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It is again a very difficult day as I need to judge. Fantastic entries. So talented people. You can't stop to amaze and impress me! When I was choosing the winners I had a feeling that I was shuffling the cards. Really difficult...

The task was to make an abstract art painting based on the idea of Frida's Kahlo painting

enter image description here
A Few Small Nips

I am learning with you, so I made one abstract thing for it as well:

enter image description here

For those who have not heard of this contest please check my post 2nd ARTstyleART Theme Announcement. "A Few Small Nips"


The conception of @motivator and @artguy are close and @motivator told that @artguy helped him, so they stand together. I really like the knife at @motivator's entry. @artguy, it is highly valued that you help others!

1st PRIZE (12 STEEM) - @motivator

enter image description here

2nd PRIZE (9 STEEM) - @artguy

enter image description here

3rd PRIZE (7 STEEM) - @nitan

Very bloody and you feel pain when you look at it (the colour is amazing. They need to invite you to make bloody spots when they shoot movies as they are always wrong with color and it looks like tomato pasta)))

enter image description here



Amazing technique and idea

enter image description here


Unique vision only artists have

enter image description here


This painting impressed me greatly. I am not an expert but I would think it is more surreal art than abstract. But the idea and execution are great!!!!!!! And I am also thinking about using your painting in my Artquest contest if you allow me. This is the ongoing one ARTQUEST-TRAIL#11 (ARTchallenge) Theme Announcement. 700 TRAIL +20 STEEM Prize Pool

enter image description here


Interesting technique and own reading of Frida's painting

enter image description here


One of my favourite works but it is not abstract art. But the portrait is gorgeous

enter image description here


I like the colours chosen and drawing

enter image description here

Special mentions - 1 STEEM each


enter image description here


enter image description here


enter image description here


enter image description here


enter image description here

I would like to thank the sponsors @henry-gant and @paolobeneforti! Guys, you are amazing! Thank you very much!

Tomorrow I will announce the next theme.

EVERYBODY IS WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am also trying to build a Steemit Artists database. Please let me know if somebody is missing. And I am also sorry if I added somebody by mistake. Let me know and I would remove you from the list. If anybody doesn't want to be in the list, please let me also know. Thank you!

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Please vote, resteem and follow!

I would be very happy to any support of my contest!!!)))))))))))

Always yours, @aksinya

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Great entries, congratulations to the winners.


thank you very much!!!!!!!!

Very Nice. I kept wanting to participate but the abstract concept got me. I kept delaying.


There will be many more))

Awesome... 😊😄😃

Another great challenge! Good job choosing the winners, I want them all on my wall!,,,, Thank you so much and I cannot wait for the next.


I am very happy to read your comment! And I can't wait to see your next entry. You are very talented!

so interesting artworks!!! Steemit is really full of good artists! Great work on this challenge, dear @aksinya !


thank you !! and artworks are amazing indeed))

Oh so much fun you instigate @aksinya!! I so love all of this and just bask in the expression that this ArtiSTeemian community exudes. One of these days I will slow down enough to create some art with you too.

I have a few names to add to your list of artists.
@aksinya (please add yourself!!!!)

This ia a truly astounding group of artists and we are blessing each other everyday with inspired creation. Gratitude runs deep for the joining of our energies. Blessed to be with you all here now. I'll resteem!


Thank you so much, dear @everlove!!!! and I will add these artists.

Merci beaucoup! J'ai bien hâte de savoir le prochain style et sujet. Et cela me fait plaisir si vous voulez utiliser mon dessin.

Thank you very much! I am looking forward to knowing the next style and subject. And it pleases me if you want to use my drawing.


today there will be a new theme. ))) And I will let you know when I use your painting. And if you don't mind I will invite you as a judge))

Thank you very much for Special nomination !!!


it was a great work and interpretation! Thank you!

Some amazing work here. And to think it was inspired this week by your contest, @aksinya


I love your portrait!

Thank you again @aksinya. Cant wait for the next challenge!


today!!!!!!!!!!!!! )) Thank you very much for joining me!


Sure! You add more art into my world.

Wow, I am winner !!!
Actually this is my second post on steemit. I am waiting for next theme.
Whoo whoo !!!!!


))) congratulations!!!!!!!!!! today there will be a new theme!))