Beer review - Crafty Dan's 13 Guns IPA

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Spoiler Alert

In a huge surprise, @ablaze has opted to review an IPA this week!

Yes, I like to try different things :o)

Ha ha, my wife kills me, we decide to get a takeaway, and I read the menu from front to back, even the little bit with the restaurant history, heh you have to know where your food is coming from... and then I go and order the same thing I do all the time..

Well, I suppose I know what I like, and it removes the possibility of being disappointed, like the time I opted for a new and exotic curry.. It arrived and it was laced with fennel, yes FENNEL, it was like a Liquorice flavoured curry!! Oh how I pined for my Butter chicken or Lamb Bhuna that evening as I forced the fennel infused sin down my gullet :o)

So, an IPA it is!!!

This weeks beer of the week is.....

Crafty Dan's 13 Guns



As we do most weekends, we went out for lunch with the boys. We went to a new bar/restaurant in the next village over from where we live. From the start, I was impressed, nice decor, friendly staff, and an excellent craft beer menu. If I was to open my own eatery, it would be quite like this place..

The only difficulty in the end, was picking a beer, as the choice was excellent.

In the end I settled on this little beauty.


We ordered a few starters to share to start, and I went for pizza for my main, and it was delicious. A thin base barbeque chicken effort.. Apologies in advance if I have just made your mouth water!!



This is a hoppy American style IPA. They brewers use a combination of hop types here - centennial, citra, amarillo, apollo, chinook and kohatu. Lovely hoppy smell immediately hits the nostrils after opening. The pour reveals a golden orange IPA, that is ever so slightly cloudy. The taste really delivers with a nice orangey kick, and bitter-sweet aftertaste. It offers a rich mouth feel and malty flavour with soft tropical fruit aromas.

The carbonation as per below was excellent.

The head was perfectly formed with great lacing

All in all, a good solid beer..


  • Brewer: Thwaites Brewery, Penny St, Blackburn BB1 6HL, UK
  • Alcohol Content: 5.5%
  • Size: 330ml/33cl can
  • IBU: 43
  • What they say: Intensely hoppy, rich mouth feel, malty flavours with soft tropical fruit aroma and taste.



There was a problem though

I wanted another one, but I had my car with me!!

So, as soon as I got home, I cracked open another one and enjoyed it my back garden.. Bliss...


Sun shining down in the back garden, and cool IPA in hand, it doesn't get much better :o)


And I can only apologise for the back garden which is badly in need of a cut, but mowing the lawn, while sipping a beer aint easy I tell ya....

I did figure out how to defy gravity though, see how my beer doesn't spill in this shot... :o)

Sir Isaac Newton and his falling Apple's got nothing on me!!


This is a post for #BeerSaturday hosted by @detlev

I hope you enjoyed my review, why not drop by and say hello :)

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All of the photos are mine and were taken with my Samsung Galaxy A5

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IPAs are my favorite, too. I come from the NE USA which has great, hoppy IPAs. When I travel I am usually disappointed in the local beer. But I was quite happy with the Irish IPA scene.


Thanks for dropping by man, and welcome to Steemit! You really can't beat a nice cold IPA... You should join us at #beersaturday @detlev does a post every Tuesday/Wednesday and you basically make a post about beer, it doesn't even need to be a review and post it on Steemit, and link your post on detlev's post... There are prizes each week of 5SBD,4SBD,3SBD,2SBD, 1SBD which are great especially when you are starting out.. All best and delighted that the Irish IPA scene worked for you 👍

Hey man, how are you doing? :) That was a funny and very enjoyable to read post. I am now both thirsty and hungry 😋


All good brother, busy busy, but all good! Glad you enjoyed the read, I saw you did another Vlog, haven't had a chance to view it yet, but will watch shortly 👍

Good looking can, and a beer that changes colour depending on if it's backlit or not, either way looks like a solid brew.


Ya, it was solid, not exceptional, but definitely one I'll have again... After being steered down the right road here some time ago, I'm finding cans are really out scoring the bottled IPAs..

Take this glass away and take care of the lawn (of course not before the glass is empty!) hehe
Nice review, fellow! It's great, that you took another can to enjoy at home. It really deserved another try, for sure! You don't know really how hungry I became now... at the look of your pizza!



Ha ha, I have quite a good excuse for now... My compost bin is full until it is collected on Friday, so I couldn't do it even if I wanted to... What's a fella to do? Have another beer, that's what! :o)

Pizza and beer - great combination!!


Ya they go together really well, all that was missing was some sport on an outdoor telly!