Crypto Logo Art Challenge [Bitcoin Edition] Entry

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Crypto Logo Art Challenge-12.png

This is my submission for "Crypto Logo Art Challenge [Bitcoin Edition]" by @sndbox.

Here are the requirements:

Pick a famous artist (Picasso, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Michelangelo) whoever you want - or style (cubism, pointilism, bauhaus, deconstructivism, impressionism, etc.) and interpret the Bitcoin logo into that style. Other components of the image (background, details, other elements) are completely up to your imagination.


The style that I picked is Surrealism. The most famous example of Surrealism is "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali -- the painting with melting clocks. I designed this digitally with Illustrator.

I designed the Bitcoin logo to somewhat melt, which is held up with support. This symbolizes the current "controversy" surrounding Bitcoin. Government policies, influential naysayers, team FUD, and etcetera are factors that affect the bearishness of Bitcoins. Nonetheless, there's still strong enough support that's overwrites the negative backlash.

The wavy element on the top left is an abstract mountain with a waterfall. This also represents the Bitcoin on the market -- from the bottom to the top!

The hand through the Bitcoin logo represents a hand through the Bitcoin logo.

Design Process

Rather than a long post with all the steps of the design, here's a GIF of the design process.


My Entry

Crypto Logo Art Challenge-12.png

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@scuzzy,you did well my dear, am not much of an artist, i guess i'll stick to writing, by the way, how do you create gif images?


It doesn't hurt to try and practice. Anybody can do anything as long as they try. The method I used to create a gif is slightly complicated. I used Timeline in Photoshop.


woah, i dont know how to use photoshop, i think i'll pass on that... lols

Cool, remember going to Dali hometown museum/gallery in Spain when I was a kid, lots of truly mind bending stuff he created


In his hometown!? What a pleasure it must've been. Added to my bucket list!

This image reads like a book.


I didn't realize until you mentioned! Subconscious thoughts.


Haha trippy man

talented stuff, love the finishing...


yw... check out this contest too if you are interested :)

i like your work...