Driveway or Flowerway? :: Beautiful Japan #87

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Having no yard, or a very tiny one, many Japanese cover every bit of open space around their home with potted plants.

You may think there isn't enough room remaining there to park a car. You'd be wrong. If nothing else, Japanese driving school is very good at training people how to squeeze into the tiniest space.

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Hi thereDavid LaSpina is an American photographer lost in Japan, trying to capture the beauty of this country one photo at a time. More?

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Well, okay...splashes of brightly coloured flowers are always a winner for me. I stop and admire every time I see a whimsical garden. A whimsical car 😍

Parking the car wouldn’t be my concern. The Japanese can actually open their car door and not step into a pot plant? Must be minature cars.

Such a pretty edition to your Japan series. ❤️


The cars are pretty miniature, yeah. But you'd also be amazed at how adapt folks seem to be at just inching their doors open slightly and somehow slipping out. Lots of practice in areas with very little space, I suppose. (about like the garage in this post:

I do the same, stopping and admiring every colorful patch I see—usually taking photos of it too, as my camera is often with me.


Just in case you noticed. I unfollowed you by accident! Busy is a pain in that I keep accidently following random people, and it would seem unfollow people I want to follow. Too tappy with fingers.

Oh, that’s really sweet too. You stopping to admire colors. But I wanted to ask, out of curiosity, what camera do use?

Not that I’m in the market for one...
Definitiely not that... 🙄



I hadn't noticed, but I probably would have sooner or later. No worries, it happens. I agree Busy makes that follow/unfollow button just a little too easy to click on, esp for the box that pops up in the right column sometimes. I've also accidentally unfollowed people before.

I have many different cameras. The one I use most often for my pro jobs is my Canon 5d Mark iii. For personal use I tend to step down to my canon 60d. In part because it's a bit smaller and therefore easier to carry around all day, and also my kids are grabby and if they break one of my cameras I'd rather it be that one. I also have many film cameras.

If you were in the market for a camera, and the one on your smartphone isn't enough, I'd suggest one of newer sony or fuji cameras. I esp like the fuji x100. They are small as the old rangefinders (kind of a budget Leica) and give a wonderful image.

This might as well be the prettiest driveway I've ever seen. So many flowers!

Great Post 😆

Gorgeous! Capturing the beauty in small things is one of the best parts of photography.

That is absolutely lovely! I adore potted plants and would cover the front of my house with them if I could. But they don't survive our winters here in Minnesota.