Artists' Highlights at C-Squared: @mikkolyytinen and @nekromarinist

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Artists' Highlights at C-squared

Hi everyone !

I've been spidering around Steemit's visual art spheres for a while now and it has always been a passion of mine to support, recognize, and highlight artists and their works :D

I will try to bring these highlights weekly or bi-weekly via C-Squared's platform, so you can browse and enjoy these beautiful talents we have on Steemit :)

Note: if you have an artist that you think should be appreciated more, let me know at any time :> You can leave a comment on these posts, and I will try to pick them up in future editions

Week 6 Artists


@mikkolyytinen joined Steemit on 20 August 2016, one of the earliest joiners! I only got to know Mikko about a year ago, but I fell in love with Mikko's body of work as soon as I saw his beautiful art pieces! Mikko has a very unique style, with a dash of surrealistic grimness in some of his paintings and they are absolutely enchanting. He also has a keen eye for photography and his installation artworks are wonderful, as well. Despite the often abstract nature of his paintings, I find Mikko approachable, unpretentious, dedicated and really, really nice :)

On top of all that, if you're in the moods to really get to know someone, I recommend that you check out Mikko's introduction post since he bares himself in such a genuine, thorough, and open manners. Not every day you stumble on someone who's so willing and so ready to share with you their lives, their stories, their soul :)

Since Mikko has been on Steemit for three years, selecting three posts to showcase him for you has been difficult, so please DO check out his blog for a more complete awesomeness of his body of work :)

Here are a few examples from @mikkolyytinen's artworks:

Abyssal Deity - Oil painting of an Abyssal Deity~ Dark and strange and green and eldritch and ancient * ___ * Amazing~

Drawing the Moon - I love the composition, the characters' body language and the ambiance he's creating here. He made this using Microsoft Paint and he was streaming this periodically as he was working on it. I told Mikko that I could almost hear the haunting ballroom music as this couple danced away, maybe the last memory of the astronaut's mind as he drifts into never ending space. Click on the post to watch the video recording of Mikko drawing this beautiful piece.

Guest Room - Amazing horror themed installation artwork :) A bit morbid, but totally worth while your time to look at this beautifully detailed room filled with creepy ideas. My favourite parts are the framed pictures with the mother holding the daughters, one pair looked away and the other was visibly horrified. As if emoting for us :D So cute * ___ * I asked for the process shots, and he added them to the comments' section (if you're interested in seeing the horror masterpieces as a work in progress)

I usually only feature three an artist, but Mikko has been on Steemit since 2016, so it was impossible to stick to three, so here is one last incredible artwork, the Nightengale:

(This was originally openable as a FULL SCALE image but steemit has foiled the right click open in full size capability so I will ask Mikko if he keeps a saved file of the full resolutions and I'll include it here later, if he does) (trust me, this was amazeballs to look at in full scale * ___ *)

Mikko has soooooooooooooooo many, so many beautiful pieces and you can spend hours just browsing his blog! I haven't even shown you his photography, his sculpture, his watercolours, so you totally should go and look at his posts when you have the time :D Amazing artist!


@nekromarinist is a rare breed, he calls himself a craftsbeer artist, as well as an illustrator and a tattoo artist :) I think he's the first craftsbeer artist that I've ever met, and boy, what a talented one at that * ___ *

From his introduction post:

First I'm craftbeer artist. I cooperate with Russian and European breweries, create new images for new sorts of сraft beer to make it more crafty, more unique and more recognizable.

I've picked two veterans from the looks of it! (I didn't actually realise that these two joined in 2016, to be honest, so this is completely serendipitous for me, too XD) (amazing, isnt it?) (hahahah)

@nekromarinist joined Steemit a month before @mikkolyytinen did, on 23 July 2016. At the photo above, surrounded by the framed pictures, is his work space :D Really cool, right? :D

His blog is full with beautiful and unique artworks, bearing his terrific style and, like Mikko, I found it a challenge to select three posts to showcase since, like Mikko, @nekromarinist has also been updating his Steemit blog faithfully for three years now. But, let's try our best!

Here are a few examples of @nekromarinist's gorgeous artworks:

A Frosty Night - Short story, accompanied by original comic strip, inspired by real life events in @nekromarinist's life. Thankfully no one was injured in this event !

Captain Flint - A coloured version of @nekromarinist's work, and here we see his absolute dedication to each of his pieces, as he shows that he designed each tattoo on the captain's body individually before he painted them on to the character :O Amazing~ I love the finished picture very much, it shows off his abilities to translate his regularly monochrome pieces into full colour versions without losing the charms of his style :)

Submarine - A beautifully detailed, whimsical and steampunkish black and white inked illustration of a submarine in the shape of a regular fish :D This bears @nekromarinist's staple style with his amazing attention to details and distinctive ink! Very cool~

Last one, since I couldn't keep to the three per artist due to @nekromarinist's expansive portfolio!

Asimov's Ghost - Chapter 4 - Five original illustrations for a new chapter written by another Steemian, and each accompanied with its sketch and process stages. Really wonderful to see the details in each illustration * ___ *

So, there you have it, two Steemit artists from 2016... They are very talented and really wonderful, and really lovely, really nice people. I would recommend you to take the time to look at their impressive body of work... I think it is very important to let people know that their arts and talents are appreciated on Steemit, specially when they are established professional artists out there in the real world, because through rewarding talents we can encourage retention and lift Steemit's quality contents. The more searchable Steemit articles are, the more visible we will be :)

So that's the sixth two for these periodical highlights from C-squared featured artists :D

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The format of this thing might change in the future since I am very new at this so let me know any tips for improvements !

Much love,

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