Bitcoin (BTC) Mid-Day Update: Combination of Patterns & Elliott Waves

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Is it time to panic? NO! Is it time to run for the hills? NO! This is a healthy and normal correction! Should some profits be taken? Well, hell, in light of the vertical price moves in altcoins I had recommended...that seems very sensible. When should I take profits and when are good times to buy? Those are well detailed in my Free Tutorial Blog

The chart above is showing how the Elliott Wave Zig Zag (5,3,5) correction falls into place with the Head & Shoulders pattern. The subwaves of C is shown in green. Remember, that wave Cs always have five subwaves. Wave Bs always have three subwaves. These are detailed in my Free Tutorial on Corrections. The Zig Zag correction coincides pretty well with the Head & Shoulders minimum target of $11,479.

So, keep our heads cool. Take deep breadths. If you've made some mistakes already, always remember that a good trader is a bad trader who forgives himself for his mistakes, learns his lessons and tries again.

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

Kind Regards,


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Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
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Hi Haejin, I created my Steemit account and added steem to my account just because of you. You inspire me to do no harm and to gain massive profits. Thank you for all that you have done for this community. Your followers have your back.

I look forward to your posts every day and I wish you a merry xmas.

It is a lie! Author is a scammer and you are the puppet bot.

oh my gut

Nice Phillipino impression.

.... Reminds me of ... Russel Peters !!! xobile!!!

Is this the correct long term count? If so. we have a way to go before making the final turn and run up to wave 5. The .618 Fib is somewhere around 11,214 from what I can tell.

This is the weekly chart for Bitcoin using Coinbase. Thoughts?

Or how about this? We just topped Wave 1 and are now in the Wave 2 correction? If so Wave 3 would be a heck of a ride North. How else are we going to get to $100K or $1 Million of we don't start working on a larger scale? Below is a weekly look at the possible completion of Wave 1 of the Primary cycle.

Merry Xmas to you too

If you want to know the history of bitcoin, visite my blog about the wonderful history

It is not out of the ordinary for profit taking, especially around the Christmas season.

I actually think this is a very healthy sign.

What I do not think is healthy are the transaction delays and transaction fees. Today is Day 3 of my @blocktrades transaction not going through.

I'm starting to lose patience.

"The Zig Zag correction coincides pretty well with the Head & Shoulders minimum target of $11,479." ...everything is cool...but change "minimum" :D

Are we talking about shampoo?

Thanks putting the Elliot Analysis up. I usually use the TD Sequential which two days ago began a negative count. So both would seem to be suggesting a high probability of a Distribution Phase. Will it be followed by a Negative Public Participation Phase or Panic Phase...we will have to wait and see. But it does seem like the Hodl'ers will be able to pick up some bitcoin at better prices soon.

Excellent advice as always. t's moving back up though and is past that support line, is it over or is this just Wave 4?

You are like a master to this bitcoin Game :P.. Awesome information


Hahahaha, I laughed out loud at that image popping up, sorry my SP was wasted on those....."people" or I would give you some cash for it

Haejin, wich cryptocurrency would you buy whit BTC before the correction ?
There is almost always one that goes up when BTC drops.
If you are familiar whit Cryptosniper thats how he makes fortunes, by transfering from one to the other.
Except he charges huge amount for his knowledge to his clientele and you do it for FREE and I
Thank You! for that and wish you all the Best there is in life !

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Lets hope this doesn't happen just yet :-/

The Following post, was posted by uknowjpbitcoin 1 hour ago -

OBVIOUSLY BERNIESANDERS AND HIS BOTS DID NOT LIKE IT and downvoted it into oblivion. They hate being exposed.

uknowjpbitcoin (1) · 1 hour ago

Tell your buddy @berniesanders to stop selling votes and using robots. He is the one who started all this, that person will ruin STEEMS reputation single-handedly. @haejin does nothing but good for this website. He has almost 12k twitter followers that will have a majority of them join this website just for him. What does @berniesanders do except sell votes and use robot accounts to flag anyone who is doing well for themselves from actually hard work!



Dam dude.. you totally called it and it was absolutely correct

24 hours ago haejin wrote:
"Short Term Target $23,743 or HIGHER!!"
And now the target is $11,000?
Please explain!

24hrs ago he gave 2 seperate pathways. The Primary was to $23743.00 and the Alternate was the Head and shoulders, which he specifically said you shoud be aware of.

Please take time to do the free tutorials and learn how to do the counts and chart pattern recognition yourself, so that you do not have to rely on others.

Learn to fish, rather than waiting around for some one to hand you a fish.

Price pathway is an ever changing entity. That is still the target. In other words, if you are hodling, don't let the dip worry you, because up we go again after the correction. Also, yesterday the market was so hot it certainly could have held to a smaller correction. Go back and look again. He very clearly points out the possibility of the Head and Shoulders pushing the correction much lower. The title is not the content. The video is VERY clear about this possibility happening.

because it's all a load of crud lmao

Clearly, you haven't seen his success rate. Please look at previous posts before your negative postings! All his followers are here to do no harm.

@serenoblues. Wish you massive profits and do not harm, like Haejin Lee.

It's sad cause if I take my crypto to "real" money, goverment charges -30%, so I just ride the waves and change my bitcoin satoshis to allts cause they prob wont correct so much... sigh

Just sell btc to usdt (Tether)

Thanks for that! I do that next time!


Unfortunately while defending Haejin and his blogs this army burned me as well! :p Got reputation score of 7 now! Right down from 45! But who cares!? :p All though upvotes will help me to put my thoughts. Due to their bot army slamming, my comments are hidden now. Upvotes appreciated to restore it to normal level.

I have upvoted you, I hope that helps. My Rep was also halved by @berniesanders and his ignorant sheep follwers, but it was worth it and I would do it again.

Thank you for your help! Let me know how to help you?

You be alright, we take care of supporters!

Thanks for your help @scarlet ! I know that you had been instrumental to stop the war and I want to a take a moment to thank you for your efforts to cool down that tensed situation. It was very counter productive for all @haejin' s followers and even the other camp. My biggest fear was Steem could get torn apart in that war. Hopefully it survived!

I'll be powered up from the payout of that post soon and will start voting burned accounts. Thanks for the Kind words!

@allpratik. Here to rescue.

Thank you @ropaar! Appreciate your vote and efforts!

even my went down , but someone upvoted . shows that @haejin's supporters support each other too .

Absolutely. This very support for my comment is live proof of that.

I'm 100% with you but it's better to let it go maybe ... If we go on war they will reply. I was also angry about them and tried to defend haejin and explain that I was not a bot but a real person interrested in his blog and now my reputation is 14 ... I created my account just a few days ago ... If we act like them we're not better than them (I admit I tried to troll them a bit yesterday :-) )

But the thing is they wont STOP !!!! They will attack @haejin's every post that too in huge numbers . This is not a war against them , we should protect @haejin otherwise we could lose him because they got more support . They are like community leaders here .

Awesome thank you for getting this out there. Can i get some upvotes cause my account got slammed from his robots because I was trying to help @haejin. I need to get a better rating so my post can be viewed. With all of his robot addresses known if Haejins followers downvote all his post he will lose a lot of money. Then hopefully he backs off. Haejin is gaining 50 followers on Twitter per hour and I have been advertising on Twitter for him A LOT! With photos of his calls skyrocketing. Please upvote my post so I can continue to help him. I am currently making a list of all @berniesanders voting robots those are the next sets to be revealed. I have found a couple but I think there are more. He has many enemies and Haejin has many loyal followers. Hopefully @berniesanders doesn't like losing money as much as he likes to be a jerk.

I think he has more than 14. I'm more of a "dolphin" so he had to target me more. I've saved an image with all his accounts, and am making a post about it. Will link it here shortly.

Thank you for taking the arrows in the back!!! Make sure you let us know your new account. Perhaps just add a "2" to the end of your existing one? That's my plan, if he goes postal on me again.

Haha, neat -- a single 100% upvote from me brought you from $0 to $5.70 and now the comment is visible. And you're at rep 1 now! :) Here comes the sun.

Post that on the comments in the next @haejin's post .

Hey, you have ONE REP!!!!!!!

@uknowjpbitcoin. Here to the rescue.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 4.00.22 PM.png

The dude made $367 for begging for votes for a cryptokitty giveaway, and is mad that @haejin is getting rewarded for his posts. What a self righteous hypocrite. He offers no value besides patrolling the pool, when he himself is creating crap content and trying to take from it. What upsets people is reflection of themselves and this is clearly the case. The one trying to rob the pool is him.

A thief expects you to steal from him; a liar expects you to lie to him; a cheater expects you to cheat on him.

Bernie must have some positive qualities, but yeah you demonstrate his hypocrisy. He's a turd in the Steemit punchbowl.

Awesome thank you for getting this out there. Can i get some upvotes cause my account got slammed from his robots because I was trying to help @haejin. I need to get a better rating so my post can be viewed.

oh my gut

@fuckmylife. Wish you massive profits and do no harm.

Thanks Haejin. We need a little patience for the rebound it seems.

@pritambanikk this gif is created by me... Don't copy my piece of work...This copycat work is not supported in steemit.

just put your username as a watermark on it to hold your copyright...

Be proud, gifs travel all around the web.....My advice....put a watermark in it that can't be removed easily, then you get to see how many people love your creation!

Ridiculous, you want to put a copyright on that shit ? lol

Wouldn't be right to copyright it anyway......considering all three images used were already in circulation before the gif ever came to be.

Just sharing the good things around. Hope that doesn't offend!

seriously? you can watermark it, but not share??

Teach your following to embrace the community here. Many people here worked hard and this platform wouldn't be here without them. United we stand, divided we fall. A strong sense of community is crucial to this platform's success. Artists and the crypto-world as well as many other walks of life unite here. This is what we built and a united community is best for all investors.


Maybe something was lost in translation here. Feel free to have a beef with whomever you want. I wasn't talking about one individual. Simply pointing out that there are thousands of people here who have done no harm. Yet, clearly, based on previous encounters eerily similar to the one below, it seems like we're all being lumped into one big pile. Anyway. Just some food for thought. You folks have a nice day.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

That has nothing to do with me. I did not come here to whine, bitch and moan about anyone stealing anything from ME, personally. I jumped into what I feel is a lion's den(because you're all pissed off about that) to stand up for all of these unnoticed, hard working individuals who have been here for many months trying to get somewhere. They earn very little. The rewards pool is limited. When votes start pouring in on popular posts, those who were happy to finally receive $0.50 beside their post suddenly see it start dropping to $0.40.. and even less, depending which way the reward pool is being pulled by votes.

Now, when you folks say being here is good for the community, that can only be true if you support the community. It's great that someone can draw attention to the platform. It's good when they bring a large following and potential investors. It's not good for the little guy if 10000 new people show up, and all 10000 ignore them. Embrace the community. It's not costing any of us a dime to pass the buck and share the wealth. Not every post deserves attention and votes, one man's trash is another's treasure. Just try to rise above all this, act like leaders, actions speak louder than words... so show us all what you're made of.

Have a great day.

Listen man, you're taking away from this post about BTC. Technically, you should be flagged for your comments derailing the actual conversation. But we don't do that crap. Just go back to your blog, or contribute something about the post given. Or should we pop up in your blog telling you what to tell your followers to do? YOU are the one pushing buttons here.

Good luck to you.

Notice not one person flagged you here, even though it's well deserved? We mind our business and support the community. Jealousy is a nasty animal.

I have no clue who that person is. I'm sorry that's happening....because I know how it feels:

It goes on and on and on, I can't even load all the pages.

I'm sorry if you get lumped in. Often you get judged by the company you keep. It may not be right, but it's very often hard to distinguish the difference when someone stands next to someone so foul.

I have removed my flags. I don't like them much either.

Moved this up, it's worth being on the front page, but that's just my votes worth:

scarlet7 (51) · 12 minutes ago

So you're saying another TA here has garnered this many followers, made this large of an impact in this amount of time? Another TA has earned the respect of the internet to the point that he's gathering over 500 new followers on some days? I highly doubt that my friend, because this not just another TA. 6k is a modest day, and humbleness and modesty in the approach will create the kind of wealth that now surrounds us. It will bring in over 1000 views in the first hour of the post. People say bots....I say not. I say we have worked our ass off for months running ad campaigns out of our own pockets, volunteering to gather data and find the audience, practicing our skills to make sure we are producing the best possible product we can, and then delivering the results of that work to the people who are interested here at steemit free of charge. I can tell you this right now. You have never seen anything like what is happening right now on steemit. If you have, I would love to see it, because if you've seen this, and that guy is out there, point me to him, and all of us. We want to know how to make more money.

What I see is people realizing that this man has lived a long life perfecting his craft, and he is the MOST ACCURATE TA I have EVER seen. That is why I volunteer my time. Because what used to be a good day of trading is now a rough day of trading. What used to be the best day of trading in my life, is now not acceptable, because I missed something and made a mistake, maybe got greedy, or had a fear control my actions. This man teaches a peace in the art, through being aware of any and all possibilities and narrowing them down to the most probable outcomes, and it's just a fact of life....he's better at it than anybody else. My goal when I found this place was to find the best group of TA's possible, and create a aggregate source for information. Then I found out I don't need to find a group. This guy is outperforms anyone else I've ever found.

And you know what, that's a good thing for the people here. He brings value to this community more than most people know. He leaves, 6k people follow him. Not because they're sheep, but because we have been around the block, and there ain't anybody out there better at this.

Not including the comment above. I'm curious.

Could you show me one of these ad campaigns?

Sidenote: If you're the PR manager, you really need to be careful what you say, when you say it, how you say it and all that fun stuff. You're leaving a lot of words on this blockchain. Even if you erase or edit your words, we can still find them.

My PR is not a problem, I will stand by everything I've ever said, edited or posted...I'm human, and I don't fear news you can see, Bernie helped us gain alot of attention by telling people how shitty we are.


Of course I will not show you deeper specifics because it's our strategies that achieve 10.7K impressions in 3 days. It takes money and people who are very skilled (and are also volunteers by the way that have never been paid a dime, but instead make their money in the market learning from Haejin's teaching experience) to reach the level of visibility that we have achieved here.

I asked to see ONE ad campaign, not the circle you keep talking yourself into. :)

You said AD Campaign. Let me see the ads.

By the way, not one of these websites below ours existed with that name until about a month into the build of followers on multiple platforms:

OHHH MANN.....THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really have to thank you. Had you not asked for this, I might not have seen this for a week. Our site has so many hits now that the Domain Host (Free) just started posting ads at the top of our site, so they stopped our ads yesterday! Haha....yeah I know, bullshit right? Nope, but thank you for making me take notice. Time to upgrade our hosting services!



So here's one that would come up on mobile, and will again once we spend that 2.99...GEEZ, $2.99!!!?? What's wrong with those people?


It cracks me up with the timing. But hey, no sarcasm, thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Actually, cancel this request. Have a good day!

Ummm...not sure what you mean by a steemit link on their profile. It's my website under my profile name right now, and has been for months, and I obviously have access to the campaign site. And the links on the website lead to our blogs. That good enough? Visit the site, there is no malicious content, that's just referencing the recently added ad at the top from the webhost. It is a bit outdated now....we're pretty busy people. :) Thankfully, and happily busy.

I sent you a nice up vote, when I thought this was done. Can this be done, please? All we want to do is draw lines on charts:))

Hahahaha, now THAT was pretty funny (we just want to draw lines on charts). He actually just did us a huge favor. Time for a new webhost.

With all due respect, I'm simply responding to the comments I'm receiving at this point. Much like this one. This discussion is healthy and is exposing a lot.

You're all good, we're talking. Don't worry about it Solisrex, I agree this is a healthy conversation for the people here at steemit to see.

Hahahaha, I just realized this site says MISS-categorized content, not miscategorized content. Surely we can both laugh at that @nonameslefttouse

:) Indeed.

Hey, we're getting somewhere. Good ole humor. No flags necessary. Honestly, I wouldn't make fun if you just tried to talk to us as individuals, and did not try to dominate Haejins post with something completely off topic. TBH I kind of like your art, reminds me of my dad's art a little bit.

Thank you for the compliments. I DID come and try to speak to you folks. I'll remove my vote and this discussion will fall down the ladder. By the way, I also thought the altered image tiny dick joke was fucking hilarious. Embracing the community goes both ways, but if you don't want me here, fine. I can handle rejection. I'm an artist. Have a nice day. This is done.

You are always welcome, as is a difference of opinion. Being different is what makes the world such a great place.

The only thing we ask is that people understand Haejin and what he is trying to do and has done for his followers, before maliciously flagging posts based on a call by a retard like berniesanders.

Haejin is no different than anyone else who can blog about financial charts. This isn't my first rodeo.

That being said, you folks need to understand what this platform is doing for him. Learn the basics. Understand how the platform functions. Certain actions are not good and could potentially drive the value of these rewards down. Do you know what those are? Many of us here have been around the block a few times already. We know.

I KNEW you laughed at that tiny dick joke. I was just typing out "now come know the cut and paste tiny dick was funny"

You are welcome here. Anyone is. I hope you can see that we are just doing our thing. Anything that has come out since two days ago was specifically in retaliation to an organized attack on our favorite contributor to this platform. If you want to know how I turned $6k yesterday based off of what I learned on this blog, stick around as there are thousands of people in these threads with mad skills in the market. Just ask. Have fun out there, keep up the art work!

Oh yeah?

You want to make some real money? Have a look at Facebook's share value. Have a look at how this place is marketed. "Get paid to create content." The moment the average Joe off the street can come here and earn without being ignored is when Facebook's share value drops, and STEEM rises. That's all I'm standing up for, really. That's why people are protective of the reward pool. That's all I have to say. Ciao!

From what I understand is that BernieSanders complaint is that Haejin gets to much rewards out of the reward pool. He says it is 6%.
There are 2 things :

  1. If Bernie has a problem with how the reward pool works, he should complain to STEEMIT and not Haejin.
  2. It is not 6% but 0.6% . That means Bernies complaint is based on a incorrect assumption. So Bernie should apologize and everything is ok again , right ?

I wasn't speaking to you.

We don't care who you were talking to. This is an open conversation Point here...thanks.

Welcome to Steemit. Enjoy your stay.

Thanks for welcoming the new guys. Hurry back to MS Paint now, your readers are waiting! TIME IS MONEY!

WAIT - Bernie Sanders is on Steemit?!?

I heard Bernie Sanders was just found dead, having shot himself three times in the head. That "he knew the Clintons too well" is however nothing but hearsay.

He must be real talented if he got 3 off before he hit the ground !

In case you guys didn't see this read this post it explains that there is an error in the decimal of reward pool %

By the way I really think Bernie sanders should go suck his thumb in the corner with a dunce cap on

Do you know how to see How much a person is getting from the reward pool?


You only help prove my point. Thank you.

SSSSHHHHHHHHHH Keep meeting us with silence please.

Just keep being the "one of the best artists on steemit" and mind your business.

Screenshot (283).png

Being a dick pays big....just look at your buddies.
Now PLEASE....SSsshhhhhhsshhshhshhhhhhhh

Why make my post about your artist skill disappear? Do you not stand by your words?

Incredibly random question here, but @nonameslefttouse, are you using Bluebeam to edit your screenshot?


Tell your buddy @berniesanders to stop selling votes and using robots. He is the one who started all this, that person will ruin STEEMS reputation single-handedly. @haejin does nothing but good for this website. He has almost 12k twitter followers that will have a majority of them join this website just for him. What does @berniesanders do except sell votes and use robot accounts to flag anyone who is doing well for themselves from actually hard work!



Many people, including yours, will have information on this subject.

Could there be a golden cross coming, indicating a bullish development?

What are your thoughts on Electroneum?

Electroneum is a great coin, team, tech. Get in while early.

@haejin what about the prospect of a fractal h&s which I commented here

There could be a bigger h&s forming now.

Is a fractal head and shoulders exactly why it sounds like....?


The first part is complete IMO. I bought the bounce, and I will ride until ~17k then I'm out, unless it pushes much higher very quickly.

permission to read your pots

ufff... I really think this is an unlikely scenario but I would be interested in @haejin's take on this, I think this pattern would break the EW count

I think bitcoin is probably the least predictable thing on the planet, evidence of this fact? I'm one of those people that have a laptop in a landfill circa 2009-2010.

I love his methods, love this community thus far (minus the back and forth cat fight) but realistically, you have to assume BTC is like the drunk girl at a party, her actions cannot be predicted accurately. First it was up to 23,000, now it's down to 11,000. Take everything you read with a grain of salt.

It's called a free market.

Still feel confident?

well not much has changed, the prior HS is forming and I still believe that EW should be taken as the main guidance.

Dont get me wrong, for sure I'm taking the fractal HS into account but its probability is (yet) quit low. Over time we will know more, best of luck to you!

Thank you for everything that you do!

"when everyone is running out you run in, when everyone is running in you get out" - Warren Buffet

Back @15500$, is it normal ?

I hope it drops, because I‘ve just sold mine...

not fair lol

I started cryptos 3 weeks ago so I have no choice to hold and wait...

Ouch, me too. At least some buy ins I did yesterday are keeping the boat afloat. BTC will surge stronger after this!

Thanks @Haejin...I have now sold all my cryptos and waiting in USDT with even extra dry powder from my profits..if it drops to 11.5,I am gonna buy the hell out of it.

Good approach...

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 12.11.54 PM.png

What do you think?

B cannot be greater than wave 5 i think.

Where you see that? I haven't heard of that one.

Correct, that is not a rule of EW. When the B goes higher than the peak, it is often an expanded flat correction.

thanks for correcting me