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Electroneum (ETN) has likely completed the a,b,c,d,e triangle and hence has consolidated. The sellers are almost nowhere to be found and often that means that buyers will suddenly come in and take control. Price should surge up and out of the a,b,c,d,e triangle pattern. Price then could go near vertical for wave 3 and later tag $0.168.

Here is the ETN/BTC pair. What do you know? Another a,b,c,d,e triangle! You might be wondering as to what's causing such commonality of pattern across so many altcoins. The primary reason has to do with what's called "All the Same Market". This means that sentiment is quite uniform. This means the patterns will reflect this and phenotypically display high similarity index. Here too, the a,b,c,d,e waves are nearly complete and price could explode out of the triangle pattern. However, expect the ETN/BTC pair to lag the ETN/USD pair. Target is 1,602 Satoshi.

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Looks just beautiful!

Its about time to finally buy some!

position after 6 months

I have alot of ETN since the ICO, I really hope this coin makes a difference, which I think it will with what it offers, thank you

While it's not the most interesting or strongest project out there...I do like it. I've moved a lot of my ETN into SUB, however.

That being said..I'll still hold a lot of my Electroneum, too.

Nice prediction! Looks like you nailed it time-wise. Let's see if the price goes that high.

I am watching electroneum for some time. iOS mining app not ready yet, the same for Android. Hope to see this working soon.

I keep watching and you keep hitting home runs. Thanks for the analysis and the teaching links. Very informative.

I wish more focus would be on usage, adoption and utility, as ultimately all of the get rich quick announcements will be the exact reason a bubble will ultimately pop. I feel that treating each coin like vehicle for quick massive profits and generating pumps is a terrible thing for the crypto economy, especially when people blindly follow tips without understanding anything about what they're buying into... nor do many seem to care either way.

This is trading, not investing. It is two very different strategies. I know some think that it is unethical, but I honestly don´t.

If people blindly follow these coin suggestions, they will soon lose money and learn the hard way, IMHO.

So, watch the tutorials people and learn to do a basic fundamental analysis!

Understood and fair points, but some of these TA posts (not this one perhaps) are based on small coins with barely any legs to them project-wise, feeling almost like trading pink-sheet stocks of potential shell companies. TA sounds great, and I fully respect it, but when there are posts on obscure tiny coins in the satoshis, it's just sloshing money around like Vitalik Buterin said recently, and could be damaging to the cryptosphere as a whole.

Comparing crypto trading to penny stock trading is fair in my opinion, I fully understand why some choose to only invest long term to have a clear conscience. But I will tell you that the Goldman Sachs of this world has no scrupples, and cryptos gives retail traders a chance at competing for profits with the big boys of trading! Soo, I see it as my moral duty to take whatever profits I can, before they come in and wipe us out!

You will change your mind when those satoshis grow so fast and become bitcoins.

Of course I'll be happy if they become real projects, that people adopt and use globally, beyond a white paper and website. I wish everyone well, I just think trading air on some of those types of picks is for reasons that are harmful to the crypto space with lots of bagholders in the red. That's who buy the coins when profits are taken. Hot air can only maintain value for so long.

it will blow soon but the thing which can stop its ride is its market cap which is in huge billion .
which is very much scary

Buying this one is still difficult, can anyone give a review about cryptopia, I think almost all exchanges have my passport now!

Nothing wrong with cryptopia, in my opinion. Now would be the time to get it when it's only on one exchange. Wait for it to hit bittrex or binance and you'll be paying double the price.

I've used cryptopia for a few weeks. No issues yet on deposits or withdrawals. Confirmation is done by email. You must click the link provided for them to continue your withdrawal request.

Everything wrong with Craptopia. Lots of people, me included, complaining that their deposits are not showing up - Seriously, steer clear of Craptopia.

I think the problem is often with the users.

I have never had an issue with cryptopia, love the platform. Been using it for over a year now. I use poloniex, binance and love them all but Cryptopia and binance are my two favorite each for their own respectable reasons.

Actually Cryptopia is a very user friendly exchange, maybe a small one, but is very easy to register on Cryptopia a make operations, you don't need any ID or Passport to verify, don't even need Google Auth

You won't have to pass along your passport at Cryptopia

Hi, hope you're doing well. First of all, thank you for all your signals and tutorials. It's a lot of help for a beginner like me.
Now to my question if you may answer, please. ETN just crossed your ETN/USD target. Do we sell and wait for a dip now? or wait for it to achieve the ETN/BTC target as well. Thank you in advance.
-Your Fan/Follower :D

Hello Master Lee,

This was a beast, already done your target fast and now is correcting.. Can you do an update because it may be a good hold for long term and is moving fast.
Thank you!

And by the way, your teory incredible works: News arrived after your prediction to validate the chart pattern. They signed a collaboration:

This is odd :)

yeah i have electronium coin and i am hopefull that it will go to moon and will be giving a lot of profits i will hold it for a year

Thanks ! Any long Term Prediction for this ?

Where do you exchange for ETN? They aren't on many exchange platforms?
Anyone has any recommended place to exchange other coins to ETN?

Hell yeah!! Ive been hodling ETN!!

I bought ETN, I’m just waiting on the rise to happen, one thing about this coin is if it rises massive profits will be made and it’s good to buy now as it’s not even up to a dollar yet. Long term ETN will touch 10$ which will be really good profits for early buyers

Great post, check out my videos on how to mine it and how to use the wallet.

Thank you @haejin !! was waiting for etn .

Master @haejin why is bitcoin taking so long to start the bullish wave? I am desperate!

It is taking so long to shake off desperate nervous hands. Keep holding tight, and be patient.

Haejin you are a trupe crypto ninja!


Great Binance wont send me the verification email to send ltc to Cryptopia. BS

Are you switching over to coinigy? Can you explain why?

I'm guessing he had no choice as this coin doesn't show up in TradingView - not mine anyway

a very good post I really like it please vote my post too

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Yes we can expect a nice impulse after the breakout of the consolidation. I sold about 90% of my EMB to buy more ETN. The ETN project definitely have potential. Just not sure why other exchanges are not listing them already?

Just a shame it's on Craptopia. Sent funds there 3 weeks ago and still have not shown up in my wallet.

HAEJIN love youre analyses. You also can mine this coin on youre mobile phone or pc.



@haejin thanks for your analysis. Is it time to buy ripple? U said that its gonna be a profit machine, but I didnt understood if is to buy now.

Can I use your analysis on Binance?

Going to sell majority however keep 5000 coins just encase it goes crazy later on, this coin I think could do anything from dumping to a fat zero or to $5...only cost me $120 in the ICO lol

I have bought 1000 ETN after reading this and I am quite happy .

Nice post @haejin I love the way you analyze the graph.

It would be awesome if you did some analys on Steem too. . Thanks for all the info you give us every day! You rule!

One more accurate price prediction. Nice job! Keep them coming.
Screenshot from 2018-01-07 01-43-27.png

haejin!! Thank you, your Post.

its a giant beast which is still sleeping .
so when it woke up we will surely see it on$1

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I've been following you since you started love your work can you do a chart smartcash please symbol is smart?

Electroneum is going to explode

They have millions of current cellphone customers lined up in the UK
What this skyrocket!
💥 🔥

Hi to all.

Pls before posting about any cryptocurrency make a research on it.

Do not analysis graphs, analyse all the technical reports.
Your reports of posts will excite people's to invest and at last price fell down and people lost their money.

Just like bitcoin in past
So think or analysis before posting.

Do not think about money or upvotes think about people and their emotions.

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