Wishes for Better Luck :: Beautiful Japan #84

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Or maybe rather it's a trap for bad luck. Better not get too close to this photo.

I think I've mentioned these things before. Omikuji. At all shrines you can buy your fortune. I think it's most common around New Years, but you can buy them at any time. I have even started to see vending machines at shrines offering them.

There are various levels, ranging from great to bad. If you get middle or good luck, you say thanks and take it with you, but if you get bad luck it's typical to tie the paper to a tree or some lines like in the photo below and pray for the bad luck to stay with the tied up paper and not follow you around.

So I guess this isn't so much wishes for better luck, but rather a bad luck trap.

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†: Don't cross the streams.

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Thank you :)

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This is great .. get me a good luck one :)


Good luck ;)