Bitshares (BTS): Triangulation!!

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Below is a short term chart close up of Bitshares (BTS) to give better view as to what's going on with the correction. The left side five blue waves are complete and so the requisite a,b,c correction is in progress. The correction is in the form of a symmetrical triangle as shown, a,b,c,d,e. Once complete, a renewed impulse should take price to a short term target of $0.27

The BTS/BTC pair is also correcting in an a,b,c fasion. The correction wave seems complete. So, that means white wave 3 is next and so higher highs are expected.

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Bitshares has great potential to make huge gains...especially if the IRS or SEC start messing around with centralized exchanges. People will be shocked by the moves that are possible. Thank you Haejin for the work!

What I am most excited about is the fact that atomic swaps might be the greatest way to hide there is.

Start with BTC and they follow it and poof you are gone when you swap to LTC. They follow the BTC to another wallet but you are in another stratosphere.

also stealth coin could be implemented ...only 1 million stealth created..

I’ll have to look into that...I’m not familiar with it

What do you mean stealth coin?

That is a new one on me?

This could really moon shot BTS!

Thank you @haejin...another fine analysis. I just added another 3400 BTS....

You are right, if this one takes off even 1/3 like you stated, many of us will be sitting pretty.

By the way, what are your thoughts on SBD....that seems to be getting a lot of attention suddenly. Is this just a blip up or the start of something bigger for the currency supposedly pegged to a dollar?

Same here. Just reupped on some BTS when it was at $.15 cents. His earlier post was completely accurate.

Lol I got my first flagged post in Steemit in this channel for saying “orgasmic waves” LOL. That’s just a lingo around here. I’ll say that I have Waves of Excitement for BTS triangulation. Or I’ll just saying orgasms because...ORGASMS.

A stand-up comic that I saw live once said: “Why can’t hangovers and orgasms flip-flop the other way around.. a hangover lasting only a few seconds and an orgasm lasting deep into the afternoon” LOL


Upvoted and Resteemed. I’m excited about this BTS update

HODL BTS EOS STEEM... Then try to earn a few of the inflated SBD!!

Thanks haejin for the awesome update.
Bought a boat load of bts. Now I’m done for now. Just get a little every week. Gotta start posting again.

I believe BTS and other decentralized exchanges will start to grow pretty soon... Korea is starting to move towards regulating cryptocurrency transactions - in the news today - and people will have to flock towards decentralized exchanges as soon as possible.

I tried to invest in BTS got some on Bincance and tried to withdraw them to the desktop application, i did a test with just two coins that went through ok, then i tried to move the rest i just checked up on it and it says it was canceled by BRSVD! the coins are not in my wallet or on the exchange!! Does anyone know what this is? help appreciated. . . Thank you

Hope you get this resolved.

Does anyone know why a withdrawal like that can be cancelled by someone? Is BRSVD part of binance or bitshares or is it a hack?
I'm trying to be sensible and not keep coins on exchanges but this sort of thing is very disappointing :(

Did you ever figure this out?

No I never got it resolved. No one seemed to be able to tell me what happened, joined a Bitshares group on telegram they said it was binance's responsibility and binance said the opposite :(
Still is annoying as I haven't re invested in BTS and I see it doing well .

I think the correction in the form of a symmetrical triangle as a,b,c,d,e is done and we are now in wave 2 of 1,2,3,4,5.

The the big wave 3 will start to blow in the direction of the moon. Now I start to understand better your analysis with my expanding knowledge of Elliott Wave ;)

Fingers crossed!

I was able to sell a number of bitshares in the .2-.21 range and rebuy in the .16-.17 range. Not enough yet to have future generations bless my name, but definitely working on a nice retirement. Thank you @haejin for all of your wonderful analysis!

At these prices, and if you budget allows just buy more during the dips ! If the news about government bans on exchanges come true, decentralised exchanges should do very well

Thanks for the great news! Buying and holding my BTS!

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