Please, Don't Use Signatures in Comments

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Recently I found out some users ( @bravenewcoin and @cryptoiskey) begin to add an ugly signature in every comment.

I want to say that I don't like such behavior and will struggle against as much as I can.

I have the power.

Such behavior harm our community and break clean reading and communication experience.


What would you say about this issue?

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I criticized them for it already. it's fine to use a signature in posts for all I care, but it's extremely derailing in comments as they are now

Completely agree.

Completely agree, this in my opinion creates too much distraction from the actual content at hand. Seriously you are a community manager, nobody really cares that much about you to be honest.

Although I do believe that steemit should implement a profile section in which it displays stats, other social accounts, website and a description, this would deter people from having to write who they are or use signatures.

Thanks, I'm fighting spam,copy pasta and annoying comments like a MOFO. We don't want SteemIT to become the next low quality website no one visits.

It is indeed adding visual "noise" when repeated in comments.

Hi Hipster

I saw you even wrote an article about it and feel that was taking it a bit far. I must say I am disappointed with this attack, if I was using my sig on your replies and posts I would understand and respect that, for example I don't use them for @ash out of respect for him and his views that it derails the replies. @thedashguy thinks it's great and is using it himself, we are all unique individuals. I represent a company and it is my duty to promote it however I can, I felt the signature was innovative (I think the first on Steemit) and I even streamlined it to make it less derailing on comments. Attacking companies that join Steemit is not a good strategy and overall will slow down the Steemit adoption to corporate.

I have been advocating Steemit to our company and wanting them to be more involved, I've lobbied to have a more in depth article written by our writers about Steemit to go out to our mailing list of 7000+ readers. I have seen people use .gifs in replies and that has been acceptable. Remember @ned says Steemit is like a dinner party and we all should try get along, I haven't attacked you personally and haven't written a whole negative article about you in at any time.

I have only supported Steem and tried to convert others, trying to stop me from expressing my entrepreneurship and creativity is in itself censorship and not in the spirit of Steemit. I have no problem respecting you and not using my signature on your posts and in replies to you, but please don't try control how I and my company uses Steemit.

PS thank you to those in this reply section who agree with our right to use signatures, especially in our own posts. I also saw a comment about proportion in size to the should have seen my old signature, it was much bigger until @ash helped me out, I will however revisit it again and see what I can do to improve.

I do apologise if the signature has offended anyone, you must understand I am very proud to have been appointed Steemit Community Manager by BNC and created the signature to express my pride in both BNC and Steemit. Instead of preparing our next article, I am defending something as arbitrary as a signature, this is starting to become like

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I don't attack you. That is just expression of my though. Here community decide what is good or what is not. You see now opinions. Its obvious that what you do is not. So it is not any kind of censorship either. You still can do what you want to do. But don't expect that everybody will respect it. I put a lot of efforts in Steem and want to make users happy. That is. If you want promote your company deliver good content and do not clutter user experience, please. Thanks that you removed this annoying signature.

Hi Hipster, expressing your opinion will make you money if this post gets popular enough, I think that was the main driver as with anything on Steemit, otherwise why not tell me in private or just on my post like you already did as well, that's my personal view, not of the company. I haven't stopped using my signature, I have not used it here out of respect for you and your post. I will take feedback under advisement and revise my sig, even if one person doesn't like it, it is worth noting and trying to compromise. So "dinner table friends" going forward...what do you say?

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Earning money on Steem is the matter of those who don't have one. For those who have there is one more goal which you realize than you will have. Defend already existing capital. Such simple. I did a post because you were not alone. I believe that should be a rule. There will be rich profiles soon here. You will be able to put your promos there.
BTW. Its not a cheap forum but a high value network. And it is already valued because there is no ads and distractions. It is clean and that is why it so awesome. Hope that clear

Much Ado About Nothing
I personally have nothing against signatures and referral links, I consider them to be parts of CryptoTalks boards traditions :-)

@hipster I think your power deserves much better and creative application than anti-signature struggling

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On the one hand it's their posts and nobody can tell them what to do with them, though downvoting/flagging is always an option.

On the other I can see that it's already become a link spamming endeavor and the logical conclusion is a bunch of low value comments everywhere with loud and spammy images linking to anything but something relevant. The Bitcointalk forums are a perfect example of this.

Thanks for bringing this up, I think low value comments with these loud signatures should be discouraged with downvotes. Discretion should be used if the comment is worthwhile and on topic though.

For instance, it looks like @bravenewcoin's comments are high value and on topic, although I find the image to be pretty big compared to the size of the text. I hope some reasonable balance can be achieved.

Completely agreed. I think a balance can be struck by using discretion on signature size, and by not including your signature for comment replies.

I think it shouldn't be allowed in the comment section. But in submissions you would be free to do so.

Wow just woke up to this. Ok well i didn't realize the community felt so strong about this. My intentions really are only to create awareness to the Crypto community that is it. I am very new to the crypto community so i am still getting my feet wet but my understanding is to try and spread the word as much as possible, and all my links are helping new users, so it is not for a monetary gain at all. I think rather than creating a post though to financially gain from this, it would have been more appropriate to contact me directly. But i can see everyone's point and i don't want to create or display anything that will cause a negative effect in the Steemit community:).

I can agree that I don't like it...but they are using the platform in a correct manner. It's the same as if you replied with a video, gif, jpg, etc...

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It is not the same. The same would be if you'd always answer with the same image, video, etc, what they actually do.

Ya true. This is not a advertising community like Facebook. So better make it simple.

I've no problem if it's just a little rect 12x12px but yeah that's way too big.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll checkout what I can do, 12x12 might be a bit small but will try see what I come up with, I do value reader feedback.

Well, 12x12 is just an example. Also something in black/white would fit better the feel of the website.

I believe this is a wrong method in decent online community.

Отчасти согласен. Если каждый начнет лепить такие огромные подписи, то читать комменты станет невозможно.

С другой стороны, на форумах подпись - это нормальное явление, то там можно её ограничить.

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