Steem Tutorials #2: How to Buy Steem and Transfer them to Steemit

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There are three main options for buying Steem:

1) Via blocktrades, an "instant exchange" very simply converts your BTC or other altcoin to Steem or Steem Power . View the tutorial for Blocktrades (recommended!)

2) Via Bittrex, a normal "cryptocurrency exchange," buy and sell Steem on their market and withdraw to your steemit account. View the tutorial for Bittrex

3) Via OpenLedger, a new type of "decentralized exchange," buy and sell Steem on their internal market and withdraw to your Steemit account. View the tutorial for OpenLedger

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask about how to Buy and Transfer Steem below. :)

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The first two tutorials work great, but the third, "Tutorial for OpenLedger" takes me to a login screen for iorad.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thanks! How about now?

Edit: Also updated the top to Steem logo :)

Still see the message "Welcome Back! Log in to your account" at for the OpenLedger Tutorial. I also tried clicking the link from another computer not logged into my Steemit account and got the same login screen at iorad.

Fixed :D

Works great now, thanks for the information.

Please tell me OpenLedger tutorial ^^

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Whuups, fixed

Push - still relevant :)

Thanks, I can make more of these as well :)