I login into my Wallet and pay it forward!

I hope you find the time to update us with what you are up to recently :)

I dunno @insight-out ...

"Oh, what can I say @roleerob!"

... but, from what I have learned about my Bulgarian friend, being at a loss for words is not a problem. 😉

Seriously, it is a pleasure and, as you will read in my post and comments, it's all part of a "devious plot" ...

As far as the future, the way my little "pea brain" is wired, I like to focus on key words. And conceptual thoughts which flow from them. So ... An important one of late is the word "legacy" and all that might mean in charting the first steps into the "next chapter" of our lives ...

Who knows. Maybe I will even write about it one of these days ... 😏

Posted using Partiko Android

If there is one thing that I admire you for but I can not do, it your being so organized and keeping records of all details. I thought I am organized and keen to details but seeing this post, oh well... I have to ask myself again when I never thought of having updates every month. 😃

Of all the four communities you mentioned, I missed the Red Fish Powerup League. Thanks to you that I was able to join the Minnow version.

I am honored to be in your magnificent eleven list. Thank you for that! It is inspiring to think that somehow, I am bringing something positive in my own little way. At the same time, it is an honor to be in the list of a true person in spite of the virtual world we're in.

Congratulations on all your achievements on the Steem platform! Shrug the thumbs down off and keep rocking! 😊

Your very kind @macoolette. I am just doing what comes naturally ...

"... your being so organized and keeping records of all details."

... as I've said elsewhere. It is just who I am and what I have been doing over most of a long, professional life. Hopefully, most everyone else is doing the same thing. Remaining true to themselves, just finding what niche(s) come(s) naturally to them and consistently add value to the Steem blockchain in their own special way ...

"At the same time, it is an honor to be in the list of a true person in spite of the virtual world we're in."

Yes, that is essential. At least to me. There is a real person (👍 hopefully, rather than a "bot" ... 👎) on the "other side" of the world (or other side of the screen, if we prefer ... 😉) steadily tapping away on their keyboard and clicking their mouse ... 😊

Yes, I will still make my contributions, as time allows. And, hopefully, here and there someone will actually read them. From time to time ... 😉 👋

I am sure many will read your very comprehensive posts. It is not only fun to read but also educational. Like, I may not catch the "happenings" other than HF21 if not from the references on your post. It is like having someone summarized everything. 😊

And oh, thank you very much for the SBI shares! That is so generous of you. May a triple fold be back on your favor. 🙏

You're certainly welcome @macoolette, but ...

"... thank you very much for the SBI shares! That is so generous of you."

... can I trust you with a secret? Rather than being generous, it is actually a disguise for a "devious" plot to encourage others to keep going and not give up ... 😉

Shhhh ... Don't tell anyone ... Haha ... 😊

Until "next time" @macoolette, take care "over there!" (wow, that rhymes ... 😉)

Then that is a very generous devious plot! 👍😊

It looks like you're also a poet combining rhymes. 😊

  1. 4.405 words 😨😨😨😨 whooaaa that's the real you 😉 I seldom find under 1k words of yours😉 and I read them all anyway... you're just a good author😍
  2. Congratulations on your achievements.. the 100 post, 1k SP and everything.. it's amazing that you always put everything in order and nice to enjoy while reading 😊
  3. What a generous one! Thank you for the SBI shares again... whoaa.. I think I've been not so active on steemit for the last 3 weeks (aargghh.. I wish I could stop myself to enjoy the comment-battle on local political issues on facebook😆)
  5. I used to engage like crazy with most of the name on your list here😊 and I think I couldn't agree more with you, they are who made this platform so lively with their posts and engagements.

Do I have any question? Will be back soon... I need to re-read this post to learn about the steemitphere or anything on the links you put on the post.

See you soon😊

Whoa, what's this @cicisaja? Being orderly and all with numbered content! Haha ... 😉

Seriously, great feedback and certainly an encouragement to me that you actually read through my long posts and find some value in them.

We are like-minded about these others then, in all they represent of what is good about the Steem blockchain.

Now ... If only the "big boys" (and girls) would get some of the truly serious deficiencies of the Steem blockchain addressed. Then, we'd see many multiples of all that is good and right ...

Howdy sir roleerob! wow, there is so much in this post that I relate to and agree with. Well shoot, like all of it! lol. Actually I'm amazed that you were able to be as active as you were given that you were working full time for most of your time here. And producing masterpiece posts like this one!

So much excellent information and analysis with much wisdom thrown in.

Thanks so much for including me in your list of Highlight Steemians. I am honored and humbled. Most of those people are truly amazing and I don't consider myself anywhere close to their level of important contribution.

I also want to thank you for all the work you've done in helping others on here, you are a great role model! I'm so looking forward to what your next phase of life is going to be as well as what happens with Steemit this year. Thanks again for all you do!

Thank you sir! Us Americans @janton ...

"... there is so much in this post that I relate to and agree with. Well shoot, like all of it!"

... gotta stick together! 😉

Seriously, you are very kind and one of "the good guys," at least in my book. So, we'll both find out together what another year brings our way! 👍

P.S. Looking forward, as your time permits, to hear your perspective on the "Back to Eden" film.

Howdy again sir roleerob! Did I read that you have never been involved with a social media site before? I think that's what you said, that is remarkable given that your posts are so professional! I haven't either but you can tell by my posts. lol.

Yes sir, I haven't forgotten about that video, in fact I emailed the link to myself and I just saw it last night and made a mental note.

Yes @janton ...

"Did I read that you have never been involved with a social media site before?"

... that is correct. I swore I never would be either. Well, here I am anyway ... 😏

My content, to me anyway, flows pretty naturally from who I am and what I've been doing all of my professional life. For example, monthly reports, executive summaries, performance metrics, etc.

"I haven't either but you can tell by my posts. lol."

Well @janton, I would encourage you not to sell yourself short. I think you are doing just fine! 👍

Sir roleerob! So you're saying that for the type of posts you do...they come naturally because you've been writing all your life and doing summaries is similar to posts. I can see that. This is totally foreign to me. Have you read any posts about EOS today and their new social platform? I've been offline working outside all afternoon. I was just wondering if you had an impression.

While I am far from an expert @janton, I am somewhat familiar with EOS. But, I don't own any and have never taken any time (never enough of it ...) to look into it.

It is my understanding it is backed by one of the two original founders of Steem. Who later left ... All before my time "in here" ... There is reference to it as Steem 2.0 ...

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Howdy again sir roleerob! Oh that's what they mean by Steem2.0...I wasn't sure and never saw that explained anywhere. lol. Yes I read about their new social media platform today but it's so different that I don't think anyone knows if it will be successful or not. At first glance it sure doesn't look like the Steemit Killer we've heard about but I guess it's early.

Yes, well @janton ...

"Oh that's what they mean by Steem2.0 ..."

... don't take my word for it, as I might be wrong. Just something I saw somewhere gave me that impression ...

Overall, you and I understand business fundamentals. Nothing exists in a vacuum. Even if a given enterprise is not successful, or at least not as successful as hoped, someone is always going to think they have an idea "for a better mouse trap" and proceed to "show the world" ...

While I frankly haven't given it much thought, I suppose there are going to be an untold number of decentralized blockchains attempting to show that where "the action is" is "over there" rather than "over here." 😏

Will that be true? Well, maybe?! But, the "grass is greener" somewhere else principle is as old as time ... Preying far too often on man's fundamentally discontented nature ...

That said, I am a strong advocate for the free enterprise system. And the positive benefits of healthy competition. Key word healthy ... (i.e. morally sound, legally correct, etc ...)

What an amazing year you have had. Any chance you are an accountant??? With the Excutive summary and qualifications your starting to sound like one 😛. Thank you so so much for the shout out and recognition (and support) of the leagues

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No ma'am, just a dumb engineer @paulag. And managing teams of people for a long, long time ... 😉

Very happy to acknowledge and support all you, @abh12345, and @steemcommunity have done for many, many others. A pleasure truly!

One of these days, perhaps I'll join you both in publishing some quantitative measures of one sort or another ... 😊

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engineers and accountants think the same 😊, by no means dumb at all. I considered at one stage studying engineering, but I also considered coding and missed out cos I didnt do it, instead I did applied biology and after graduating I decided it wasnt for me and became a dumb accountant, decided I didnt want to do that any more too and stared Data science but with the kids, study now is just to much for me, maybe when I grow up I will know what I want to do, in the mean time, some qualtitative measures will have to do :-)

Yes @paulag ...

"engineers and accountants think the same 😊, by no means dumb at all."

.. we are "numbers" people. In addition, I have the typical "black and white" approach to most of what I do commonly associated with engineers.

Long ago (1981), I purchased my first computer - one of the new IBM PCs. With it, since then, has been my lifelong pursuit of understanding how to make these extraordinarily powerful tools do what I would like them to do. To save me time and trouble ... Haha! Silly boy ... 😉

Most of what interests me is working with information systems, in general, and databases, in particular. Why? They are at the core of much of what we do with these remarkable devices today. As well as far into the future as I can see ... 🤔

Currently "stuck" working on my "tar baby" database project "from a hot place ..." tied to doing my own taxes and correctly and accurately accounting for all the many transactions I have related to this new "digit asset" class ... 😞

"... maybe when I grow up I will know what I want to do ..."

Right there with you! 😊 Thank you kindly for stopping by @paulag. Have a great day (evening) "over there!" 👍

Thank you for the mention and all your amazing words about the efforts of PIFC. I really needed this tonight.

You just keep helping others in your own way and typically very much behind the scenes. Really appreciate all that you have done. Have more thoughts and hopefully I'll remember to come back tomorrow night...but need to get to bed as I have another 12 hour day that I need to be waking up for in 4 hours...show weekends are killer.

My sincere pleasure @thedarkhorse ...

"I really needed this tonight."

... and grateful to learn it provided a little boost, when needed.

Rest well and here's hoping your 12-hour show is profitable for you and your business! 😊👍

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Show was good, not great. This is a monthly show which tend to never be great, but is consistently good. Really the biggest thing about this show is the leads it provides me.

Well @thedarkhorse, glad to hear it provided at least a little bit of a return on the investment of your time. Not my world, so really don't know much about it. I can imagine, though, it would challenging to go to all of the trouble to set up, etc. and not see the results you hoped for.

If you got some good leads, perhaps it will all work out long-term and be worth it!

It's a weeks worth of work crammed into 3 days. I do last minute pricing, figure out what inventory to bring and pack the truck on Friday. Typically that is a 12 hour day. Then Sat this show requires me to leave home at 6am to go set up, doors close at 4pm, home at 5pm. Then I put together more inventory to replace what sold during the day which typically takes a few more hours making for a 13-14 hour day. Then Sunday the show is open for 10 hours, but dealers get there an hour before doors open and I don't trust people so I get right away, 11 hours there. Then it's time to break down, load the truck, drive home and unload the truck. In the end I figure it's 15 hours.

So in 3 days it's 40ish hours in 3 days. So I fully expect to earn a weeks worth of income in those 2 days. When it's a good show I cover that expectation...so the rest of my efforts during the week with online sales and so forth make for a really good week, but I put in no less then 80 hours on a show week. That is the life of a small business owner that is hungry to keep growing...lol.

A commitment of time and effort @thehungryhorse ...

"That is the life of a small business owner that is hungry to keep growing...lol."

... that few people really understand. And I would suggest fewer still respect. But, I certainly would count myself as one in both categories.

I hope you enjoy fruits from your labor and continue to prosper with the steady addition of new customers.

"... and I don't trust people so I get right away, 11 hours there."

[emphasis added mine]

Made me smile ...

You continue to provide some great content and updates to the community which makes you a great example of how to create value! My attention span was really short this week to really get into the Hard Fork 21 issues but my concern is the communication and not the details asnit has mostly occurred off the chain. I will hope to see better explanations from Steemit and the witnesses that will be supporting it to help determine the path towards improving our growth and the sustainability of ther ecosystem itself!

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Yes, well @newageinv ...

"... which makes you a great example of how to create value!"

... thank you for that. I want to make sure my readers "get their money's worth" ... Haha ... 😉

Seriously, I do have a conscious intent to write smaller posts, but ... Well, once the "flow" begins, it's hard to get it turned off! 😊

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Thank you so much for the kind words @roleerob! I'm so pleased that I played a small part in your success here, and equally pleased that our paths crossed in the first place😊 I also really hope that one day I will be back on a regular basis.

Thanks again and cheers to your one year anniversary!

Very nice to "see" you again @lynncoyle1. I wasn't sure I would and that would've been perfectly understandable.

My pleasure to "call you out," as you are a class act, in every respect. I don't spend the time "in here" that I did when we first "met." But, I knew pretty early on that was not sustainable ...

Not for me at least and the balance I try to maintain over the use of my time. As you and I both know, it is a "one-way street" right to the end. Can't get it back. No "do overs" ...

I hope will be able to stay in touch, from time to time. Until "next time," all the best to you @lynncoyle1! 🤗

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Hey there @roleerob :) Some things are just meant to be I think; I check on ginabot occasionally, and the time I did, I saw your post :)

You're absolutely right ... the time I too was spending on here was not sustainable, although I do not regret a minute of it because I met great people like yourself :) Of course we'll stay in touch my friend!

Until then, all the best to you as well :)

Yes @lynncoyle1 ...

"... although I do not regret a minute of it because I met great people like yourself :) Of course we'll stay in touch my friend!"

... we are certainly in agreement! What a surprise ... 😉

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That was a very nice update post. I joined steem just a little bit before you, and also just recently went over the 1,000 Earned SP. A definite milestone. It is going to be interesting to see where HF21 takes steem.

Some of us still have time on occasion to read longer post.

Thank you for stopping by @bashadow and checking out this post. I appreciate the encouraging words ...

"Some of us still have time on occasion to read longer post."

... and knowing maybe some will take the time to read it! 👍

I truly am "working on" writing shorter posts, but this one just didn't work out ... 😉

Congratulations on achieving the 1,000 SP earned milestone too! Yes, it will be interesting to see what HF21 delivers. HF20 was a ... big mess ...

I sometimes try to use fewer words on my pictures post, but I just can't. I don't know that it is bad, but the more pictures, (which are what I want to share), the longer the post gets, so I have to try and not use so many pictures. Good luck on less verbiage, I even find it hard to just leave short replies. :-}, so sometimes I just leave the vote.

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Wow! #14? And #641 overall? Sounds fine to me. I'll take it! 😊

Thanks for the update! 👍

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