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The Cup & Handle pattern is uncanny! The handle is about to complete and the Elliott Wave impulse should take the price 0.00002784 BTC!

The ADA/ETH pair is sporting a bullish ascending right triangle! The minimum target price run is 0.0004877 ETH!!

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@haejin this was true. You are a magician on technical analysis. We are at 0.0001927 each ADA per BTC. And its running high apparently with no stop. Massive profits with this one.

Cardano is a top crypto long term, do you also think the same?

Regards, @gold84

I think Cardano/ADA will go huge in the near future!!! It is indeed from technical and team perspective one of the best picks in my opinion right now. I will buy more if it came down a bit.

@sniffbiff I totally agree with you. Thanks for your follow up on ADA. I just saw your blog and your posts are very interesting, and I am following you now.

Upvoted your comment. @gold84

Thanks man!

I think it might be, it just surpassed Dash and Iota in market cap, I will at least take some profits though.

Awesome dude!

I Agree with @haejin Cardano is a very good project... there are some interesting things. You can find in the link below:

Oh yeah! About to ladder in to that cup, then I will drink the sweet nectar of MASSIVE PROFITS!!!!

Haejin, I'm a true fan of your analysis and projections as I've been following you for a while. Trying to learn how to count EW. Am I totally wrong off here? How do we know that Cardano is not forming a new cup after this extended fifth wave?

Count the subwaves. Is this a zig zag or a flat. If a flat, there should be 3,3,5 waves. If subwaves can be counted , then confirms that perhaps bottom is near or in.

Got it! Thanks

Hi Haejin, Any chance you could provide a quick update on XWC.

I sold out around .09 and was planning to get back in after a correction, but my laddering was a bit flawed now I look back. Need to use more rungs, then I would have profited more as it went further than projected, Good lesson however, and perhaps should haven't sold at all, as this one I wanted longer term, alongside BTS, BTC & XVG :)

Wow, thank you!
Have set my rungs already to buy back in.
Might afterwards just hold this one, not a proficient enough trader yet to always sell and buy back in for my long term coins.

Not just rounded top decent?

Just finally got my coinbase money transfer and bought some ada......Cant wait to see massive gains....Blessings to all......

Is there a time frame?

Price is a reflection of Sentiment. Time is not. Thus, the two are apples to oranges. It is best to project time accurately and allow time the freedom to do what it wants.

Could you revisit Cardano to see if anything has technically changed? Thanks Heijin!

Haejin does not forecast time due to the complexities, but you can get a rough order of magnitude if you look at the time frame of the chart. He's using 240min candles (4 hours) so I'd slate this as something on the order of days to weeks as opposed to weeks to months. Just my 2 sats

Dagnammit... I was intending to buy ADA on Friday when I next get paid! Dammmmnnnn.

ADA is correcting so time shoudl be ok

Have a small amount of this one, will sell and allocate the profits to BTS :)

@haejin i started following you on youtube a few months ago and you only had 500 subscribers, i just noticed you have 7,000 on youtube now.....WOW, you are having a huge impact on peoples lives......Massive Profits to you sir!!

can someone convert this for me in USdollars?

Hey Haejin, I updated this one myself, looks like the latest correction is an extension of the C wave... laddering in!

Thanks , interesting

Thanks @haejin. I just realized you did this chart shortly before I started following you. Looks awesome. Luckily I had already bought some!

Hi Evereybody, Hi @Haejin

What are the news for Cardano, it's one of my prefered coin with EVX ;-)

Interesting, so we are currently at the start of Wave 3 it seems in a bullish pattern. Provided bull trap on BTC is well clear this is a no brainer it seems.......big provided but.