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Hello friends and artists,

The new contest list of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests is available!

Here the list of traditional drawing, painting and crafts contests currently running and expiring in the coming week which I gathered so far, if you find some more, feel free to share!

(Click on the image to go to the contest post)

Draw it better
Edition :8
Host :@sirsensei
Theme :LION
Technique :all kinds of art
Closure :
--- Tue 26/12/2017
--- not specified (>> it ends with another #drawitbetter post)
Tag :#drawitbetter
Contest Post :

Squiggle Drawing
Edition : 1
Host : @spaceginger
Theme :squiggle
Technique :Pencils, paint, digital, crayons.... whatever you wish
Closure :
--- Wed 27/12/2017
--- 18:00 AEST
Tag :#squigglechallenge
Contest Post :

Edition :3
Host :@crearte
Technique :traditional drawing, painting
Closure :
--- Wed 27/12/2017
--- 18:00 (Venezuela UTC-4:00)
Tag :#contest-create
Contest Post :

Sketch Drawing Contest
Edition : 2
Host : @sparkyez
Technique :traditional drawing, only black or ash, no colour
Closure :
--- Wed 27/12/2017
--- not specified
Tag :#sketchdrawing
Contest Post :

Dead Post Contest
Edition :12
Host :@whatamidoing
Theme :historical posts 1month+ old
Technique :any form
Closure :
--- Thu 28/12/2017
--- not specified
Tag :#-
Contest Post :

Design A Character
Edition : 2
Host :@w0olf
Theme :Character
Technique :traditional or digital art based on a given colorscheme
Closure :
--- Fri 29/12/2017
--- 20:00 UTC
Tag :#designacharacter
Contest Post :

Jenny's Art Contest
Edition : 12
Host :@topkpop
Theme :FRESH
Technique :Painted, sculpted, sketched, whatever visual form
Closure :
--- Fri 29/12/2017
--- 11:59 pm EST
Tag :#artcontest
Contest Post :

Art School
Edition :1
Host : @beekart
Technique :digital/sketchbook/painting.. whatever
Closure :
--- Fri 29/12/2017
--- not specified
Tag :#artschool
Contest Post :

Steemit's Got Talent
Edition :S2W5
Host :@bambam808
Theme :Talent
Technique :any form
Closure :
--- Sat 30/12/2017
--- not specified
Tag :#sgt
Contest Post :

Learn to draw with friends
Edition :Christmas Special
Host :@tonyr
Theme :Christmas
Technique :pencil drawings black or colour
Closure :
--- 30/12/2017
--- not specified
Tag :#ltwdf
Contest Post :

Doodle Doodledayeo
Edition : 12
Host : @opheliafu
Theme : star, sheep and town
Technique : Doodle
Closure :
--- Sat 30/12/2017
--- 11.59 pm GMT
Tag :#doodleon
Contest Post :

Googly eyes
Edition :24
Host : @googlyeyes
Theme : Googly eyes
Technique : crafts
Closure :
--- Sun 31/12/2017
--- not specified
Tag :#googlyeyes
Contest Post :

Power Of Positivity POP
Edition :20
Host :@karenmckersie
Theme :Positivity
Technique :any form
Closure :
--- Sat 07/01/2018 (Starting at 01/01/2018!!!)
--- not specified
Tag :#popcontest
Contest Post :

Of course I thank all the contest hosts for organizing the contests!

I hope you find this list useful and I wish you lots of fun with the contests!


Take care and share!

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Hey @becometheartist. Thanks a lot for including my #ltdwf Christmas Special. I'll be launching a new art contest next week when this one ends so hopefully you can include that one in your next post. :)

Hope you are having an excellent day my friend and thanks again. :)

You're welcome! But thanks to you for hosting the contest!

Usually I post on monday evening CET. (and sometimes make some amendments later if other contests pop up.)

That's good to know. I will be starting my new contest in the new year, so if you don't mind I'll message you and let you know. :) Also, I've just resteemed the contest post of @w0olf. It's the Design A Character Contest. I'm sure he'd appreciate you adding it to your list. :)

Cheers @becometheartist.

Thank you, actually, I was just editing my list to add it. So yes it's in now :)

For the new contests, great, just let me know! If they are linked to traditional art and crafts, I'll for sure include them :D
Curious already to see the new themes :D I hope I'll get soon some more time to participate more myself.

Thanks @becometheartist, really great idea to keep a simple record of all the competitions! I love to join in as many as possible but often close the window and later on forget what the competition was. Thanks for adding my Squiggle Challenge

You're welcome! Good luck for your contest and for your participation in others!

thank you! very useful info!

Good luck for the participations ! :D

Exactly the kind of compilation I was looking for! Some really interesting contests here...let's see now which one to pick :)

Happy it fits your need! Good luck! 🤞

Thanks! These kind of contests are one of the greatest things about steemit. Positively inspiring ;)

Indeed they also already made me try out things I never thought of, or I never took the time to try out!

PS : tx for your support & the resteem ;)

Thank you for featuring the steemit artschool :D
Happy holidays!