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As part of @sndbox Cohort 2, we were tasked to make a re-introductory post which will structure the mission and vision we have set throughout our stay in the incubator. Hopefully through this, I will be able to lay down all the plans I have as an artist and community engager.


Allyssa Olaivar (b. 1993) is a traditional artist based in Philippines. She is self-taught since 2012 and have made it this far by watching free video tutorials online, reading art related books, and by admiring artists on Tumblr where it all started. She later discovered the realist movement based on the 18th to 19th century Classical art, and since then continued to do her practices by copying the artworks of masters in the past. In 2017, she began studying and copying Bargue plates to the best of her ability which improved her technique tremendously. She is currently an emerging artist in their local art scene.



Steemit was first introduced to me as a blogging platform where I can share anything under the sun and earn something from it. I used to see online friends earning hundreds of dollars by sharing content, and that is basically what got me into the blockchain world: monetizing original content.

Apart from drawing and painting, I also enjoy taking photographs, writing, and singing. I used to share my content in Tumblr back in 2010 while only getting few likes and close to zero interaction with followers. Feedback was less and there was no healthy competition unless you have thousands of followers ready to support you.

In Steemit though, you have this supportive community that is very essential to your success, most specially when you're a content creator just starting out. Monetizing content got me into this, but the community is the driving force of everything whether the market bleeds or rockets to the moon.

FINDING SELF-WORTH ― Amazing Adjustments That Have Happened To My Life Since I Found Steemit #Untalented


December of last year, I managed to start my first ever contest which I called: Olaivart Traditional Art Contest. The mechanics were pretty simple. Every 4th Friday of the month, I will be posting a THEME which everyone is free to interpret. The only rule is that it should be a Traditional art, meaning done by hand and without the help of any computer application.

Unfortunately it was discontinued because something happened to me in January until late March. Although I continued in May, the market was so low and I wasn't earning like before, so I had to stop again because I can no longer sustain myself. One of my mistakes is setting the bar too high. I am just a mere minnow starting again, yet I was so willing to give 20 SBD prize pool.



In my 4-month-long stay under @sndbox's incubator, I want to pursue these artistic goals:

  • Build a strong and enthusiastic audience that will eventually join the contests I am planning to initiate soon. That means I am opening my traditional art contest again, and a few more engagement within the blockchain.
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals, whether it be in drawing, painting, writing, or in taking photographs.
  • Open opportunities for starting artists to showcase their work in a wider audience through curation. I am currently curating for @steemph's Art & Crafts Saturday.
I believe these are all possible through the help of @sndbox and my fellow incubatees who are nothing but supportive and diverse talented individuals.

Steemph Cebu New Year Challenge | My Steemit New Year Resolution & Vision Board 2018


As someone who practices classical realism, it in no surprise that I draw nude portrait and figure. This is where Steemit plays fairly. There is no censorship unlike other social media platforms. Apparently, something that looks 100% artistic is lewd and prurient, giving other platforms the right to delete your post or worse delete your account altogether.

Last year, I copied a nude figure and posted it on Facebook. Right after a few minutes, it was taken down, and God knows where the hell that photo ended up. And on YouTube, cursing frequently can demonetize your content.



After all that's said, my ultimate goal as an individual is to motivate, inspire, and help in any way I can for the betterment of the Steem community. I think it is very important to remember how community engagement can impact the the whole ecosystem, and I am staying for that. Steemit opened a lot of doors for me, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Now that I am part of @sndbox, I want to use this opportunity to help younger artists seeking for constructive criticism, feedback, exposure, et al. despite being a minnow myself. And if given the opportunity to teach online, I am also very willing to go through that.

I think there's no better way to know a person than by reading what goes in her mind, so let me list down some posts I've made that would best represent the content I'll be able to share to the community:



I am Allyssa Olaivar. A content creator who practices art and self-love. Someone who feels deeply and is always transparent to anyone who reads her writings.


Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to see new faces in my personal steemit account. Let's get back to drawing, shall we?

Namaste! ✨

BeFunky-collage (6).jpg

BeFunky-collage (7).jpg

BeFunky-collage (8).jpg

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Hello, @sndbox! I hope I am still not too late in sending my sincerest gratitude to all of you. I believe I've met such talented, dedicated, and inspiring people that keeps me grounded and motivated to do more than just blogging.

I hope this community grows into something I imagined it to be. I will always give my best shot! Thank you for this opportunity. :)

Amazing introduction. Now I'm feeling as if I did mine incorrectly.

I love your work and your approach. I am also on board for your goals and I see many of we steemit artists feel these same desires, so I hope we can all, together, really keep growing and improving our steemit artist community!

Hi, @donnadavisart! Does it make sense that when I read your post, I thought, "Shoot! Messed up mine big time."

Yes to steemit artist community! This is such a liberating and fulfilling platform that is always worth the try. We can do it! We will do it!

And as always, thank you so much!

This is a wonderful profile, I really feel like I got a glimpse into @olaivart 's work, inspiration and life as an artist. Great work too!

Thank you so, so much, @natureofbeing! I appreciate the compliment! And I am always transparent, and sometimes I dont know if it's a blessing or a curse, but I totally love putting myself out there through writing; hoping that it will inspire more people and in doing what they do best. :)

Very beautiful and incredible all the illustrations and of course all the photos. Good Job @olaivart <3

Thanks a lot, @bharathi22! Appreciate this!

Shoutout @olaivart! :)

Hello there, @critday! Thank youuuu! :)

@sndbox really impressive. Although I am not artist but if I see someone on this platform and not yet recognised by the society, will show him this path to catch up ur eyes to succeed faster.. But it's true all of us should try to promote steemit more n more.

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Thanks a lot, @vikasgoel1234! Hopefully as I further my life as an artist online and in real life, I can help new ones along the way by helping them in ways I can. :)

woaaaah amazing! Miga ni nako!!! @olaivart

I love and miss you, Mem! Thanks a lot for the support and for believing in me. <3 @smaeunabs!

¡Excellent! we have to work for the artist freedom.

The truth! Thank you, @hipertextual!

Wow great creativity boss

You have such a great plans and amazing writing skill. @sndbox is structured to make you shine all the more.. All the best,

STEM contributor

I feel so mediocre when it comes to my writing skill, but I appreciate this, @sciencetech! Thank you!

I saw her already and I am a big fan of her!

You are true artist. Lots of good artist they can't find out there platform. Steemit is a best platform where share our work.

Thank you, @roushanrj! The freedom steemit offers is really something else. :)

How to be part of sndbox?

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Hi, @steemflow! So far there are 3 ways I know of, and I've tried 2 of 3.

  1. You can apply when they open their application.
  2. A fellow sndbox member can nominate you.
  3. You can join and win contests.

I've tried numbers 1 and 2, and I've been accepted twice, too. Although I wasn't able to grab the opportunity at first cohort. :) If you have more questions, you can always check out @sndbox page since they always put updates about the incubator.

Thanks @olaivart i do keep checking the incubators. Let see if i ever get inside the box

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