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I've been an almost 5 year user of Reddit with roughly 350k total karma. I guess I'm not hip, but I've never taken Twitter with its 140 character limit seriously. That said, I deleted my Facebook a few years ago, and I don't Instagram/Snapchat/etc, so maybe I'm an outlier. Even Reddit is starting to be a bit annoying in that it's an echo chamber, so I'm mostly just subscribed to very specific technical subreddits these days. Finding fresh ideas instead of tired dank memes is often challenging in all but the smallest of subs.

I see Twitter as a platform that exacerbates the clickbait/tabloid culture of shallow bite sized communication. But really, every social media space suffers from the same issue. It's a popularity contest, and what's popular isn't my idea of valuable.

Here's hoping that Steemit manages to support a higher quality of community. From what I've seen so far, there's a strong preference for original content, particularly that which is insightful or well thought out. I look forward to contributing positively. See you around!

For my first real contribution, I encourage you to join me in my "Basic Income and Automation" post here

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Thats how I exactly feel about twitter too. Twitter unconsciously forces people to make generalizations .

Twitter serves a good function of helping keep people up to date, kind of like subscribing to text messaging alerts or something. Beyond that, you're certainly right, because the character limit is too ridiculous for any substance.

Welcome on board!

I never liked Reddit because his UI, but if you has "350k total karma" - probably you contribute original content, so Steem is designed for you ;-)

My Reddit Karma count tells a story that highlights some of the issues of Reddit's reward system.

The break down is roughly 160k link karma and 200k comment karma. The comment karma is indeed mostly original content, and took 5 years to gather. Meanwhile, the 160k link karma was reposts from other sites, and took roughly 12 days to acquire. Once the system is learned, gaming it for (meaningless) karma gains is easy. Of course the only real gains are realized by Reddit itself. And within that lies the issue.

Welcome. I look forward to working with you as we build Steemit.

Your story would make a great Steemit ad: "After x years and x postings and x karma on Reddit, all I've succeeded in doing is enriching that site's owners. I heard about Steemit, which is a new site that pays you to post and upvote. With two posts so far I've made over $1500 on Steemit!" Or something like that.

Sure, except for the part where, as far as I can gather, the "$1500" is meaningless in it's own right. ;) Otherwise I appreciate the sentiment, so thank you.

You should of course wait until you got your payouts after July 4th ;-)

It does mean real money for you. At least 50% on July 4th.

Since you appear to be a rather active redditor, would you be interested in helping test It is an automatic reddit-steem crossposter that lets people earn something from their reddit posts through x-posting on steem.

Great idea xeroc


thanks for sharing.

I'm new here and still figuring things out, so it's cool to hear such perspectives as yours as to your take on the platform...

"what's popular isn't my idea of [what's] valuable" - you said it brother!

Every audience has its own social network. To each his own