Artists' Highlights at C-Squared: @nyarlathotep and @carlgnash

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Artists' Highlights at C-squared

Hi everyone !

I've been spidering around Steemit's visual art spheres for a while now and it has always been a passion of mine to support, recognize, and highlight artists and their works :D

I will try to bring these highlights weekly or bi-weekly via C-Squared's platform, so you can browse and enjoy these beautiful talents we have on Steemit :)

Note: if you have an artist that you think should be appreciated more, let me know at any time :> You can leave a comment on these posts, and I will try to pick them up in future editions

Week 5 Artists


@nyarlathotep joined Steemit on 27 August 2017, and they have been uploading consistently since :). Their blog is wonderfully consistent with mostly fractal art contents, but they also has a keen eye for photography! I love the strange realms that they presented with each of their abstract arts, both beautiful and a little unsettling in their majesty, and regularly infused with eldritch undertones :D

At their introduction post, @nyarlathotep presented a collection of his books as they felt this was a better guide to people who really would like a glimpse of their personality :)

Not going to lie, but I was of course drawn to get to know @nyarlathotep better due to their nick, and those of us who are familiar with H.P. Lovecraft's works, would know that this is the name of one of the terrifying Old Ones! And really, @nyarlathotep does not disappoint :D If you like Lovecraftian vibes, you will enjoy @nyarlathotep's abode very much!

Here are a few examples from @nyarlathotep's artworks:

Doors of Alonnisos - This is a rare post of doors that @nyarlathotep came across during his travel to Alonnisos, and they will return later as bases for his artworks.

Pyaray, the Tentacled Whisperer of Impossible Secrets - I love the subtleties of the spectrum of colours used in this one, specially with such a title! I was imagining a humming of Pyaray as I see the details of this beautiful piece (which you can see as close up views inside the post!). From afar, you can't really appreciate the tensions in the fine tendrils and lines that made up the body of The Tentacled Whisperer of Impossible Secrets!

Dying Suns - A wonderful post that goes into the process of creating his fractal beauties, using the software JWildFire. I love how the narration includes their trademark Cthulhuic references :) It makes the process' explanation feels a little bit more epic :D

Do visit their blog if you have the time because @nyarlatothep's works will take you into fractal dimensions that will entertain your eyes and senses well :)


@CarlGnash is, hands down, one of my most favourite Steemians. No contest ! :D

He is multi-talented, SUPER nice, very funny, approachable, energetic, passionate-but-chill(-somehow), patient, sharp-eyed, and, as you can see per his photo above, incredibly pretty! This is to say only a few of his innumerable qualities :D I can go on all night, but let's not embiggen Sir Alien Eye's head (..... or eye? :thinking emoji:) even further for now!

Alright, so, @carlgnash joined Steemit on 31 July 2017, and he hit the platform with all of his glorious energy and talents like a superhero landing, with his second entry ever titled: "Daddy don't have no boobs". Little did Steemit know what it would encounter in this powerhouse of an alien invader!

In fact, @carlgnash is so multi-talented, it is very difficult to describe the extent of his blog's contents. So I'll just resort to using the words of internet-lore: A M A Z E B A L L S.

Yep, his blog is amazeballs :D

He is a singer-songwriter, a sketch artist, an inker, a fractal/abstract mastersmith, a photomodel, a super dad, just to name a few. I think I'll stop rambling here and just show you below what I mean by my selection of posts...

Here are a few examples of @carlgnash's amazeballsness:

This is taking longer than it should - Gorgeous abstract art, accompanied by a piece of original writing, and even now, I wonder if we will ever hear again from the fateful Harvester 9...
sequel, if you are as invested as i am in the fates of harvester 9

Out of the light came darkness and all at once I could see... - An inked piece of artwork, strange and original and really awesome! Apparently this was produced during the Mushroom period of this master artist. And inside the post, you can see the details of the piece, and even the artist's modelling work without the blonde, braided hairpiece.

Dot and Dash - a picture history of identical twins in rural Oregon - Carl is one of the most open people on the platform, always happy to share his genuine time on this earth with anyone who'd engage with him, and this post showcases this open character of his personality very well. He writes about his family, the history of his grandmother, sharing personal photographs and letting us into his life in a very sincere and wonderful manners. I love this post very much.

I can probably keep going on and on, since that only peeked at the tip of the iceberg of this Steemian powerhouse, since we haven't even touched his humourous posts, his AD&D writings, his modelling stints, but it won't be fair to the other highlights that I've done if I kept on going, so let me just picked one last post from @carlgnash, below, which was a little bit of a biased choice, since this was one of the posts that happened near when I got to know Carl at first:

Spider - a Steem original bedtime song, beautifully written, composed, and sung for one of his mini aliens, really this gorgeous little tune had become one of my favourite original creations from Steemit :)

So that's the fifth two for these periodical highlights from C-squared featured artists :D

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The format of this thing might change in the future since I am very new at this so let me know any tips for improvements !

Much love,

Copyright of @nyarlathotep and @carlgnash. All Rights Reserved.
Do not reproduce or use without written permission.

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Spidey, thank you so much for this wonderful post! I had forgotten these old posts, and it was nice to go several months back in time when I did not know how to upload photos in the steem-blockchain :)
It is really good to be next to @carlgnash, to feel all those tentacles from his amazing pictures so close. Thanks again for catching us on your web, see you soon ;)

You verysneaky spider! This was a nice surprise to wake up to :) I love that I got the feature next to @nyarlathotep, whom I believe to be a kindred soul :) Dawww you are making my eyeball turn shades of pink - all the love @veryspider <3

:D :D :D <333333333333333

i am more powerful than i thought ! i can make pink alien eyeballs ! caloo-callay~ \o/


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Wow, this feels like the Lovecraft edition of artist highlights XD.
Both of these guys (aliens?) are multi talented individuals, and I think it's so cute that you paired them together here.
And I didn't know that an alien eyeball can look so pretty just by wearing braids. What a kawaii eyeballs :D :D :D.

really well done spider!!! Love learning more about some of the artists on the platform and focusing on their personal stories as well as their blogs. Very fun 🙂

Who is that Carl guy though? He seems fun, maybe I should look into him more....

Thank you, lele ! I am glad you likey these :D Sometimes I see a lot of blogs with very little patronage or comments and I thought maybe people just need a bit of help seeing who they are because each post only shows a tiny flash of the entire artist's offering so I hope these would give people a bit more handle, if they are curious about some of our Steemit artists :D

These flags on you are ridiculous, btw, I hope you are doing well????? I don't know what happened but if you ever need to vent, please discord me at any time :O :O :O

I love that ❤️ and think that is an amazing idea.

And ignore the flags, I’m fine and my comments are still doing what they were intended to do. 😉