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Let's look at the second collection of the Beautiful Japan photo series.

Unfortunately, without the use of css, which Steemit doesn't seem to support, I can't change the list to start with #11 instead of #1. So let's just pretend 1-10 on this list is really 11-20, shall we?

With that out of the way, here we go!

Beautiful Japan, #11–20

  1. What a Blur (link)

  2. The Watcher at the Shrine (link)

  3. Giant Torii in Road (link)

  4. Resting Leaves (link)

  5. The Family that Drinks Together, Stays Together (link)

  6. Fire in the Sky (link)

  7. The Streets of Takayama (link)

  8. Red Path (link)

  9. Fading Japan (link)

  10. Relaxing at the River (link)

There we go, the second ten in the series. Which one is your favorite? Thank you everyone for your support!

If you enjoyed these, go see the first collection.

By the way, click on each one for a high quality version. Feel free to save it and use it as your computer wallpaper. Of course each is under copyright and I do have them all registered with the US copyright office, but I license them all under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International, which basically means it's free for personal use. Just don't try to sell it and we're cool.

Thank you for reading. :)

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Hi thereDavid LaSpina is an American photographer lost in Japan, trying to capture the beauty of this country one photo at a time.

Very nice photos. I particularly like the blurred trains and the red path. I used to live in Sapporo, and every autumn, I would walk along a path of bright yellow zelkova leaves.

For a few weeks, the golden leaves would be overhead. Then they'd fall to the path, and I'd walk through them everyday. It was truly beautiful.

Sounds amazing! I haven't been to Hokkaido yet, but someday I'll make it up there. Thank you for the comment :)

wow nice photography. feeling like visiting japan..

Glad you enjoyed it :)

They are all interesting, but I really like Red Path and the info you gave about the tea ceremonies in the original post. I too wish that we could use CSS to do more things with our posts. I like changing the color of the text for emphasis. I have a blog on Wordpress where I still post occasionally. I'm hoping one day Steemit will give us more control over those things! Maybe when it comes out of Beta!

Thanks for the comment :) I'd love css access also so that I could format the Japanese text vertically for my haiku posts. Ah well, maybe later, as you say. I hope.

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Red Path is definitely a great photo! Japan seems like an awesome place to find lots of interesting photography material. I really want to visit in the near future!

I hope you can make it here! Thank you for the comment :)

wow, nice photoshoot

Thank you :)

Cracking shots I love the red leave incredible :)