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Rcoin (RCN/BTC) is getting ready....to break out of the Handle formation of the Cup & Handle pattern, as shown in below chart. Once confirmed, price should first tag 7,563 Satoshi as wave 3 and then 8,214 Satoshi for wave 5. The result could be 201% profit potential. This pattern is a classic, vintage bull case....I'm casting my buy ladder!

Well what do you know! The RCN/ETH has near exact same pattern. When inter pair sentiment is so similar; it lends greater credence to the projected bullish outcome. The target is 0.00148 ETH for wave 5.

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It s RCN Ripio Credit Network!!!! not Rcoin

RCN is Rcoin

RCoin doesn't even have an ETH trading pair. Ripio shares the same RCN symbol and that's surely the one Haejin is referring to.

When I sow this posting, I thought what is RCoin? Finally, I recognized that is Ripio Credit Network lol. And bought all ^_^

This is 2 for 2 on RCN mismatch. I sometimes wonder if Haejin is doing this on purpose to stump people who are not even trying their own analysis's.


I think so :))

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

let see what it wil do

New exchange called upcoin, first 250k registered get $500 for free!


why my bandwidth dead at night ? do you know?

Why on earth would you post this?

coz its happened with me all the time.

hello verifies with an antivirus that they are not running applications in second plane, or that the automatic updates of your operating system are active, or that you have a toyano as coinhive in your computer.

Haejin, check out APPcoin. IT is a text book example of the Elliot wave.....lol the perfect wave actually.

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if you have complaints please check the link, or else just do that content dictator thing you do i no longer care ... a resteem is a resteem, atm to 187 people, thats 187 chances to have it re-resteemed,


Another sexy cup and handle. Looks about ready to go...

Do a chart for PAY(TenX) pretty please!

Profited coin.

Only with YoBit exchange it seems difficult

He's actually referring to the other RCN, Ripio, which trades on quite a few exchanges.

excellent vlog

@haejin , RCN is Ripio Credit Network, Rcoin also has the RCN code but a complete different thing and price! Maybe correct the wording? Thanks for analysis either way !! :)

He's definitely referring to Ripio.

Very valuable information Good post. Thank you @haejin

My friend, thanks for your great work! Like the old post about RCN you mistake the name of the coin. For future post, RCN is Ripio Credit Network, not RCHAIN. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripio-credit-network/ about thea analysis, great! i will buy more of this! :)

Built my ladder like a man in the wilderness out of sheer determination and grit...ready to survive the winter and hang my meat high up on a pole...(Sorry, I've been watching way too much Discovery Channel lately)...

I'll go look into this coin..
Seems very profitable..
Thanks a lot @haejin for all these cryptocurrency updates

Thank you Haejin!

Thanks k you for your calls, I'll follow as to when it'll occur.

I will definitely include this on my watchlist. Thank you so much.

thank you! good!

The chart states the exact opposite?

great insight. will look into those. which exchange do you use and have you heard of Elyte token? www.elyte.io
thanks for sharing this valuable info worthy of my upvote and follow

I'll try to follow your trading guides and see if my portfolio will increase...And by the way who is @ranchorelaxo? He's so generous to you.

Looks like it’s gonna breakout yeah, about the wave 3 of your technical analysis, how do you know that’s where wave 3 is gonna project at, I know in Elliot waves, the third waves are usually the longest. Thanks for sharing the chart analysis with us as it’s been helpful.

This is RCN (Ripio Credit Network) Bittrex?

Good very good, help me follow and voute

Thanks!! Upvoted and Followed

Just wondering Haejin what is the avg monthly % increase from crypto that you have been getting?

Thank you for the coin recommendation! Followed