How I edit my photos using VSCO.

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We The Creators is a campaign launched by VSCO to call every creative in the community. And since I mainly use VSCO in editing my photographs, I chose to use this filter as a creator myself. You can expect this in your preset library as long as you are a VSCO member with the latest version of the application.


I first use Lightroom ― a photo processor developed by Adobe System.

It is a great tool for editing, sorting, organizing, storing, and sharing your photographs. When I edit, I only use one thing ― Blue Hi-Contrast Filter in one of their Lightroom B&W Filter presets. After editing my images, I then use their rating tool which basically sort out hundreds of images into few selected ones by simply giving them ratings (i.e. ★★★★✩.)

1.1.jpgLibrary Module

Click Quick Develop on the right panel > Saved Preset

Saved Preset > Lightroom B&W Filter Preset

Lightroom B&W Filter Preset > Click Blue Hi-contrast Filter

Photo Edited

After editing and sorting the images, I click Grid View (G) and select (ctrl + click) all the sorted 4-5 starred images, and then exporting them by simply clicking the Export tool on the left panel of Lightroom's interface. After exporting all the images, I save them to Dropbox or e-mail the images to myself so I can just simply download them for editing over at VSCO.

The last and main application I use in editing my #blackandwhite photographs is VSCO ― a photography mobile application created by an American company called Visual Supply Company.

I have been using VSCO for years now and I swear my its beauty and aesthetically pleasing presets which you can purchase in their App store. I bought almost all of their presents and will continue on buying new ones as a way of thanking and supporting the company.


After importing the images in your VSCO Library and selecting the photograph you want to edit, choose a preset in the editor interface. For this photograph, I will be using the preset F1 under the F Series: Mellow/Fade. Adjust the effect through the slider. I often use +8.0 to +9.0 in my photographs.


I love moody and contrasty photographs with all my heart. I achieved it by lowering the exposure to -1.6 and increasing the contrast to +2.4.


Straightening and cropping the image is already a given especially if you want to frame your photograph properly. And in my case, I needed to do it because this photograph was taken while riding a 2-decker bus going to Dubai thus it wasn't framed well. And again, balance is another key in achieving a good photograph.


My most favorite part is definitely adding the grains! It makes every photograph extra moody which I am bloody obsessed with. It also enhances the texture of the photograph; another feel I always want to achieve when editing in #blackandwhite.


If you are editing a bunch of photographs, instead of doing the whole process again and again, you can now save your recipe which VSCO launched just this year. You can check this VSCO tutorial on how to save and apply your own recipe in all your photographs. Just be sure to have the latest version to enjoy this handy tool.



I hope you liked my simple workflow in converting my photographs into monochromatic images. I'd say they are pretty easy to understand and apply. If you're thinking of using it, I'd be happy to see your photographs in the comment section down below!











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very informative i know..keep up the good work, upvoted


Thanks a lot! :)


Hello, @justcolorit! I will try to do the challenge in the coming days. :) Thank you for the nomination!


okay , goodluck ;)


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This tutorial is professionally done. The steps seem simplistic in nature but the way you present it is exemplary. The samples below are also great. This is an excellent post, thanks for sharing! XD


Hey! I appreciate the good feedback a lot! Glad you liked them. And I did try my best to present it neatly, and I guess it worked. Thank you, @lordkingpotato! :)

Great tutorial! I have been using enlight, maybe I need to give VSCO a try again!


Thanks a lot, @jsull! I have yet to try enlight! :) Thanks for mentioning it! And yes, please try VSCO.

It is possible to make good edits with this software. thanks bro


You're welcome! :)

Wow..thanks for sharing this... I will also try it out....i just followed you can you kindly follow me back?


No problem! It's my pleasure to share what I love doing. :) I just followed back!

Buenas excelente post y las fotografias espectaculares exitos, saludos desde venezuela


Thank you! Gracias, @felixrodriguez!

Very nice post! Following and upvoting! I especially love the that Flora pic. It's so dangly and spikey!

Check out my work if you have the time or if you like. :)


Hey! Thanks a lot! And I really liked your post. :) I like patterns in photographs as well.

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Hey! Thank you for that. ♡

Amazing work!


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First of all, great post, internet deserves little more articles like this.
I am personally user of VSCO X for smartphone platform because workflow that is basically importing raw photos in my galaxy phone and editing them in snapseed and vsco saves me a lot of time. For a while I've been busting my head whether to buy vsco desktop LR presets or not. In your personal opinion, is it worth the money?


Hey! Thanks a lot! :)

I actually don't have the desktop version. I only use it in my smartphone. Is there any difference of the two? If none, then I'd stick with using mobile. I like snapseed as well. :) although I just convert raw in Lightroom! @mechtastic


I think there are more presets for desktop version. For example vsco desktop has 6 versions and every of them contains 100+ presets. I too think that mobile is pretty much enough. All hail snapseed/vsco combo :D


Thats a lot! :D Is it expensive though? Also, I am curious about the control. If it is almost the same as the mobile ver., the I might not consider it despite that much presets. :) How about you?


To tell you the truth I think it's better to stick to the mobile version. It gets you faster to that film look plus it's cheaper. Just imagine the horror when you open that 500 preset list and you need to pick one preset to use :)