Mixed Media Canvas Art - Final Result

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I finished my mixed media canvas! YAY! Many of you guys were waiting for the final result, so here it is! I hope you like my Mother Nature interpretation, I surely do.


In my last post I we finished the bottom part, now we're working on the top part, starting with the leaves. Let's mix some green and add some color!


Ok, I painted all the leaves. I need some contours, because the green gets lost in the background, so I use black.


At this point I want to add some sort of sheen to the whole painting, as Gaia is a goddess... so I use a silver metallic paint and antique gold on various parts of the canvas.


Last step! Add two crystals for the eyes and the rest of golden butterflies. Sparkle baby!


Love her! Look at my big smile! I feel so accomplished, you have no idea!


This picture is to show off the size of the canvas. I will list it in my online shop... but the shipping will get very expensive... Hmmm... she probably wants to stay in my house, I know my daughter wants that. I will look into an art gallery or some sort of exibit or even an art shop to display her. Art is TO BE SHARED, otherwise it's not art!


This post is a part of my series "My Mixed Media Canvas Project". In case you missed the previous articles, you can read them here:

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What a gorgeous artwork, @starjewel! It's such a huge painting, almost of your height!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing these photos and your working process, too.

Another master class....thoroughly enjoying and learning the minutes of art & crafts

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Thank you for your kind words my friend 😊

Oh my! I really love mixed media! It makes you create amazing artworks and make them looks so unique! Thank you for sharing them, I'll be watching you work :3

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Thank you, I am following you now, can’t wait to check out your posts, you are an artist too 💕


You are so sweet! We'll gonna support each other :3

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@starjewel!!!! You have finally finished this work!!! AMAZING <3 <3 <3 What a beautiful piece and I love, love, LOVE it <3 I've been following this every step of the way and I know you poured so much creativity and love and time into this and I can say that the final result is really absolutely gorgeous <3 What a rich and beautiful piece of work, @starjewel <3

I love the way you painted all the flowers on the top... so vivacious and full with life, very much capturing the feeling of nature ! And I love all the shinies that you added to really give Mother Nature her 'majesty' !

Seeing you with the completed canvas is also absolutely wonderful, as it reminds people the size of artwork that you've been working on :)

Really, really well done, @starjewel <3 A wonderful piece <3 <3 <3


I truly appreciate your comment, you sound very excited, I love it. Thank you for following my posts, you were with me all the way, from the very beginning. I am happy you appreciate the shinies, yes she is a Goddess 🥰

She's perfect!!


Gaia is perfect, I adore her. My canvas is just a humble sign of my unconditional love to Mother Earth. 🥰


It truly shows and so does your talent 😊

I never realized how big it is that is impressive and the final piece is a work of art, you should be proud of creating this masterpiece


I am very proud for sure. I took the last pic on purpose, so people can see the true size. It is a large canvas, that’s why it took me so long. Thank you for your support JJ 😊


You did such an among job and it was fun watching it develop over time



Soooo good! I’llnever have a talent this good. Please know that I do appreciate you.

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Thank you, I see you are a poet, following you 💕

I think you did a fantastic job!👍😃 I love the blue hair and I like the leaves on the tree as well. Take care!👋


Thank you, it came out nice, I am very pleased. 😊

Great art and you seem to have most of nature's elements in the painting my friend.
Really great with a beautiful smile!


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you and thank you @veryspider, I appreciate you 😊

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Wow Very beautiful job!

Wow! It's so cool! I would like to imagine something like that.


Thank you sweety, I am sure your imagination is as vivid as mine. I love your posts, you are an artist too. 💕

A huge project...........yes, art is to be shared. Well done.

HOLY COW WOW!!! I didn't realize how huge this piece was until I see you standing by it. Excellent finished piece :-D My favorite part besides her face is the hair. I am Aquarius and this reminds me of that.

Nice smile too! :-)

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Thank you, I am honored.

Wow wow wow, @starjewel! That is an incredible piece. I had no idea how large the canvas was until you showed the last picture. It's really amazing. I love the colors and the movement. I can see why you have a feeling of accomplishment!


Thank you so much. I was hesitant to post my own picture, but I see that it was a great idea. I will post it on my other social media too, so people can admire her.

Beautiful artwork!

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WOW. Your Gaia is so beautiful @starjewel ♥ Congratulations on completion. It would be so hard to let her go!!!

Very cool! I love all the texture you've included. The little butterfly details are adorable!


I quickly looked at your other posts that showed the making of this fine piece of art. Thank you for showing us that.

I really like your imagination on this, using not just paint but other items to really make it pop. That is just cool. Well done!