Beautiful Japan #51 – 60 :: Collection #6

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Time for another Beautiful Japan collection post. A strange collection this time, from rice field philosophy to autumn leaves in secret places, to an assortment of Buddhas. There's something for everyone in this one!

Beautiful Japan, #51–60

  1. Remember the Rice Fields Where We Once Played

  2. Collecting God's Money

  3. Rice is Done

  4. Our Secret Meeting Place

  5. Animal Wishes

  6. Good Day Sunshine

  7. Bridge in a Dream

  8. Deep Breaths

  9. Shaded Door

  10. Bow Before the 13 Buddhas!

There we go, the 6th collection in the series. Which one is your favorite? Thank you everyone for your support!

By the way, click on each one for a high quality version. Feel free to save it and use it as your computer wallpaper. Of course each is under copyright and I do have them all registered with the US copyright office, but I license them all under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International, which basically means it's free for personal use. Just don't try to sell it and we're cool.

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Hi thereDavid LaSpina is an American photographer lost in Japan, trying to capture the beauty of this country one photo at a time.
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Well @dbooster, I find all of them very interesting, but the "Rice Is Done" one is pretty and I've never seen what rice plants look like right before harvest. I missed some of these when you first posted them. My second favorite is "Bridge In A Dream". Have a great day!


Now you know :) Thanks for the comment and the favorite picks.


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Wow @dbooster, these are some really amazing shots! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
I really like "Our Secret Meeting Place", although "Shaded Door" appeals to me strongly as well. Don't get me wrong, they are all fab, it's these two that speak to me.
I love Japan!! I used to live in Okinawa for 7 years.
Happy to have found you here! Cheers & I am looking forward to seeing more of your work :)


Oh wow, in Okinawa for 7 years! That is great. I've never been down that far, but I would love to one of these days. What were you doing in Japan?

Thanks for the comment :)

They are awesome

Number #8 is so nice, the red hat


Thank you :)

People like you that we should support, willingly share knowledge


Thank you :)

I really appreciate this photo, I called this a masterpiece.. salute...
I enjoy the view from your photo, thanks.. regard me @aafadjar