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RE: Bitshares (BTS): Triangulation!!

in #bitcoin6 years ago

I tried to invest in BTS got some on Bincance and tried to withdraw them to the desktop application, i did a test with just two coins that went through ok, then i tried to move the rest i just checked up on it and it says it was canceled by BRSVD! the coins are not in my wallet or on the exchange!! Does anyone know what this is? help appreciated. . . Thank you


Hope you get this resolved.

Does anyone know why a withdrawal like that can be cancelled by someone? Is BRSVD part of binance or bitshares or is it a hack?
I'm trying to be sensible and not keep coins on exchanges but this sort of thing is very disappointing :(

Did you ever figure this out?

No I never got it resolved. No one seemed to be able to tell me what happened, joined a Bitshares group on telegram they said it was binance's responsibility and binance said the opposite :(
Still is annoying as I haven't re invested in BTS and I see it doing well .

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