[UPDATED 7/6] How-To Mine Steem Power in Windows

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A guide for the complete idiot, like me! :)

Update 7/15/16 : Please wait for the new Windows Miner release. Windows mining will not currently work unless you use a VM + Ubuntu. See pfunks guide for help with that.
Update 7/6/16 : New miner from bitcube is out! NOTE : You will likely need to edit the new CONFIG.INI file instead of using your old one.
Update 6/30/16 : Miner v0.5.0 is no longer functional. We are awaiting an update on the Windows miner to 0.8.2 or 0.8.3. I will update this post when it's ready.
Update 6/8/16 : Updating Blockchain link.
Update : 6/3/16 : Updating props for the help and use of equipment.
Update : 6/2/16 : Fixed some verbiage.
Update : 6/1/16 : bitcube has released two new versions of his miner, one a fast version. This is now the fastest miner I've tried! See link in Step 1.
Update : 5/31/16 : If you have trouble with arhag's Windows build and want faster mining than you can get with bitcube's head on over to pfunk's guide on setting up Ubuntu in a VirtualBox on Windows. You will get the same fast rate as arhag's Windows miner without issues. At least that's the case for me personally.
Update : 5/30/16 : Added bitcube's newest compile v0.5.0.
Update : 5/30/16 : Added bitcube's miner to Step 1. Choose the one that works for you.
Update : 5/29/16 : See bottom of guide for how to fix error if miner stops working.

Step 1

Download the Steem Windows Miner created by bitcube.

Windows Binaries : https://github.com/btscube/steem/releases/tag/v0.8.5b

Important: If you are updating to a new version you will likely need to start from scratch.

Step 2

Download the Steem Blockchain provided by steemychicken1.

Step 3

  • Uncompress the miner into a location of your choosing.

Step 4

  • Go to the folder just created when you uncompressed the miner and run steemd.exe
  • If the program crashes, no problem! You've now created the folders needed.
  • Otherwise you will receive a message to edit the config.ini, so exit and continue to Step 5.

Step 5

  • Uncompress the blockchain into the following folder ...


... and overwrite any existing files.

Step 6

  • Go to the following folder ...


... and open the config.ini file in a text editor.

Step 7

  • In the config.ini file, find ...

# P2P nodes to connect to on startup (may specify multiple times)

and enter this information below that line so it looks like this ...

# P2P nodes to connect to on startup (may specify multiple times)
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node = 

Step 8

  • Next in the config.ini find ...

# name of witness controlled by this node (e.g. initwitness )

and enter the following information, using your Steem account name, so it looks like this ...

# name of witness controlled by this node (e.g. initwitness )
witness = "your-steem-account-name"

Step 9

  • Next in the config.ini file find ...
# name of miner and its private key (e.g. ["account","WIF PRIVATE KEY"] )

and enter the following information, using your Steem account name and WIF key, so it looks like this ...

# name of miner and its private key (e.g. ["account","WIF PRIVATE KEY"] )
miner = ["your-steem-account-name","5YourPrivateWIFKeyIsVeryLong"]

Step 10

  • Next in the config.ini file find ...
# Number of threads to use for proof of work mining

and enter at least "1" after mining-threads. I believe "2" is recommended to start. You can experiment with higher numbers for faster mining. I'm currently using "4" on my AMD A10/7700. So put mining-threads = X where X is the number of threads your CPU supports. If you're not sure, press CTL+Shift+ESC to open the Task Manager and click the Performance tab. The number of graph boxes under CPU usage history is the number of threads your CPU supports. In Windows 10 you will need to click "Open Resource Monitor".

So it should look like this ...

# Number of threads to use for proof of work mining
mining-threads = 2

Step 11

  • Restart steemd.exe and begin mining!

If you still have problems, here are some useful links below or leave a comment and I will do the best I can to answer your question or direct you to someone who can help. If I've left something out or made an error please let me know in the comments section. Good luck!

Other Options & Help

  • If your miner stops working with an error like ...
    Assertion failed!
    Expression: block_num != 0
    or it just exits and you can't get it going again try these steps which arhag explained and it worked for me!

Go into config.ini and comment out (#) the mining-threads section like this ...

# mining-threads = 2

Restart steemd.exe and once you have synced back up to the blockchain, you should see something like this ...

2194613ms th_a application.cpp:438 handle_block ] Got 1 transactions from network on block 1878671

Now exit the program with CTRL-C, go back into config.ini and uncomment (remove the #) the mining-threads line you commented out earlier. Then restart steemd.exe.

  • If you see "1 hps", it means you are syncing up to the blockchain. Mining should start shortly.

Some may need to edit the following line in config.ini to read ...

Endpoint for websocket RPC to listen on

rpc-endpoint =

  • You may also want to open Windows Task Manager (CTRL-SHIFT-ESC), open up the Details tab and find the cmd.exe window running the miner. Then right-click on it and set "Priority" to either "Below Normal" or "Low" to allow you to do other things with your computer while you mine. Thanks to pfunk for that tip!

  • If you can't see what error is happening before steemd.exe exits, try creating a .BAT file with the following inside and start your miner using the .BAT file ...

This will allow you to copy the error and paste it into a text file to upload into the Steem Slack Mining channel for help. To copy the error, simply Right-Click in the command prompt window and select Mark, then drag your mouse over the text you want to copy then press CTRL-C. Now open a new text file and paste (CTRL-V) the error into it and save. Go to the Steem Slack Mining channel and upload the file and see if someone there can help. WARNING: Be sure you do not copy your private key information into this text file. It is shown when the miner starts up, so I just want to mention this just in case.

  • To resync the blockchain use steemd.exe --resync

  • Also see pfunk's very useful info in the comments section regarding account creation and WIF keys.

  • If you are updating to a new version of one of the miners, you will likely need to start from scratch to avoid errors.

Other Resources

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@bitcube's new v0.11.0 miner for Windows : https://github.com/btscube/steem/releases/download/v0.11.0/steem-win-x64-011.zip

Source: https://github.com/btscube/steem/releases

I was able to quickly begin mining at a higher hash rate than with Ubuntu VM mining. This was quick and easy to get set up, thanks for the link!

Anyone following this guide, please keep in mind that the primary link to the Blockchain download is incorrect. The correct link is the following:


FYI, I built a Windows binary off 0.11.0 sources so Windows users can start mining again:
Using Arhag's guide to cross compiling Steem to Windows I managed to produce a working Steemd.exe and CLI_wallet.exe! Its hashing right now on my Windows 10 PC.


It works! Confirmed!! Just replace the cli-wallet.exe and steemd.exe over the original ones, download the new blockchain and run steemd.exe --replay. For me it worked!

Miner crashes just after it starts mining. Tried it on two machines and same thing. It Does actually begin to mine unlike the other one.

You may have to wait on bitcube's which seem to work on most machines.

Unfortunately they have removed our ability to edit paid post, so hopefully people will see your comment here. Please post your link in #mining on the Steem Slack and get your well deserved credit and make a post of your own so people can upvote/tip you. Thanks!

Wonderful article. Thank you for taking the time to write this.. still syncing but hopefully will be earning some STEEM shortly!

Is it possible/recommended to use the same witness names across multple computers? or should every machine that is mining have its own set of witness names?

I'm fairly certain you need to use different names on multiple boxes.

I was informed that you only should have one active witness on your node computer. On all of the slaves leave the "# name of witness controlled by this node (e.g. initwitness )" blank with a # but you can copy over the configuration in line below it "# name of miner and its private key (e.g. ["account","WIF PRIVATE KEY"] )"

great tutorial, thanks!

For those encountering the following errors:

  • witness.cpp: 98 _wtinesses: ["steem username"]
  • database.cpp:118 reindex !no last block
  • database.cpp:119 reindex last_block
  1. Download http://www.steemitup.eu/witness_node_data_dir.tar.gz
  2. Backup Config.ini file
  3. Delete Witness_node_data_dir
    rm -r witness_node_data_dir
  4. Untar the downloaded file (witness_node_data_dir.tar.gz)
    tar -xzvf witness_node_data_dir.tar.gr witness_node_data_dir
  5. Replace the Config.ini file w/ Backup Config.ini file

+gratuitous gratuity to to steemychicken1

Having the witness error, but the download link provided is down... Could you provide a mirror by any chance?

Tuck-fheman Thanks for tutorial!
My i5-4690 mining 15300 hps (2 core use)
I just start mine. Anyone knows how many steem per 1 day i mine?
Can i see mined steem at my account at steemit.com?

ps: sry for my english)

You'll likely get 1-6 per day. You can see your found POW at http://steemd.com/@youraccountname

I'm sorry, feel dumb(
https://steemd.com/@kirill7 i go to this page (with my name) but can't find any stats about speed or something like mining or POW, i'll be thankful if you explain more concrete pls

You can see your mining hashrate in the mining console "xxxxx hps". If you find a POW, you'll see, "found a pow" on that page above. If your hashrate drops really low, you're in the queue and you can see that here... https://steemd.com/witnesses

Thx for help, now i understand)
And last question: where i can see my mined steem, they go wallet/steam power? how often?

Hello me a hand? you already gained some steam with its mining? in my wallet only appears 4788.6216 Vests this is normal'm mining for 1 day.

Good Job

I can't get my miner to break free from a fork. I am getting a similar error to the person with the reply above. I have both replayed and rescanned. Nothing helps. I tried joining slack and keep getting "token revoked." I've spent hours on this to no avail. I guess that I will not be mining Steem.

Due to the hack today you will need to wait for a new Windows miner or use a VM to mine under Ubuntu.

Is this the error i keep getting about cant push to block because the miner is down?

I'm going camping early in the morning. I'll check out what is going on when I come back home on Monday. I'll probably open up my case and use some canned air to clean off my CPU fan. I want my CPU to help me generate Steem, not smoke.

That makes two of us glad to see I found an answer.

I got it to work. Here's how:
Follow the instructions but....
Don't skip Step 5!
Add "" to the witness name (witness = "bangking")
Use your Active (or Owner) Private Key. Not your regular login password.

very impressive, l am learning much now

thanks for a great tutorial

Be aware, setting the mining-threads field is not optional to mine. It should be at least set to 1.

Easy to specify on the command line with -t though, which is how I've always done it.

"mining-threads", for the newbies here, is how many "threads" the cpu uses to process instruction sets required by various processes (like running firefox, for instanse!) :)

So basically if you say 0 "mining-threads" you are saying "don't mine".

Doh! I thought it was defaulted to 2, but I set it up from scratch again and see it's not set at all. I will update above.


did u manage to solve the issue?

I have this same issue when i tested on my Dell laptop; haven't worked out the issue is but i can say that it is nothing to do with the config as i have the exact same config working on my i7 2 thread = 13900 hps | 4threads = 24000 hps

Issue happens when i sync the chain, picks up seemly random number of blocks and then crashes. i have tried with and without preloaded blockchain; and it is the same eitherway; after the crash no data has been added to the chainstate. i.e. 'blocks' file is still 0 bytes :(

Funny I'm also on a DELL laptop.
However, I got it running twice by just rerun the exe.
But now I'm tired of trying to start it and the possible reward seems not to be compensating for the pain to bring this thing online.

Try bitcube's miner, see Step 1 for link.

Every once in a while I'm getting a message about an unlinkable block that looks like something to do with a database for and all the rest of the time I'm seeing "application.cpp:436 handle_block Got 1 transactions from network on block xxxxxxx" and I've never seen a notice for hashpower. Does this look like something to do with my machine just being insufficient or am I setting something up incorrectly?

Sorry, I missed this comment. I think we solved this in another thread, if not feel free to reply here again.

Don't you need some quotes there?

witness = "your-steem-account-name"

Otherwise I get a parsing error (on the Linux version at least).

Not sure. I was running without quotes without issue. Perhaps for hyphenated accounts it is required? Maybe @arhag can confirm.

I have to put in "" for it to run pass witness.
I am stuck on the miner line. it keeps closing the program. miner = ["account","WIF PRIVATE KEY"] I don't think it's the correct format. Can you confirm?

That's the format I'm using and is given as the example in the config.ini and on Joseph's tutorial

["account","WIF PRIVATE KEY"]

Hello. I know that per 6/30/16 : Miner v0.5.0 is no longer functional. Does this mean that the Windows version will not sync past block 2790881? My Windows 7 seems stuck at that block. (bitCube version)


3080000 unlinkable_block_exception: unlinkable block
block does not link to known chain
th_a fork_database.cpp:63 steemit::chain::fork_database::_push_block

I'm not sure of the block, but yes it will no longer work past a certain block. As soon as we have a Windows version of 0.8.4 I will update this post with a link.

Installed and running on win 7 amd and intel i3 laptop.

What if I have 4 computers in my LAN? All of them use the same .ini file ?

I am trying to figure out the same thing. Let me know if you figure it out please :)

appreciate this so important information
quick question does this work on windows 7 pro ?

how to get the WIF private key for my miner ??

On Steemit, click the avatar in upper right corner, then click Permissions from the dropdown, then click Show on the Active or Owner line.

Otherwise, see pfunk's instructions in the comments here.

Thank You!

Got it all setup and it appears to be mining properly. I have a couple questions:

  1. How do I know I am actually mining to my account? I used my account I registered here on Steemit and the Owner Private Key in the config. I have 4 mining rigs going at a total of about 110,000hps. I don't see anything in my wallet though so I want to make sure I am actually mining to my account...maybe I just haven't found a POW yet??
  2. Is it ok to mine on 4 different rigs with the same account?

How do I know I am actually mining to my account?

Your hps will be in the thousands. If hps = 1 you're syncing. If hps =1 or very low you're in the queue.

I don't see anything in my wallet though

You're mining STEEM POWER, so it will go into your SP balance. To see if you found a POW, go to https://steemd.com/@youraccount and search for "found a pow".

Is it ok to mine on 4 different rigs with the same account?

You should use different accounts for each rig.

The last thing the miner says is "Started witness node on a chain with 0 blocks" and now it's just sitting there. Is this normal?

Let it sit for a while and it should start syncing. What I usually do from scratch is ...

  • Start steemd and let it tell me I need to fix the config. CTRL-C out.
  • Edit config.ini with proper settings.
  • Restart steemd and let it start syncing till it shows "1 hps" for about 30 seconds and CTRL-C out again.
  • Copy the downloaded blockchain and overwrite what's there.
  • Restart steemd and let it start syncing.

And it works every time.

is this right? I followed all instructions http://prntscr.com/bsm9nd

just stuck there now

nevermind! did this and it works-
Things to try ...

Try each miner to see which one works for you.
Make sure everything in config.ini is correct.
Backup config.ini. Try deleting the witness_node_data_dir folder and restarting, exit with CTRL-C when you get the message about config.ini. Recopy config.ini into witness_node_data_dir and restart then let it sync without adding blockchain file.

Thanks techsaavy for sharing your feedback. I did however now try everything as well without any luck. Still the same message. Will wait a bit longer now keeping the window open to see whether it just needs time (more than the 15mins it is open now). Did download the config file shared in the original post and quite sure that I did include the correct key (I do hope :)). Will check in again if in the end it does work!

EDIT: Solved! What was the issue? Trying to start mining using my work laptop to test during lunch, apparently the internal WiFi channel prevented the connection. On public WiFi it does work! So in case of similar issues, also check this.

Hi there,
Thank you for the guide. I am mining now for 24 hours and got this:

anarcharos 0.000 STEEM 18964.733651 VESTS 0.122 SBD

TOTAL 0.000 STEEM 18964.733651 VESTS 0.122 SBD

I am using my steemIt account name and private key. I thought the "gains" will go strait into my steemit account but it doesn't....I guess the local mining needs to be transferred to my steemIt account. so I have a couple of questions if I may:

1- How much steem or steem dollars have I made so far in 24 hours?

2-How do I tranfer gains mined on my computer to my Steemit account or any other acount or wallet for that matter?

3- where can I find a document listing the commands available for the cli_wallet.

Many thanks !!


My hash rate:

hash rate: 11953 hps target: 25 queue: 84 estimated time to produce: 46 minutes

is it worth minig lioke this?

So mine screen says "Started witness node on a chain with 0 blocks." what does that mean ? have I missed some steps or something ? sorry for noob question but I am new to steem.

Same problem I had with downloaded version of blockchain.
Delete it. Run steemd --resync. Wait several hours. And all must be fine.

There was a hardfork. You'll need to wait for a new Windows miner or use a VM to mine under Ubuntu.

put this in miner gate to make it more easy! :D

Could this damage your computer?
When i look at the performance i see 100% cpu usage

how much steem approximally we earn with 2 core cpu 24 hours / day

You will earn Steem Power and not much.

this is what i get..but no hps???

Check your setting in config.ini file:

witness = "majestymage"

and add owner or active WIF key for you account

miner = ["majestymage ","5K8S*****************************H"]

Good luck! 8)

What if I use the bitaddress instead? How do I proceed from there? I am mining and I get a decent 10k hps consistently. However, where does that account activity occur? Where do I see it other than my console?

yup..i did not have " " on the witness

Horizontal rules are currently not working on Steemit so some sections in the Help are running together. I would fix it but they will probably fix it quickly and I don't want to muck it up with hyphens in the meantime. Until they fix it, if something is not clear just ask!

this link does not work(( anybody can upload STEEM blockchain?

Works for me. All it does is download the blockchain. There is no webpage to load.

Where do the Steem that i mine go? To my Steemit.com account wallet?
I am mining but i can't see if the miner is active (www.steemd.com/@agusnb). I put my private key in the config file of the miner, so it should be working. In the stats page it says "Mined : false". Maybe i have to wait some hours...

They will go to your wallet as Steem Power.

Why Steem Power instead of Steem? You can't buy or sell Steem Power can you? So there is no way to cash in mining rewards?

STEEM mining ended a while back. You can only mine Steem Power now and you can "Power Down" to cash out, which takes 104 weeks total. While that's going on you're earning interest on your SP, so you could possibly cash all of your mined SP out and still not affect your balance.

Awesome job!

I couldn't have created this without a lot of people's input. It is they who deserve all the congrats since I'm just repeating their knowledge passed down to me. ;)

What algo does steem work on? is there a deamon for it. I am just playing around on an exchange and want to see if I can run this as a trading pair.

In step 5, it says:

Step 5

  • Unzip the contents of steemblockchain5-28-2016.zip into the following folder ...


What is the full path for the steem-v0-5-0-windows folder?  I've ran the steemd.exe file, it seems to crash, but i can't locate the folders it was supposed to create..?

Try the other miner and see if it works for you. When you start steemd.exe for the first time it should create all folders.

The blockchain file used was updated and I forgot to update Step 5, thanks for letting me know. Uncompress the blockchain into this folder overwriting any existing files.


Need to give this a try!

Ok, so I am getting the 1 hps and have been running the miner for over an hour now - is that normal or have I done something wrong?

You're either syncing or in the queue.

I guess a better question is.. how long should I expect to sync or queue?

Syncing from scratch can take many hours. If you're in the queue, I'm not really sure how long it takes to get to the top, but you can ask in Slack #mining and someone can probably give you a good estimate.

Worked great thanks man, took a few hours to sink the whole thing, nothing to crazy. The only question I have is, is there a place to see how much SP you've gained from mining separate from what's accumulating already in my account since I used my personal steemit account?


Is there a place to see how much SP you've gained from mining separate from what's accumulating already in my account since I used my personal steemit account?

Not really. You could manually add it up on https://steemd.com/@will-zewe but that sucks.

When you're paid from mining does it show in your history in the wallet section? Also will my https://steemd.com/@will-zewe show mined saying "true" after I've been paid a reward? Its showing false now so I'm assuming that'll change after I actually get a reward? Sorry for the questions, I'm trying to make the answers to the questions either yes or no to save you time I swear :-p lol

I'm getting the same thing. I'm curious to know how long it takes you or what the fix was. I'll let you know as well.

Be certain there is no error message when steemd.exe starts (no red/orange text). Also, my config.ini file was not being parsed, so it loaded the default one, which led to the same issue you are describing here.

Error parsing logging config from config file C:\Users... \config.ini, using default config

fwiw, It seems if i have more than 1 seed-node entry in the config.ini file, it fails to parse and loads the default one.

How long does it take you to go from the 1hps syncing / queuing to actual mining?

There was an error there and the 1 seed-node fixed that problem. Now it hangs at "ntp_delta_time updated to -27739us" and just sits there. Any idea what that is? Upvoted for fixing my first problem =)

OK, the "Error parsing config file...." is actually not an issue, in fact, you kinda need that error message, as it's best to have multiple seed nodes, and having more than 1 in the config file does trip that message. However, it can be safely ignored.
So what i did was add back in the seed nodes listed here, made sure my config file was correct (witness, miner and WIF keys correctly entered) and re-ran steemd after a replay. Took only a few seconds of 1hp until i was mining again.

How long should it take to sync the blockchain? I've been seemingly in the sync phase for a couple hours now. I am blazing through line after line showing:

3087137ms th_a witness.cpp:430 on_applied_block ] hash rate: 1 hps target: 29 queue: 100 estimated time to produce: 8947848 minutes

I am having the same issues, I started the download from scratch because I had problems getting the downloaded blockchain to work. did yours resolve?

I'm on the same page I believe, watching line after line fly by with 1hps showing waiting for it to sync. I believe this is working, correct?

It will take a while to sync from scratch. You can download the blockchain above and save some time.

Nice. So you don't need people to elect you like in Bitshares to be able to mine?

After checking the whitepaper, I am not convinced it is worth it...
First, in each round of block generation, 20 out of 21 witnesses are selected by DPOS like in Bitshares, and only 1 is selected by POW. So that does not leave much for miners.
Second, the block reward is now 0.0476 STEEM (after block #864,000, down from 1 STEEM previously, which was like DPOS witnesses). That's currently 0.02 USD.
I am not sure how long it takes to find a block, but it looks like this ship has sailed.

Block reward has not changed. It is still 1 steem. This means $0.50 per minute.


How im gonna configure my antminer s1 to use steem?

;) I'm assuming you're joking. If not, the answer is ... you can't.

Damn it uses sha-256 anyway?

I still just keep getting a red message saying that I havent configured any miners.

You likely need to edit config.ini or you have edited it incorrectly. Join the Slack channel and go to #mining for help.

This is the issue I got whenever it crashes:

Assertion failed!

Program: G:\steem-v0-5-0-windows\steemd.exe
File: /r/src/steem/libraries/chain/block_database.cpp, Line 109

Expression: block_num != 0


witness.cpp:98                plugin_initialize    ] _witnesses: ["neozero"]

...is highlighted red. Any clues? Could it be because the wif key isn't associated with the account name?

This is the error I receive most often as well, when I do receive an error.

How often do you receive an error? happens every time I run it.

See the possible fix at the bottom of the guide. It worked for me!

Try bitcube's miner, I updated Step 1.

Can we still mining on Windows?

what i'd like to know is... how can a full node, reading the blockchain, and trying to validate it, possibly tell whether all the accounts claimed to be spun off out of Facebook or Reddit really were spun off out of Facebook or Reddit?!

I mean, that's something that depends on proprietary data of those two companies!

can someone in possession of the true, raw blockchain, look inside it and see how F&R-spun-off accounts are represented? what's to stop a miner just inventing dozens of them that aren't really linked to F&R at all?

Try asking this in #mining on Slack. Someone there may be able to help you.

not familiar with POW steem coin.
can i mine steem with cpu miner?

Yes, no GPU miner yet, use instruction from this topic to mine with CPU.

what does this mean? http://prntscr.com/bsuuxq I am mining- but got that red text

Likely forked. Restart like this steemd --replay

I have this error every time I start steemd. Just right after "replay".

Where to go and what to write in this case if you are using Windows 8 for STEEM and running steemd.exe?

I am minning away well as per the instructions . Thanks.
I am using a account that I had created newly for it but not created on steemit.com
so the account used for mining was not created on steemit, would this cause issues?
Also how do i check my wallet to the account created and is mining for?

the account used for mining was not created on steemit, would this cause issues?

If you created via the CLI you shouldn't have issues.

how do i check my wallet to the account created and is mining for?


Highly suggest this! https://steemit.com/mining/@tedvernon/steem-mining-on-windows-fast in this vid- he shows you can the most latest blockchain here http://www.steemitup.eu/

how can i see whether it is working properly or not??

actually it's not- I just tried.. in ubuntu-- start with no blockchain and wait for it to download

Guys, I have been mining for few days and it all showed normal procedure until today when the screen started shoring red and yellow messages and failed linking with blocks, can somebody explain please what does this screenshot mean? http://screenshot.net/m5kddhm

me too - need to wait for a new windows version after the hack- or load ubuntu-- I'm trying ubuntu in a VM, will let you know if that works

That's where I'm headed after I walk the dogs, keep us posted and good luck :-).

it works in ubuntu! But here's the caveat- do NOT download the blockchain zip or you will be stuck at that "0" again... just let it download .... if you already downloaded the blockchain (like I did) then you need to delete it in ubuntu with the sudo rm witness_node_data_dir to delete that folder .. run steem ./steemd ctrl c to close it... go to steem/programs/steemd with the cd command then nano config.ini to reconfigure that.. ctrl o ctrl x then go back to the steemd directory and run steem again and it should start building

So if I made it to the mining 1hps I've done it correctly? Also where do the additional witness accounts come from to mine into?

see my reply to carson below-- couldn't reply to your reply for some reason

I thought I am the only one having the problem, as I searched and haven't seen anyone talk about this.
My guess was because of the hack, so ubuntu in VM is the way to go then

so far it looks like it is the way to go- the 1 hps is it building- I'm letting it sit overnight and see by morning if it starts mining for real ... additional miner accounts- here's what I read "I was informed that you only should have one active witness on your node computer. On all of the slaves leave the "# name of witness controlled by this node (e.g. initwitness )" blank with a # but you can copy over the configuration in line below it "# name of miner and its private key (e.g. ["account","WIF PRIVATE KEY"] )""

I less understand it , i think STEEMIT simply social networking

Even with the new config file by sonarous, (and a witness name in quotes, and miner name and key)
seed-node = seed.steemed.net:2001
witness = "itseasytryit"
miner = ["itseasytryit","5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]
mining-threads = 2
it still just crashes on the witness line with this error.
2792457ms th_a witness.cpp:98 plugin_initialize ] _witnesses: ["itseasytryit"]

The cli wallet also crashes immediately with this error:
3250045ms th_a main.cpp:154 main ] wdata.ws_server: ws://localhost:8090
0 exception: unspecified Underlying Transport Error
{"message":"Underlying Transport Error"} asio websocket.cpp:439 operator()
{"uri":"ws://localhost:8090"} th_a websocket.cpp:668 connect
The windows event viewer error says this for every crash (no matter what drive or freshly unpacked files used:
Windows cannot access the file for one of the following reasons: there is a problem with the network connection, the disk that the file is stored on, or the storage drivers installed on this computer; or the disk is missing. Windows closed the program steemd.exe because of this error.

I must be missing some required tools or something.
Has anyone tried it on a fresh windows 7 install? Does this require C++ or some coding tools to be installed?

Did you try the fix at the bottom of the guide?

Yes. I even added the directories to the PATH. The only difference is if I comment out the miner\witness\threads lines I get this error too
2614689ms th_a application.cpp:299 startup ] Detected unclean shutdown. Replaying blockchain...

So if you just comment out mining-threads it still crashes?

Try bitcube's miner, I updated Step 1.

That works! on one machine anyway. I think the c++ vcredist helped.
The fix for the cli_wallet transport error is to add rpc-endpoint =
Thanks for all your help.

I also get this same case with the same errors (both in steemd and in the cli_wallet) on an AMD Opteron based Windows 10 machine (Windows just tell me it has stopped working rather than talking about permissions etc.). Another machine I have that is an i7 is able to run the exact same installation and config without any errors. Is your machine AMD? Maybe its something about the hardware that steemd doesn't like?

Yes, This is happens an AMD box. I tried it on a different AMD machine and it got 3 blocks downloaded before crashing.
It seems like a required component is missing, since I can't run either exe without a crash.

Try ...

  • overwriting blockchain with pfunk's again
  • turning mining off (comment out mining-threads in config.ini)
  • start steemd and let it sync until you see the same block # (or as near as possible) as on steemd.com under head_block_number
  • then CTRL-C to exit and turn mining back on in config.ini
  • restart steemd.exe

I overwrote the blockchain and turned mining off but it just crashed again witness.cpp:98

I overwrote the blockchain and turned mining off but it just crashed again witness.cpp:98

Come into the slack channel and perhaps arhag or someone else can help. I've posted all I know to do on this page so I'm out of options and I got them all from arhag, bhuz or pfunk. ;)

Can't join the slack channel, it says

If you have an @steemit.com, @syncad.com or @cryptonaut.vc email address, you can create an account.

Can't join the slack channel, it says

Sorry, you need to go here to signup...

I'm able to run on AMD A10 so far, but still having issues getting it going on my old i7/860.

Try bitcube's miner, I updated Step 1.

27300 hps AMD FX 8320 8 threads
Is it normal?
mining at videocard is real?

Only CPU mining right now. I don't know about what you should expect from that processor, but that's double what my A10 is getting.

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Is it possible now to mine steem ?