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It's during these corrections when it's most ideal to scrape the bottoms for the groundfloor opportunities. OAX/BTC fits the profile quite well. The symmetrical triangle a,b,c,d,e is either complete or is about to at any moment. The oversold nature of the MACD and the fact that the leading blue line is curling upwards shows a turn coming. Remember, Technical Analysis is not a game of certainty but probablity and so is driven by likelihoods. Given the confluence of triangle consolidation pattern being nearly complete and MACD at an oversold stage, it's quite attractive!

Here is the future price pathway projection. The target is 48,444 Satoshi for the top of wave 5. Please ignore the timeline as I don't project time because it is not a reflection of sentiment; highly unlike price.

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Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.


Lookin good! Altcoins will continue to kill it this season.

Another gem:

Bitshares has a great outlook with a 3.2x move coming over the next two weeks.

You can see the projection for this parabolic and highly profitable move right here on Steemit.com

Keep up the great work @haejin.

-The Beached Whale-
Editor in Chief - The Anderson Report

Triangles, Fractals flags are failing. What i have noticed and mentioned a week back was that BTS has almost completed the final shoulder pathway of a dead cat bounce and the next level may be 45c heading lower? hold significant amount of BTS so hope haejin's analysis proves me wrong. HODL

Few would call the price action thats occuring on BTS a head and shoulders.

Its a stretch imo because the neckline should not be angled.

Either way, a close below 3800 sats would signal a divergence and invalidate my projection - typically a good place to cut losers early.

parameters of the neckline are fine, BTS has fallen significantly since yesterday. We are close to sub 50 from 64, well below haejin's 57c. There is strong resistance at 45c, that's where I'll be adding

I've been playing the stock market for 25 years but only the cryptos for 1 and following haejin for the past 2 months. I have made decent profits, initially with XRP and LTC, I took my 700% profit from LTC and poured it into BTS @20c and have built it since then substantially because i believe that bitshares has tremendous potential.

My theory is that the banking powers will attempt to disrupt BTS and create FUD. If BTS falls below 45c I'll be buying more, a hell of a lot more. Good luck

This is what Philikone says and note it came out after what i said

I agree with kone, between 50 and 42 sic my 45c placement. Target by end of year is $11.53

BTS is going to go 20x in the bear market 2nd half of 2018? Sign me up for more.

Very Nice! Thanks for the recommendation!

NEO is right at cusp of your $144 target...any update would be appreciated...need to know if should take some cream off the top to have my 10-15% cash reserve...

that was one of an overextended wave 5

Good Analysis.
I want to disclose to all the noobs here.
Technical Analysis will take time to reach to the target level so these trades are only for those who #HODL

Yes, just be patient, patient, patient.

I don't think that this is going to happen now, since we may be in an ending diagonal of the 5th wave of the first impulse, leading to a correction of the entire first wave. The money flow index is quite too high to expect such high upward move for now and shows a possible bearish divergence.


@Haejin, that sky high increase you saw was caused by a pump and dump group that's been going viral across the net, so take that triangle you've formed using the data from the data and recreate it :)

I hope I've helped someone with this info!

nice catch. this is why i always research first. a spike like that always draws suspicion from me. Despite what the TA says, research on the whitepaper, the team, recent news all need to considered. People blindly following just his TA advice are really limiting themselves. His TA is supposed to be another tool in your toolbox, not the only driving factor.
I do like this coin though, already invested in it in december

Thank you sir.. for this important info

Is pandacoin could make x2 to x4 in the week?
Is it an opportunity?


I love your posts, they are very informative.

I have a few serious questions (not trolling just looking for answers).

  1. How often do these technical indicators suceed and how often do they fail?
  2. Have you ever done dispassionate analysis of how often right and how often wrong they are?
  3. Which technical indicators have the best success probabilty?

Thx in advance.

The indicators are only use to supplement your decision making skills.

Thx. Coming to the same conclusion myself.

Have a look at PKB at Bittrex. To me that also looks like a beautiful double cup with handle. What do you think? Look from June until now. Peak in June and Half Oct.

OAX got pumped on that Spike by a Group so i dont think price prediction is accurate here

This was my thought also.

Thanks for the analysis, Sir. Can you have a look at Steneum, STN/BTC? Its a new lending platform coin. Thanks in advance.

Haejin, could you PLEASE do a TA on LEND/BTC and or TRX/BTC

Thanks in advance, I wish you MASSIVE profits

Gnosis (GNO) LOOKING REALLY GREAT SINCE OCT ANALYSIS from about $71 TO $381 and now looks like a barrel of wealth...

Thanks for your updates, please could I do an EBOOST analysis? EBST

very important information, thank you for giving

I'm pretty new to this, so please don't take this as investment advice. But I was looking at charts for Stratis and I seem to find indicators for a possible breakout, looks like it's forming a cup and handle. Opinions?

Thanks @haejin for sharing the information.

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