Spider - Steem Original Bedtime Song (Dsus2 alternate tuning - DADEAD)

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@thingone asked me to play guitar for him while he was falling asleep last night. I made up a sleepytime song like I usually do, he loves spiders and was gently crawling his hand around on my arm like a spider while I played so I took that as lyrical inspiration.

Usually these bedtime songs just evaporate into the ether but last night after he drifted off I recorded a rough take of it, so I guess this one got caught in a spiderweb before it could disappear back into the morass of my mind. This is a first take and is far from polished but you can get the gist and hopefully you enjoy this sleepy time song :)

My guitar was in Dsus2 open tuning, from low string to high string: DADEAD, capo on the 2nd fret.



does he know Lucas the spider ? If not you should show him it is super cute :) and lovely song and you have a nice singing voice :)

The alternative tunning on the camera is amazing too man

omg wooooooooooooooooow this is so beautiful and so lovely~ the guitar is amazing and your voice is so heavenly like WOAH WOAH WOAH <3

gorgeous post and gorgeous steemit original song * ___ * I hope you will keep working on this and polish it and makes MORE people also loves the spiderspider~ (no im not biased!)

really thank you for sharing this, carl <3 it made my day~

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You can invent music like this out of the blue :O. That's talent.
I enjoyed listening to the chillness of the song, thank you for sharing :).

And it's very nice of you making this song for your friend :D.

Edit: sorry for the double comments. Not sure why it happened, but I deleted the extra one ^^.

Edit: sorry for the double comments. Not sure why it happened, but I deleted the extra one ^^.


Dear Carl,

This is a beautiful improv, with all its little imperfections. It reminded me of a song that I enjoyed a lot a decade or two ago. It took me a minute or two and then I remembered what song... A very early and lesser known one by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Although, to be honest, I'm not totally sure if is was this exact song but it was definitely from this album:

Red Hot Chili Peppers ( One Hot Minute, 1995 )


It could also have been this song:


Long story short, the combination of your voice and the subtle guitar play reminds me of early RHCP music.


P.S. I posted on spiders and a spider song - not my own ;>) - 3 days ago too. That spider, photographed in the bungalow where I'm residing atm, is still at its position. A role model of patience: Photo Stories - Spider Baby

Much ❤


Shoot I can't get the audio to play on your post, and the image link is broken for me as well :( Will come back to this later hopefully DSound will play nice then

That might explain why I had received no comment whatsoever ;>)
I think I've fixed it. I have some issues with uploading to Dsound.

Have an awesome day,