I Love You Was Not An Option

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I knew love in the smallest things.


"Have you eaten?"
"What do you want to eat?"
"Let's take a nap. I know you are tired."
"You can do it. I am always proud of you."
"I ate something good. You might like it, so I bought one for you."
"I trust you."
"Please stop over thinking."
"Will you please sing a song for me?"
"I miss your voice."
"I just want to see you."

BeFunky-collage (5).jpg

If I tell you all the things I kept in my heart, a million years won't suffice. They are massive stars tucked away somewhere. Hidden purposely: the things better left unsaid. It's funny how I'm keeping up with all of these emotions which are perfectly ready to surprise the universe any time of the day.

Big bang.

I could tell you where it all began and when did it start crumbling down. From the time we met until the time we parted again, images of you kept visiting my lonely soul at midnight. The cracking of your deep voice while it says sorry is on repeat whenever I justify everything you did: on purpose or not. But darling, despite all of the pessimism of this declaration, I knew it was love because I always go back to the small things that made everything worthwhile.

BeFunky-collage (4).jpg

"I will always pray for your happiness."
because I love you was not an option.

Photos taken using my goog ol' friend: Nikon d3100 | 18-55mm lens


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True love supercede all other kind of loves.


I cannot agree more!

Wonderfully poignant, raw emotion, tearfully joyous and heartwrenching.

This is so beautiful just like you are.

Saudade is a Portuguese word I learned from someone that embodies this piece.


Thank you always, Mav! I also came to know that word in one of your posts. :)

Congratulations! Though your post was featured by @bayanihan, we focus on underpaid posts that have payouts that are 5sbd and below.
My apologies☺. @immarojas


No problem, @bayanihan & @immarojas! Honored to be part of your curation again. :)

I have neither the option to not be in love with your post


Thank you again, @vadimlasca! Appreciate it so much! :)

Really a beautiful piece of work here. The photos and text are a perfect marriage. Very poignant, sad but still with a breath of optimism and hope buoyed by the spirit of love. Much love - Carl


Thanks a lot for the feedback, Carl. It's like seeing everything that's happened in new eyes. No more pointing of fingers, but just a heart of gratitude because it made me the woman I am today. Cheers!

woaaaaah amazing! @olaivart, wala kang kupas <3


miss youuuu! thanks, mdm! just like youuuu :*

love will always live in the heart.. Nice Post @olaivart


I agree. Thanks, @qye!

Emotions were triggered off by your lovely and moving post, it was heartfelt all the way, truly great. Much appreciate it.


My pleasure, @valski!

a great piece of art with a passionate heart. I felt the intensity all throughout. very well done. :)


Appreciate your feedback! Thank you, @robiney!

Good captured black & white photos. It shows emotions with a sense of drama. It fits your piece actually . Well-done.


Thanks so much, @marcycres!

I don't like to be an option. Astonishing work. Well done :)


Yep, same sentiments, @rigelmarco! And thank you!

This cuts my very heart. And yes it's painful...perhaps love is inexplicable. Those lovely moments were the best and those moments when everything started to crumble were the very time I learned what 'pain' really meant. Nevertheless, I never lose hope in love ^^


Yes! Let's not lose hope in love! That's the spirit. :) Thank you, @julsmlz! Pain is always inevitable in love. :)