Stratis/BTC: Pattern Expected to Remain Intact

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Note: I'm getting flooded with questions asking if people should be selling now to raise cash. I had stated in prior posts to sell the bounces to go farming for cash IF you had zero cash. Regardless, buy and sell decisions must be self made!

STRATIS (STRAT/BTC) will also likely dip IF Bitcoin appraoches $8k; and that dip will carry the white wave 2 further down but still remain above the start of white wave 1. Since Bitcoin is the moon that moves the tides of the Cryptosphere ocean, there won't be an Altcoin pair that will escape unaffected. This rounded bottom formation is expected to remain intact, even with the lower low for wave 2.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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I'm not very familiar with the crypto world so I find your tutorials much helpful. I wanted as well to Thank you so much for supporting my champion sister on her 'cause' . I'm very grateful. God bless you @haejin

amazing post my all steemit friend wish you good luk

@Haejin_CryptoAnalyst , you came out of nowhere and you are killing it in Steem with stunning content. This truly shows that when one is dedicated success does not take long to follow.
@Haejin_CryptoAnalyst is a straight shooter and I am glad to see that he continues to give solid advice.

You sound like a Jacob-Rees Mogg supporter.

Makes sense that we're gonna see a dip on Stratis and many other coins as well. Did an update on Bitcoin which explains future price pathway:

Bitcoin (BTC) Update - Analysis — Steemit

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 17.39.53.png

Moving averages are absolute bullshit, don't upvote yourself here and make people lose money, thank you.

@bubke I agree, these people are basically drawing a bunch of curves on graphs and claiming to be professional economists.

Would be interesting to hear why you think that, since you seem to have such a strong opinion about it?

I get more positive feedback than negative, so no, I'm not gonna hold back on providing value and starting discussions.

Just drop your moving averages, good start. I am not saying your intentions are bad, i am just saying MA's are worthless, i did 20 years research on TA, don't get lost in MA's, signal comes way too late as well... with love

Ok, I mostly focus on EW with chart patterns and I think that MA has been a good compliment to make predictions.

With your 20 years of experience, what are your biggest keys to success in TA?

Wish i had time to write on this, i made one post long time ago about the research i did but every study of an indicator comes with so many parameters you can play with, quite some explanation needed. Some signals had a +80% accuracy, head- and shoulders was one of them (the top formation, not the bottom one), triple point- and figure breakouts were doing very good (old stuff, compare with support lines that get tested a few times). That's it bro except for the fact that moving averages were the worst :-)

Obviously don't believe you have bad intensions, but i think you should redraw that, the chart is totally wrong!

Your posts are always so powerful and analytical, I wish I had vote power to show my appreciation. Thank you very much for supporting me to fulfill my dream. I appreciate it

the steem moon ....

Just followed you. Liking the TA, personally not a huge TA fan, but like to see what others use to profit.


Exactly, it is now too late to sell, I am sitting on $3500 loss, @Haejin made me this kind of profits with his amazing analysis I hope I recover this loss. I am planning to convert my Amazon gift card balance to buy BTC via Purse.IO I already brought $250 worth of BTC there no point in keeping amazon gift card balance, it will rot there.

love this hahaa

Just using your top position: WARNING to you all! Lightning Bitcoin has nothing to do with the Lightning Network. These are two different "products".
Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) got really lifted up at this moment: From $ 365,-- to over $ 1.000,-- within a few hours!
If the coin is worth this price, I really don't know. But a lot of confusion is going on between LBTC and the Lightning Network. This might (and I'm almost sure) has lifted up this coin.

no one has interest in alt coin

Basically TA is just to monitor the situation until the correction is over. Other than that, its useless right now.

Bought Everycoin you Shilled since 2017 <3 Love you da MOON.jpg

I invested in Stratis early December. Will hold my STRAT until forever.


they all increase
but of course btc effects
and vote

yes i have same thinking regarding buy or sell decision as it says.

Can someone explain how charts dictate price and not price dictates the charts. If im missing domething obvious let me know but appears to me that analysis like this can only happen once its happened. Only trends can be analysed no?

thanks for the information.... very useful

I'm holding STRAT from long

it’s a Solid pick

i don't understand, why all coin price is down now day.Any chance that bition price is high again?

We are undergoing corrections right now, it is a good time to buy coins for discount prices, the chances of these things going up soon is very high, I Won't recommend putting your entire money on it but I think it is better than lottery and you can invest whatever small amount you can afford to loose.

its not a good time, wait for this to bottom out.

I don't think we are THAT far from the bottom.
I never liked catching a falling knife.

Personally i would stop suing coinmarketcap and start using CoinGeko, check it out and tell me what do you think.

Not selling? You predict BTC to go to $8.500 a coin. That's $ 1.500 a coin. If you've got 3 of them that's $ 4.500,-- in difference.
If you do believe BTC is going down to that level..........and a lot of people thinking it's even gonna get lower: GET THE HELL OUT OF CRYPTO NOW!

Start buying back in when it is beneath $ 9,000 or so. Just decide what to do when it's there.....Ladder in.


In my opinion the best "escapes" are Qtum and Lisk. They will become lower in dollar, but untill now remain to keep up above bitcoin.

Of course @haejin is doing his best to help us out, but he's no saint, nor has he a crystal bal. (and he doesn't say he is, or has one)
...........and this is NOT to attack him, but look at the chart of Expance (EXP). He mentioned it to go up a lot. After the @haejin bubble it only went more down down down.

Just my warning to you all, decide for yourself!

Don't ever hate your dollars, euro's, pound, yen or whatever. These coins are stable. Crypto's are not so you can make a lot of profit on it...........but also a lot of losses. Take profits while you can and take losses while you can.

Happy trading

Its gonna affect us, we need to work out modality

It is always helpful to see analytics of other people to compare different interpretations! Steemit is really great to learn from other experiences!

I think the the dip will continue for a while, investors should not be too hasty to buy, rather one should exercise vigilance and watch out for the support line where a possible reversal of trend is likely to occur. The point of support is basically the best point to buy, , it's the lowest low.

So apparently I have been flagged many times by the Bernie haters, because I was flagging them repeatedly day after day to get rid of their very intrusive and boring messages in @haejin blog... I just realized my rating moved from 27 or so to 18, I didn't even now it existed !
Would appreciate some love/power back from the @haejin community !! :)

reesteemear :(

newbie here 🙋 post like this helps a lot for people like me who's still understanding everything in steemit..i am taking note on this 😇

I share in your opinion. Discretion is needed to determine either to buy or sell Cryptos, but buying during the dip is better than selling during such times

Looks like a cool skate ramp!! 🤑🤘

Great post


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