Crypto Logo Art Challenge [Bitcoin Edition]

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Crypto Art Challenge!

We recently kickstarted our social media campaign for The Creative Crypto (@creativecrypto), namely through our Facebook Page and Twitter. The engagement towards crypto-based creativity has been amazing. It's been a lot of fun to build up an audience outside of Steemit and begin to reign in some internet-surfers back towards our hometown blockchain (Steem). With this new creative challenge, we're calling all artists, graphic designers and craftspeople of the world.

In the spirit of crypto-creativity we ask that you -

Pick a famous artist (Picasso, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Michelangelo) whoever you want - or style (cubism, pointilism, bauhaus, deconstructivism, impressionism, etc.) and interpret the Bitcoin logo into that style. Other components of the image (background, details, other elements) are completely up to your imagination.

Beginning with Bitcoin!

Download and use the image below to get started:


And don’t you worry! We’ll do Steem soon too! This week we're kicking off with the most recognizable image in the blockchain world. From there, we'll be working down the crypto foodchain and sharing your creations through twitter and facebook.

Crypto Art Challenge Guidelines

  • Create 1 image using the Bitcoin logo (above)
  • Dimensions must be at least 1000px by 600px
  • Author a post explaining your design process and inspiration
  • Use the hashtag #creativecrypto
  • Share a link to your post + image in the comments by Wednesday, 10pm EST
  • Follow the @creativecrypto!

The top 5 creations will receive 25% votes from @sndbox and be showcased on The Creative Crypto media outlets. All entries that follow the guidelines will receive a partial vote (1% - 5%) depending on number of entries. We'll be sharing these images all over our social media!

Here is a great example from @blockmountain, where they asked each person to interpret their logo. If we're lucky, we're hoping for the same success!

Help us spread the word. Follow our Twitter and YouTube Channel too!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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My inspiration is pretty obvious but more about the process on my post. Always a pleasure to participate @sndbox challenge. All the success to all...

The Bauhaus in this makes me so happy :D

Thanks... So much creativity in this school and in all areas. If we could repeat the experience... Maybe with Steemit ?

Hi, Here is my art :D I took American prehispanic art as inspiration

adoracion al bit coin mini.jpg

Beautiful, I like it... Besides, this perfectly represents the current situation of bitcoin, we are its worshipers :-). Wish you the best.

Yes yes, thats the idea, we are. Thx for you support :D

Wow I like this! Hahaha. Looks great!

Thanks: D I'm glad you like it artgirl :D

Uhhh, nice inspiration, very unique. I like it a lot @basileonardo!

Thank you creative girl: I value your comment very much, yours is great too: D !!!!

I can tell when I see a winner. Thank you for sharing your work ;)


Hi, my name is Karmachela and I'm digital artist. I'm very happy steemit has many communities and activities that support the artists. The contest is really awesome. I am very happy to participate, below is my entry for this contest.

How do I make this work, please visit the following post

Definitely one of my favorites! Great job!

Thank you for the appreciation.

I agree, it's so colorful and dynamic! @karmachela you did great, I know I already told you, but not here ;)

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Thanks for the contest !!
The full explanation of the idea behind this design is in my post, hope you'll like it :

Final Bitcoin Design.png

Hi @sndbox, thank you for creating this challenge, here is my post: Sorry for repeating an artist, I had no access to the previous entries due to a slow internet connection.


Love it!

Thank you!

Nice! Great cubism work there @kamalkennedy :D

Glad you like it.
I am a student artist and I find Cubism amazing.

Here is a detail of my Bitcoin Logo especially made for the logo challenge. The details are in my post! Thanks for the inspiration.!artflow_201803172052_kindlephoto-293395382.jpg

Just beautiful...

Grazie mille :)

Ahh so good! i love it!

Thank you so much! It really makes me happy. Spacy flower crazyness forever. :-)

A creative challenge to join in. Personally i think that , the art challenge will give a big chance to the professional designer to show their talent. For the amatour like me will have the chance to doing smthg that could be seen. And @sndbox will award boths(no matter how much). Thank you @sndbox team to encouraging us in different fields...

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Fantastic, another great one @sndbox. You guys always bring out the best creativeness in steemians, what a wonderful challenge. I am on this one, will participate fully. I really might get lucky. Thanks @sndbox for giving me a busy weekend. It's a weekend and time to be creative.

wow, great!!! It's really an interesting challenge and sure, to interpret the bitcoin logo will be a funny "adventure" for every creative person ^_^

I’m following on FB and twitter now. I’m in for this contest. It looks like fun. tip!

great challenge! I hope to be in :)

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hehe! yay! I love this

Thanks, my favorite games :)

Love this one..😃👌👍

Hi, this is my entry


You can see the description in my post

hope you enjoy it.

I like it! Cool


Yeah, this is cool. Upvoted @ekonugraha!

I did a Steampunk interpretation of the logo:

Here is the making-of post.


crypto hustle

What an amazing idea for a contest!!! this was the greatest design challenge ever, and here is my submission to it. I just couldn't resist to pick one style so I made 5 different BTC logos in different art styles, always trying to keep as simple and similar as the original.

BTC art styles-01.png

Feel free to comment what you think about it.

My Andy Warhol Inspired logo...


Hey vote me up and follow and I have steem plus to upvote you...

Here is my entry, maybe it´s so different, thanks to all!
bitcoin mayaç.jpg
My explanation is here:

Wow this is a great contest but unfortunately, I am not a graphics designer and so won't be able to participate in this. Well, nevertheless, I will tell a friends to come join the contest. He is good with this and stands a good chance .

Here's my entry

You can see all the info on the process here:

Oh this looks nice too!

Thanks @artgirl!

this is my entry for this challenge

For more details, please check the post

one more Idea I had for the Bitcoin Logo Challengeartflow_2018031916331.jpg
and here is the link to my post with details and back story :)

Nice hand drawn style. This is surely a runner up imho. Good one @mimulusamsterdam

Thank you <3

Hello steemians friends, here is my contest entry Crypto Logo Art Challenge [Bitcoin Edition]


My inspiration in the art of cubism led by Great Artist Pablo Picasso

Here is my entry for the contest
Here is the link to my post in this contest

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Here's my inspiration for your post @sndbox about Bitcoin images


Thank you for this great art logo challenge, @sndbox!
And here's my entry, hope you like it:

Hello everyone.. I'll leave you my entrance to the contest. Thank you @sndbox


Already downloaded the image & start working on it.

I've tried it, this is my creations.

Cool , we do appreciate your creativity contest. we strongly believe that the contest activity would make Steemians those who have the specific skill definitely improve their skill.
Great work Man.

That's a great initiative for those who can make create logo.I am thinking to participate in the contest and i hope i will win.Thank's [email protected] sir for such competition.People who will win will be highly benefited.Thank's for sharingscreen-shot-2015-01-06-at-4.57.46-pm.png

The logo I created might be useful to you

The war of LOGOS beging \o/

A little challenge did nobody harm :)

Congratz very nice
Really an interesting creative challenge to join in steemit @sndbox

Hello! Here is my entry to the contest. My inspiration was The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí.


There will be two things one is the talented one will get the chance to show their talent and secondly some steemian will get some SBD.I think you will get some very high quality logo.Waiting for those entry's.

My contribution. Hey! Checkout blog post on eSteem! esteem://creativecrypto/@robotsteemit/crypto-art-challenge-bitcoin-edition-7febb5bc3c386



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Awww its amusing dear want to join in this challenge😊 but this time i am helpless😞😞 but next i will sure join in this. Whom you are joining best of luck😊 And dear thanks for joining with us. Thank you soo much💘💘💘💘

don't be shy lads. do your best, that's it.

I'll do my best... :D


your art of crypto logo this is a very fantastic.we strongly believe that the contest activity would make Steemians those who have the specific skill definitely improve their skill. thanks to sharing for your good post @sndbox

It's going to be fun making logo of crypto currency.I don't have any idea about making logo but still i will try to create a logo.Let's see what happens.Let's hope for the best.Thank you for organizing such competition.

Woow...! So great works I can see in here..
No doubt level is powering up all the time!

Congrats to all this entries!

Peace V!

Bitcoin Currency King of the World

Bitcoin will be the world's currency, will become King on the World Stock Exchange.

wow just looking through the submissions so creative :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I already have an idea in mind :)
Thanks @sndbox

Can we do multiple submissions?


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do not ever beg for votes, it's less favorable behavior here, show your work and talent.

Cool. After a hard working day. This is like solving soduko. Count me in!

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would be joning the challenge

fantasti ,, gentlemen stemian
are you helping!

Fantastis @sndbox

here is my entry, combine traditional art with future technology (bitcoin)


Oh I see... I guess I'm joining then. :D

Hi,I want to join to your contest, can I ask you something one design is for one person only, or can I submit a lot of entry? Sorry for my grammar

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Oh man, just one image? But I have a variation of one... so that makes it two? Ok so I'll use the green one as my entry then. :)

I like this. Followed you