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It sure isn't Tokyo, but the Japanese countryside has a lot to offer.

Keep Manhattan, Just Give Me That Countryside

My in-laws are farmers and live in the countryside, so I am there often. It may not be the big city, but there is a lot to enjoy there. Fresh air, quiet, lots of space. I enjoy it far more than Tokyo or other big places, to be honest.

I suppose many people might have an image of the Japanese countryside as being nothing but rice paddies. There are plenty of rice paddies, true, but also ample lots plowed for other crops.

A newcomer to the countryside, at least in the time I've been in the country, are the solar panels you see can see on the left side of the photo. Some farmers have covered most of their land with them. With low profits from farming, it could well be that they make more money from collecting solar power and selling it back to the power company.

Farming Living Is the Life for Me

I grabbed this photo on one of my photo walks exploring the countryside. I thought the view gave a nice mixture of many things. In addition to the field and solar panels, there is also a relatively traditional house in the background with a factory behind it, all common things to see in the Japanese countryside these days.

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I liked this photo of Japan, it caught my attention. It’s a nice contrast to your other ones.

I am oddly fascinated by solar panels and my husband is dying to have them installed. Only we can’t, our roof is due for a replacement.

Interesting though, these farmers are now farming sunlight...


Well look at the bright side: solar panel technically is improving so quickly, in a few years after you get a new roof, the ones you buy and install will be that much better. I'd love to buy some too.

Farming sunlight... it sounds kind of sci-fi when you put it that way.

Glad you enjoyed the photo :)