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i'm not going to bother with personal comments anymore since the 1% eliitst fascist whale party saw fit to wreck my rep a fourth time cos they own the place like wallstreet, i think its the fourth time the same five people who for some reason think they own the place, content dictators wreck me down , this time from 35 to 19 in a day, .... by now down to 16 i see, its been like that from day one, well fuck THEM, if it gets to zero im out, otherwise ill just be me , so

no, this is not an automated message, its all handpicked, nonetheless i see there's still content dictators trying to tell me what to like and what to write and how to write it, well ...

If you take this for what it is : a re-steem by someone who doesnt spend 12 hours a day on steemit, then it is what it is, i usually use my remaining daily votes to up replies that arent threats or content dictator bs. If those people wouldnt bug me and stick to their own zone then this text wouldnt be so lengthy , #fuckwhales, community -- diversity!

if you consider this spam, then by all means, the mute button is on the top right side, feel free to do so and you'll never have to read me again :). Yes, quite simple : instead of acting like you own the place. Just mute me and send me a reply that you did, i will mute you too and ofcourse never resteem or reply anymore (end of spam) its a lot more sympa and we'll never have to see or hear eachother ever again.

otherwise, good luck ... be wary of whales and stalkers, content dictators and bedroom nurrd fascists ... extortion bots and hatebots ...

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...