Painting With Fireworks :: Beautiful Japan #83

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It's fireworks night in Okazaki City!

Summer time is fireworks time and every city in Japan has their own special fireworks festival. As with all these seasonal events in Japan, pretty much everyone looks forward to the occasion and comes out to join in the fun.

Okazaki fireworks are a bit special. Long ago, the once and future shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, was born in this city. As such, he and his entire government always regarded this area as special. During the entire Edo period, this area (Mikawa) was the only area in Japan allowed to develop gunpowder. One result of this is that fireworks were only from here and even the word fireworks was linked with this area. Even today "Mikawa fireworks" gives images of real quality fireworks.

As such, the Okazaki fireworks festival is insanely busy. So many tourists come here from all over Japan, it is wall to wall people everywhere near the fireworks area.

The above photo is more of my playing. I set a long exposure and shook the camera gently back and forth. Interesting result, eh?

Copyright © David LaSpina 2018, but almost free to use due to the generous Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. Spiffy! More details here.

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Good information about Japan. I was unfamiliar with this fact of Japan. Great Firework Night!

Nice extended exposure. That would be perfect for a desktop wallpaper.
Oh, and some Japanese history too?? drools Excellent!