Steemit Update: Leaving "Survive Mode" ... and Beta!

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Since the company's layoffs last fall, the Steemit team has been focused on infrastructure cost reductions and advertising sales on By releasing two state-of-the-art pieces of software (Hivemind and MIRA), reducing operating costs, improving the efficiency of our AWS infrastructure, and beginning our paid advertising program, we are now hitting our cost reduction and revenue projections.

We have picked the majority of “low hanging fruit” with respect to cost reductions and restored the organization to a financially sustainable condition with a worst-case scenario operational runway that is more than sufficient to begin scoping future enhancements to the Steem blockchain and

@elipowell & Christi White

eli + christi.jpg

These changes began with the decision by @ned to hand over the reigns of Steemit Inc. to Elizabeth Powell who became Managing Director of Steemit about 6 months ago. In her efforts to turn the organization around she was aided by our indispensable Head of Operations, Christi White.

To learn more about Elizabeth Powell, check out her appearance on the latest episode of The Steemit Podcast, available now!

New Leadership

In order to shepard the organization into this new phase of growth, we have restructured the company and assigned four new team leads who have demonstrated exceptional judgment, skill, work ethic, and commitment to the Steem ecosystem.

team leads.jpg

Justin Welch - @justinw

@justinw has been leading Steemit’s DevOps efforts since its first year in operation and is now leading the team as Head of Engineering. Neither the Steem blockchain nor can function without the stable, secure, and scalable infrastructure that Justin oversees. Unfortunately for Justin that means that whenever anything goes wrong, he is absolutely indispensable. Since he is also critical when it comes to just all around "making things better," that means he has gotten very little time off, and very little sleep. If we could clone just one person, we all agree it would be Justin. Since we can’t do that, we’re putting him in charge of our engineering efforts.


@vandeberg has been with Steemit since before its inception and oversees all blockchain development as Senior Blockchain Engineer. Michael has had a massive influence over the direction that Steem has taken and with the benefit of hindsight we have all seen the wisdom behind the difficult choices he insisted be made, and the folly of ignoring his warnings. His insistence on pursuing the utilization of RocksDB to migrate Steem to commodity-hardware well over a year ago is just one example of his foresight.


@roadscape, Senior Product Engineer, was one of the earliest additions to the Steemit team. He was also the developer behind, the first user interface for accessing the information stored on the Steem blockchain. @roadscape went on to architect Hivemind, software that not only dramatically reduces the cost of running a blockchain node, but which also unlocks a universe of possibilities for social apps.

Whether people realize it or not, Hivemind also has the potential to offer the strengths of so-called “Smart Contracts” with almost none of the downsides. Hivemind will enable us to create Communities on Steem (among many other features), which is why it will play a critical role in the future of, and the Steem ecosystem as a whole. That’s why we wanted to empower its developer to push it to the limits!


@andrarchy has been a part of the Steemit community since before he was part of the Steemit team, creating content on the platform that helped educate new users on the complexities of the Steem ecosystem. Originally hired as Community Liaison for Steemit, he would go on to become our Content Director, and now Head of Communications where he oversees everything relating to content, marketing, and of course, communications.

Thrive Mode

While these last few months have been incredibly challenging for us, these hardships have not been able to stop this organization, nor this community, from surviving. Thanks to the many hard decisions we’ve made over the last 6 months, and the amazing software our engineers have managed to release, we feel that Steemit Inc. is well-positioned to transition from “survive mode” to “thrive mode.”

Thanks to Hivemind, and the splitting of Condenser into two separate applications (Social and Wallet), we’ve been able to improve at a rapid rate, while maintaining our rigorous security standards. And we’re just getting started. For these reasons, we feel the time is right for ... to leave Beta!

The Steemit Team

 last year 

But, what about the cake?

Who is behind the account @abusereports? He just started downvoting and making invisible all my posts on my blog from the last week. Is this what you guys call the New Steemit?

The old Steemit, just with more downvote bots pushed by a few whales.

but but
decomposed into 2 apps

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Yeah, apparently New Steemit means, "It's been fun everyone!"

It was fun while it lasted and I love freedom so much, I doubt this whale abuse scenario will matter in the long run.

 last year 

That account is not affiliated with Steemit Inc. no @pagandance

I think the lyric at 1:30 was his point -

Now these points of data make a beautiful line,
and we're out of beta, we're releasing on time

Did, why u never post nuttin' ?

It's a good job Steemit is all about quality content and not just a bunch of bots posting bullshit...

These are good news. You clap at good news. There are plenty of other venues and targets (and i do mean a lot of them) that badly need some criticism.
This post is not one of them...

I wont flag you because this is an opinion and i dont flag opinions, but i will say that your comment is misplaced.

Complain about bots

Act like a bot


Sift has been on here 3 years, and you are flagging all his comments because you do not like his opinion, do you see this as you controlling the narrative and not allowing a dissenting voice, are you an advocate of free speech? You are not acting like it.

He was spamming, don't give me that free speech bullshit, rofl.

Randomly spamming a post with “bot or moron” is not sharing an opinion. It’s exactly what downvotes are for, trolling.

dissenting voice is a stretch even for you... let’s not jump on the censorship train every time we don’t like something, freedom of speech goes both ways and trolling is an extremely valid use for downvotes.

To further support that @justineh, I think steem did a great job removing flag and adding the downvote button. Flagging etiquette lead to the reward pool being drained by DrugWars battle report and spam, meanwhile we should understand the stake based mechanism which is being reward distribution. If I disagree a photo of a cake is getting 100 USD in reward, I should be able to use my stake to limit (or stop that). That's what consensus based community means.

for those who don't know , downvotes could also be used to increase the vote value of big bid bots . like for example @themarkymark's @buildawhale

Back in the old days (last year) I used to think they (the bot masters) mostly just flagged content in an attempt to hide it, but I see now that when they really want to hide it they bury it in bot comments as well.

And meanwhile as the platform collapses (no real people posting anymore) the price of Steem is going up fast. I sold all mine and put it into Etherium which has gone up even more, but this is all getting moronic. I wonder why they flag my comments that have pictures but not the ones without - I guess bots really do hate images! ("prove you are not a bot")

price is going up fast? lel. Ethereum has a netto regeneration in price, so do Iota, Bitcoin, Eos, XRP, OMG, ... Steem has no netto regeneration, last month in April we were at 52cent and now in this massive bullrun @38 cent...THIS is obviously not the direction we want to go lel.

They want to silence us, because they fear facts. On the Bilderberger meeting uhhm I mean Steemfest 4 they will discuss any possibility to strengthen their authoritarian positions. Steem is bigger than their bags.

Of course it's a bull run. Bulls running downhills :D

You were flagged because you were spamming, trying to make it anything else is ridiculous.

For the record, I disagree with your comments being “hidden” from any front end and voiced it, but I fully support your spam comments being downvoted.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence.

HAHAHAHAHHA..and lets guess...WHO SHALL determine the 'consequence' to that which some take offense? What shall we serve as 'consequence'..flags, spam to spam comments..or what about a gold ole fashioned ass whooping?

hey , its me again ;-)
while your comments on the front end appear to be somewhat reasonable , I have to point out that things you say on the 'back end' look little different .




"White House Rolls Out Website To Report Silicon Valley Censorship"


There's a huge community of real people here. Look at them all doing the 7/77 challenge on twitter. If they're bots, they must be using alien technology :)

ithereum is so cool bro

no... it's a conspiracy from the Rothchilds ;)

@sift666 may be a conspiracy foil hat wearing anti-zionist but he is my conpiracy foil hat wearing anti-zionist and added a lot to the nutter community here!


Sorry, you don't have enough DRAMA.
You need 4.00000 DRAMA more for a chance to make it happen.
To view or trade DRAMA go to

@inertia You are a genius!! :)

Love it!!

Thank you :)

I wish all the best to the new team!

Can any of the management team, devs, witnesses inform me why this post was made invisible through downvoting? What can you guys do about this kind of behaviour? If it is true that you are serious with telling us this platform left "Beta", then why are the bad things from the past still continuing into the "improved" version?

This is your chance to prove everybody here you are taking things serious for making this platform survive, as to me it is still in "sinking" mode as long as these things continue tot happen here.

Similar shit happened to me a while back, bernieSanders was the cause, i posted something he disagreed with he then used his power to remove all my earnings from music related posts and completely wiped me out. Bullies exist and steem has no way of dealing with them just as in the real world we have no real ways of dealing with bullies in power.

Steem is a free network. If you don't like to see the downvotes just don't look at them use a front end like that shows all the posts. It's pretty simple. When you post content online some people will not like it and will downvote you. If you don't like that part of content production simply disable earnings for your posts completely and make money through steem donations or 100s of other methods that thousands of creators already use. Steemit can't do anything about the downvote, just as no one can censor when you upvote or downvote something. That's the whole point. You missed that i think. Enjoy the freedom, enjoy the transactions and make friends in the network. Ignore negative actions in the free network and if you can't ignore them, make friends who will stand up with you against the actions.

It's not someone that dislikes my posts. It is someone who is waging a harassment campaign against me, trying to shadow ban my profile.

This has nothing to do with freedom but with pure power abuse.

If everybody here is thinking as you are, then I sadly have to agree with @timcliff who stated that this platform is suffering from "Tragedy of the commons".

This means this platform is doomed to fail, while everybody wants to enjoy freedom at the expense of someone else's freedom, especially if you have less power.

That's what the Americans do when they tell you they come to bring freedom and democracy to your country. What remains of your country is a pile of shit and rubble like Iraq, Syria and Libiya.

Enjoy your Freedom until the Bubble bursts!

I thought you were also an employee. Probably a former?

Hahaha. So touching.

That was awesome!


Hellow @elipowell. STEEM is steadily slipping down in ranking compared to other coins. We are no longer in the top 10. It is more like close to 60. Now that Steemit is no longer in survival mode, Are we to expect that Steemit will now actively pursue listings on new and existing exchanges?

No Response. I'm not convinced that Steemit has left "Survival Mode".

wow roadscape official!

Leaving beta is a big step and should build confidence. I hope we can see progress on the community feature soon as this could be vital to building the users up. I know things can be tough, but keep working on making Steem what it can be

Thank you for everyone and special thanks to @roadscape, @vandeberg, @justinw (i guess your GH id's jredbeard :) for reviewing and merging my PRs (my GH id's economicstudio). I also thank @ned, my all time favorite example for many utopian bug-hunting and dev posts :)

ps. Don't forget to merge "show beneficiary setting" How to test? Make a post and set 100% beneficiary to @blockchainstudio :)

ahaan ;) It's never too late ;) Happy to hear that we are leaving beta ;) Hopefully, steem inc will stop selling steem now :'(

would be nice when after they found a source of money (advertising) and sold enough steem for a buffer they would just simply burn the rest of the steem inc held tokens...

Alternatively they could power back up and use the SP for rewarding what they consider good projects. Wouldn't that be better?

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I definitely think it would not be... who decides what is good or bad?
Its a bit like central planing/socialism vs capitalism...
If they burned it, they would give the current stakeholders more power...
.. and just looking at it mathematically the steem price should double.. what should attract even more users...

Thanks for all your work and the new features!

Here is a first !BEER for the team and there will be more for the team members soon.

The steem beer community says thank you for all your efforts to keep us running our weekly #BeerSaturday since 102 weeks in a row on the steem blockchain.

Greetz @detlev

i remember gmail was in beta for like 10 years

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Congratulations on leaving beta and survival mode! The timing couldn't be better with the crypto rally happening right now.

All the best with's next chapter!

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Congratulations to the whole team at Steemit Inc.
Conducting such a corporate turnaround is not easy.
Developing state of the art software in the middle of a period of austerity is difficult.

You have revolutionised your own company and the Steem ecosystem, empowering others to take the lead in areas you were not able to (Steem Engine, SCOT etc).

Steel is forged in fire and Steem is a much stronger ecosystem than it was 7 months ago.
Ready for the next Crypto bull run!

Now that you are out of crisis mode, perhaps its time for Steemit Inc to sign up to @jpbliberty's class action lawsuit against the crypto ad ban of Facebook & Google.
Steemit Inc could win tens of millions of dollars in damages - wouldn't that improve the balance sheet!
It costs nothing but benefits not just you, but the whole Steem ecosystem and Crypto community as a whole.

Just send an encrypted memo to @jpbliberty saying "Join Crypto Class Action. My [email/Telegram/Skype] is [xxx]."

Maybe that lawsuit is a good idea, but I think a better one would be to just build a dApp on Steem for advertising and then just beat them at their own game.

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Need to do both. The lawsuit will bring big $ into the Crypto space which will allow the competing DApps to be perfected and money spent on attracting users.

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I think joining a lawsuit like that would conflict with the culture of the Steemit, Inc. team. At least that's the impression that I have of them.

Now this is what I am talking about, comms like this is what will help Steem to get taken seriously. The price went up to 42 cents today, not sure if it was like that before the announcement or not in terms of exact timing but I'm sure the announcement helped. Keep it up!

Great and interesting news.

I have two questions:

  1. Where is Ned?
  2. Who is Christi White?

@oldtimer, Christi is the master mind behind the scenes. She is HR, finance, all things business ops. She hired me a year ago. @doxie-tx

Ned is Executive Chairman of Steemit. He continues to provide vision, direction, and all the support the team needs.

Ned is Executive Chairman of Steemit. He continues to provide vision, direction, and all the support the team needs.

You mean, his ideas about how to rely on speculative investments to run the company? And how to waste money on new hires that will have to be laid off?

executive chairman hm ... i was wondering where the face went ... i wouldn't worry too much about the community as you lot like to call it ... Planet Crypton tends to have very resilient tribes, as long as you and yours can keep it floating i doubt it will go past its expiry date ... i think we are all at the foot of the mountain here, just got passed the swamp and now its a long and winding road ... probably with many avalanches about ...

but i doubt i have to tell you that since you're the MD and i'm Nob Oddy (which is fine by me since i'm allergic to spotlights :p) Best things since sliced bread so far ... but even without the competition ... a sad thing the tribes don't see the point in converging on common ground FIRST against the common enemy (<- too much sun tzu ... too much many things actually) and its overall my blockchain first while the combined opposing forces go against all of it at all ... a central council wouldnt be a bad idea ... but ego is a b*tch ...

Anyway, good luck and thanks !!! @elipowell ... let's not stop at the moon this time, there's catching up to do

wink ... (i really AM nobody okay, its not like i'm somebody in disguise here ...)

yea, central council ... something like "the linux foundation" but more like the world government (preferably elected) of planet Crypton or "the blockchain foundation" or something , in order to defend the rights of Cryptonian tribes ... we are somewhat of an ethnic minority after all ... :p anyway ... before i go at it for another 15 minutes, goodnight to you ma'am :p

miss ... ? i dont speak american very well no matter (<- see ... that's why i need to brake up front because my fingers keep typing ..)

Community foundation is already in the works (and has been for a few months) check the @steemalliance blog for updates.

identity crisis?

Lol.. I logged in earlier to fix my sp.. and to flag the spammer.. decided I was too busy to log out and back in to comment 😂

Trying to keep you guys on your toes

oh yes … the new world order baby (-:

Thank you very much for your answer.

Maybe some people are wrong and the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train, after all.

Hello Eli and nice to meet you. As a long time Steem user I've noticed that Steem does a great job at attracting normal internet users from all walks of life, and not just crypto nerds. I worry however, that not nearly enough effort is being put into reaching these people.

So, I do hope a lot more resources are put into advertising in various ways. We have contests like openmic that could be used and promoted and I'd also consider using Steem funds to activate our own userbase to do some work for you! But I'm sure you've already thought about all the possibilities, just wanted to voice that I see it as our most important obstacle as of now; actually getting normal internet users to know about Steem and what it has to offer!

Facebook is losing its face, so is youtube due to bans and copyright issues. Now is the time to go full Steem on and market ourselves until everyone knows Steem!

Awesome. Do you project that as you ramp up with revenue creation and further get costs under control there will be a time when selling steem will no longer be needed?

I second those questions!

and why doesnt she have a steemit account or is she still waiting for approval?

or is she still waiting for approval?



There's no need for that. We need people from outside our bubble.
We're all blind here.

lol literally..!
got the same perception

where's ned? where's waldo?? … same difference

Very true

Why does she need a steemit account? It's steem btw, Steem account.

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Uh duh, she should have done an introduce yourself to let us know! lol

Because she answers to you?

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I thought about it, and it actually does make sense for her not to have a public steemit for security purposes. That is why steemit needs communities. It would be too easy to make a public mistake and ruin your career. She must be really smart since she did not sign up and start blogging, instead she was getting stuff done behind the scenes. I was just making a haiku poem! lol

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I think she doesn't blog not for fear of ruining her career but because her job isn't blogging.

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Uh duh, she should have
Done an introduce yourself
To let us know! lol

                 - coininstant

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Probably because I'm from Haiku! lol

In a life-boat with a guitar.

Loving the progress & communication. Watched the YouTube video as well. Smart move for Ned to put someone who has been into marketing as the managing direct. I got faith in @elipowell , the entire team & steem community.

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Hi, @elipowell. Since you’re now the big dog and Ned really didn’t seem to grasp social media advertising/monetization as the owner of a social media site/company, I wanted to ask you...

Do you believe there is a way for your platform to integrate with Brave/BAT for additional revenue? Do you believe it’s possible for your development team to reach out to Brave’s team and potentially work with them and the BAT on any blockchain integration between the two projects?

I believe HTTP may be on the way out already. Brave is a web browser. Centralized websites may be popular today. But in the future i can see DAPPs being more popular. Seems like a lot of work to support coin/web browser of a potentially dead end technology. Others believe this as well. See the video below made at Stanford.

Probably the best status-update I have ever seen from the team! Well done. Keep the pressure on and moving momentum forward.

Thank you for the update glad to see some progression so we can start scaling and building now. Still got a thorn in my side about all the wasted time last year though :/

VHS here we come!!!!

Seriously though this is very good to hear.

Seems like STEEM might have a good time ahead! Anyway wish to hear is there any plan to bring STEEM to the top 20 of CMC rankings?


I continued the reading using the translator, I consider the information as valuable.
I love having two enterprising ladies in the team

You are fighting there with the budget cuts, I'm sure you have no idea how many Venezuelans depend or supplement your money input by writing here, some with very nice jobs and we have taken great care of users we have known by Here, I hope that Steemit never disappears, I would lose my stories, I hope that one day a grandson of mine will find my stories on the web and express, look how beautiful my grandmother's stories are. A greeting @steemitblog

Wow! I admit, I have been in "keep the account alive" mode for several reasons, and have missed a LOT of news. Like, all of the above is new to me...
I have noticed changes, did not know what they were about and did wonder. This is all very good to hear, and I certainly wish the team the very best.

Leaving Beta is huge, congrats 🚀

Thanks so much for the update, and...


we feel that Steemit Inc. is well-positioned to transition from “survive mode” to “thrive mode

I’m so happy to be reading this

During the bear markets Steem proved it can fully operate in a decentralized, secure manner. I'm more confident having seen the worst case scenerio situations and how steem performed when faced with these challenges, like chain freezes, and forks that had bugs that broke into the user experience of the blockchain. Even through all of these extreme circumstances, our blockchain democracy worked, and not only that, our democracy thrived. I'm confident Steem will continue on it's pathway to greatness.

My first impression of @elipowell is that she is more intelligent than @ned. She also appears to have some expertise in the relevant fields to lead Steem Inc. Ah, finally, I can feel a little more confident about holding Steem.

Thank you Steemit Team for all the great improvements that you have delivered the last months.
Are we ready to leave Beta stage???
Well, I hope that your Team is eager and encouraged enough to see the potential of changing the reward pool mechanism.
This is IMO the biggest and most lucrative chance to bring real change, faireness and growth back to Steem. There are many proposals in this regard, but my idea is that needs to get seperated from the main Steem reward pool. should consider for the health of the whole Steem ecosystem to become its own SMT project and community within the Steem ecosystem.
The growth of Steem is with all its Dapps, communities and projects that are developed by our brilliant users. Therefore the Steem reward pool and the Proof of Brain mechanism should be used to discover, support and develop those Dapps and communities.
Its still hard for me to imagine a successful Steem ecosystem where all users are using different dapps, but if they want to mine the underlying infrastructure coin Steem, than they need to come back to and start blogging.
This is IMO not sustainable...I hope you guys have any ideas or suggestions for this conflict of interest in the future.
But these are just my thoughts and I'm not a developer and have no clue how difficult this is.
Anyways, I would be happy to hear your thoughts about this topic?

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I don't think its necessary to make steem only blogging when you could just make BLOG coin or whatever. Steem is about much more than blogging, its infrastructure. I would be interested in hearing more about how you came to that conclusion though!

Sorry, you got me completely wrong. I never said to make Steem Blogging!
I'm saying that the Steem Reward Pool needs to get separated from the Site so that the Steem Rewards are not only tied up to Blogging on
Like you said Steem is much more than just and Blogging, but the "mining" thru Proof-of-Brain only happens on and that needs to change.
When becomes its own community and gets its own Token than you can call it "Blog Coin" I don't care, but in that way the whole Steem Ecosystem becomes more free in the ways it distributes the Steem rewards. is not the only frontend where content is created ... it was the first of the frontends but not all. Proof-of-Brain happens on any of the content creation frontends.
dtube, appics, steempeak, steeve, esteem, partiko etc

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
It's All About Community!

Yes, there are many other frontends where you can excess and create the content, but still the POB mechanism is the one thing that upsets users here the most. Its not working because it can be gamed with Bots, alt accounts, circle jerking etc...and this problem is present on all other frontend as well. What I'm suggesting is to seperate the POB mechanism from the content creation process. Steem should be seen and used as infrastrucutre Coin. The reward pool should go only to SP holders, Voting is only for Witnesses and Dapps/ Communities to allocate Steem to the Administrator of the dapps and communities.
The POB mechanism for content creation should happen on the level of the individual Dapps and communities, because when we have SMT those Dapps and communities can set rules and ban bots etc...
To sum it up I would love to see Steem more as an infrastructure Token rather than get abused thru direct content creation.

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I second this.

Wahey! Out of Beta! That's exciting! Although I assume it won't be too long until the Justin Cloning Blockchain heads into Beta itself.

What is @ned's role now? I assume his business card says 'Visionary' but what does his day to day look like now?

Congratulations on hitting Thrive-mode, I'm sure it wasn't easy to get here, but we're all excited about the future of our little blockchain.

 last year 

Sounds like that could be an interesting SMT

So be it.

Very encouraging update

Now youre being stupid and ridiculous. The vast majority of bots have been eliminated. An enormous number, to the point its almost not a problem.
The only bots that are a problem are held by a few mentally deranged large SP holders.
Last hardfork fixed the problem for most part.

You have bid bots, but thats another thing completely.


Hate to break it to you but there's bots on all platforms, centralized ones even more so.


No but here it at least costs to use the chain, there it takes no effort to create a new account, etc. :)

If nothing else, I think it's a wonderful idea to exit the "beta mode mentality" which allows excuses to be made easily.

Actually, I've been relatively impressed at the change of trajectory of the Steemit team over the past couple months, so good job. Keep focusing on what is important and listen to the community.

The vast majority of people are very negative because of the recent bear market trend. They will be the same people screaming "to the moon" in a few months.

People that actually build and develop things regardless of trend are the ones that will make an impact long-term. Vision is vital.

Congrats on entering the thrive mode !

It reminds me of this part from Ned's speech at Steemfest³ (Nov 2018):

We don’t want to just survive in but thrive on crypto businesses.

Good to see you found a way to work towards that vision.

Now I have a question regarding the term beta.
Maybe it's a stupid one, but what does "leaving beta" effectively mean (besides the fact that the word beta will disappear from the logo)? Is it a term used in development, indicating that a product is ready for the markets? Does it have any legal implications for the company?

Would love to know more about that, thank you in advance :-)

Me too. Hope you get an answer.

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Okay, someone has to say it, if you did not open and look at the pictures that @sift666 included with his disagreement comments to comments or enlightenment to comments made because they were greyed out by down votes, you missed some very funny meme's that actually did a good job of counterpointing the comments.

On a side note that has absolutely nothing to do with the post, but a little bit to do with the comments, which spelling do you prefer?....Grey...or....Gray. I myself prefer Grey, and I do not even live in England.

Thanks - I do this for the appreciation :)

Yeah - gray looks so gay...

Steemit Update: Leaving "Survive Mode" ... and Beta!

So...heading into gamma mode?

Where is @Ned really going to? How about the the project "Destiny"?
I hope things turn out well for Steemit and Steem with the leadership vested on Women,

@prettyglo we appreciate your support!

So honoured to have your response to my comment. You will succeed.

I support you too. :)

Now, that was a very informative and un-bot-like answer!

I hope you appreciate all my comments...

That was the most exciting thing I noticed in this news! Female leadership in the crypto technology space is a rare thing indeed. Even if you right Steemit off as "just a social network / publishing platform" it is still big news IMO.

Alpha - Beta - Coma?