The Worship of Bitcoin - Crypto Logo Art Challenge

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Hello friends, this is my entry for Crypto Logo Art Challenge [Bitcoin Edition].
I took American prehispanic art as inspiration, more specifically Aztec art, where they used to represent situations of their life engraved in stone or other surfaces, mixed with the legend of El Dorado, a city made of gold that was never found. Finally inspired by the sun cult.

Represent a modern situation of some people worshiping money, in this case the new money, the Bitcoin as if it were a god.

The first thing I did was to make an illustration with pure lines (in Adobe Flash), without filling, so I could edit it with Photoshop and mix it with a gold texture, and give it an effect as if it is engraved on it. Hope you like.

adoracion al bit coin 1.jpg

adoracion al bit coin 2.jpg

adoracion al bit coin 3.jpg


Hola amigos, esta es mi entrada para Crypto Logo Art Challenge [Bitcoin Edition].
Tome como inspiración el arte prehispánico americano, mas específicamente el arte azteca, donde solían representar situaciones de su vida grabados en piedra u otras superficies, Mezclado con la leyenda de El Dorado, una ciudad hecha de oro que nunca se encontró. Finalmente inspirado por el culto a sol.

Represente una situación moderna de unas personas adorando el dinero, en este caso el nuevo dinero, el bit coin como que si fuera un dios.

Lo primero que hice fue realizar una ilustración con puras lineas(en Adobe Flash), sin relleno, para así poder editarla con Photoshop y mezclarla con una textura de oro, y darle un efecto como si esta grabada en el. Espero que les guste.

Gracias a @marpa por mostrarme el concurso.

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Hello basileonardo! Thanks for sharing. Keep writing good quality content and let's grow the community together.

Thanks to you for the support friend: D little by little we will grow

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Thx for the support my friend :D

Wow, I like how you have some kinda gallery at the bottom as your signature. Haha. ♥

Amazing work!

Thank you very much, it took me some time to find the corresponding codes, but it was worth it, I also like it a lot, especially the mini me pointing the upvote button xD

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great work, absolutely love the ancient world influence.

Thank you friend: D yes, there are many different inspirations throughout the story

yw... do check out this contest too if you are interested :)

Grandioso trabajo :)

Gracias Marpa ;)

Use #slothicorn tag for crypto art and get an upvote from them.

Thx my friend :D i did it :)

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But using the slothicorn tag means you've done the slothicorn introduction post. I think anyone is not supposed to use it without doing the intro post first? That's what the slothicorn post says.

Could be. You know the rules better than I do.

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Well I just wanted to be sure because otherwise I will be using it too if people are using it without any intro post. I think intro posts are only for new members? Are you using this tag?

Wow! This is really incredible! Hope you win the challenge.

I hope so too xD, thank you very much, really: D I am very happy

You have been upvoted by @slothicorn. Thanks for your contribution.

wow, I'm flattered that you vote for me guys, thank you very much! I'm about to do an introduction for you :)

Very cool art. I'm impressed with your skills.v It looks like a real golden relief. Fantastic art! Keep up the good work! And very nice to see steemartists tag in your blog :)
All the best,

It's real gold, look at the test xD, thank you very much Shiny, you're one of the first to support me in the past, that made me feel very happy. Steemartist and Proud :D

Really awesome work - gained a follower!

Thank you very much, my friend: D I appreciate it very much

Genial! por tu premio. Y me gusto mucho tu arte.


Muchas gracias broder :D yo estoy muy feliz :D

Congratulation @basileonardo, your artwork becomes one of the winners in the challenge hosted by @sndbox and @ creativecrypto. I love your illustration style which is very contemporary but has a classic soul. Following you to see more your awesome artwork. If you able please visit my blog too. Thanks.

We are the champions, my friends
And we'll keep on fighting till the end (8)
what beautiful words, thank you very much friend, you make me very happy, you are also very talented, let's grow together: D

Hola basileonardo,me gustan tus dibujos y me gusto mucho el de la criptomoneda

Gracias Miguel :D que bueno! este dibujo me ha dado mucha felicidad :D

Sorry I'm late to this party but I have to say I love this piece of artwork. Maybe you should make a t-shirt version. It'll sell like hot cakes :)

Late but surely !, thanks friend, this art gave me a lot of satisfaction: D can be the shirts: D I will think about it