ARTstyleART#11 Let Us Choose the Winner Together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pop - Art +Portrait of a Famous Person.

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Fantastic entries!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you inspired me to try a pop - art portrait too.

The talent and tragic life of this woman impressed and I decided to make her portrait.

Some years ago I watched a movie La Vie en Rose about an amazing singer Edith Piaf. I had been so impressed that I even read a book about her. She had a very tragic life. She was extremely talented, amazing and unhappy. Her songs can't leave anybody indifferent. They touch the bottom of your soul. Her voice. Her eyes. Her hands. Her little black dress.

enter image description here

Here is an extract from the movie with her Je ne Regrett Rien

The initial post is here:

My Pop - Art Portrait for ArtstyleArt#11. Little Sparrow and her La Vie en Rose

It is the time to choose the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me remind the terms of our contest. We investigate art styles not theoretically but practically. I offer a srtyle and theme and participants make their works in accordance with theme.

Last week we had POP - ART + Portrait of a Famous Person.

Below you will see the entries with numbers. I will not mention names but, of course, you can easily find the authors. In the comments you write the number of the artwork you like.

I know there are many competitions here and in other social media where people ask friends to vote for them. I don't mind. But not in my contest!

Let us be honest and don't do that! PLEASE. I want the best paintings to win but not that one who have more friends. So, I don't want artists - participants send requests to their friends to ask to vote for them. But the participants and others have a right (it is even desirable) to send the link to the friends and ask to choose the best paintings.


  • ask friends to choose the best painting
  • participants can vote for other works


  • to vote for yourself
  • to ask friends to vote for you

Please upvote, resteem and write the number in the comment.

PLEASE SUBMIT THE NUMBERS OF THE BEST PAINTINGS BY TOMORROW September 12, 2017 (9 pm Moscow time)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And tomorrow I will announce the winners.


So, the entries in random order.

1 CHE. Digital

enter image description here

2 Scarlett Johansson. Markers

enter image description here

3 Paul Newman. Digital

enter image description here

4 Conrad Veidt. Digital

enter image description here

5 John F. Kennedy. Digital

enter image description here

6 Svetlana Khodchenkova. Digital

enter image description here

7 Ryan Reynolds. Digital

enter image description here

8 Bob Marley. Acrylic on wood
enter image description here

9 Leonardo Da Vinci. Digital

enter image description here

10 Conrad Veidt. Digital

enter image description here

11 Harrison Ford disguised as a Stormtrooper in his role as Han Solo. Mix media: pastel, acrylic, oil markers

enter image description here

12 Charlie Chaplin. I think it is watercolour

enter image description here

13 Justin Beibir. Watercolor + digital

enter image description here

14 Charlie Chaplin. Digital

enter image description here

15 Lana Del Rei. I guess, it is acrylic (pls, correct me, if not)

enter image description here

REWARD POOL is 30SBD thanks to @henry-gant, @coloringiship and me)))

I am also trying to build a Steemit Artists database. Please let me know if somebody is missing. And I am also sorry if I added somebody by mistake. Let me know and I would remove you from the list. If anybody doesn't want to be in the list, please let me also know. Thank you!

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Always yours, @aksinya.

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WOW, these are all great.

It is a tie for me and narrowing it down to two was really hard but I vote for 4 &6.

4 & 10 Conrad Veidt.

Oh and I'm an artist and you don't have me mentioned.


I will and please welcome to join the next one))


Thank you for the invite!

realy good work everyone! number 14 gets my vote.

Great job bro.i resteem it

Many nice artwork here! My vote to the number 2 ^^
(Ps: I love Edith Piaf, her voice touch my soul every time I hear her songs ^
^ )


Thank you, Silvia! I love her too. And if you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend you to watch a movie or read a book La Vie en Rose.


I watched the movie, but I didn't read the book. I'll read it ^_^

so many great works!!!!
I'm very impressed.
Can I also choose? I participated in the competition, but I think that the best is 4.
All the works are fine, but the 4 best. Thanks to the autor, it's great work!


sure you can))

My vote for number 4!

Please take this opportunity to support the Arts' here in

If you are reading this post please take a moment and vote.
It shows your appreciation for the contestants who take the time to produce such wonderful images.

Become a part of Art!

We find our humanity in the expression of imagination through the Arts.

H. G.

Upvoted, resteemed, promoted.


AAAAA you are killing me softly))) THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!

I vote for #2 as a beautiful and thoughtful representation of Pop-art.

Many great entries and talent here. I like #4, #13 and #1.

I think 14 and 2 are my favorite...

My favorites. Is 9 and 13 in digital and 12 in painting.

15 and 9 @aksinya .

Beautiful artwork! My selection: Digital - 1, Painting - 8 (even though it's not actually pop art but I love it anyway, LOL) :)

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Keep up the good work!

Woooow.... amazin effective pictures
Good luck @aksinya 👍👍👍


thank you! any preferences?))


thank you! any preferences?))


Wonderful Post. Thanks for sharing this post.

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thank you! any preferences?))


4 Conrad Veidt. Digital