8# Drawitbetter Contest - Winners & new theme!

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Hi everyone, I hope you're doing fine.

It's my pleasure to announce the winners of drawitbetter 7. I'm also taking this chance to thank all the participations, judges and supporters.

We had an amazing week with many good looking parrots. Here are top 3 picks:

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3rd place: @kalemandra


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2nd place: @irisz


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1st place: @bridget.art


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Winners & honorable mentions, you will receive your rewards within 48h.
Also, winners please provide your Bitshares username, so we can send you your whale-shares.

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New theme of the week: Lion.
Here's my lion, I did it for my introduction post:


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What is #drawitbetter and how to participate?
It's my first bigger project on Steemit. As beginner in drawing with motivation to improve,
I will make a new piece of art every week.
All you have to do is create your piece of art, with the same THEME.
All types of painting techniques and styles are welcome.

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  1. You have to make an entry post with title (Ex. Drawitbetter Contest #8).
  2. Your first tag has to be #drawitbetter.
  3. Use only your original work and provide drawing process.
  4. Your time is up when this post is 8 days old.
  5. You have to resteem this post or create promotion post.
  6. Have fun! (:
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    First place: 5 Steem + 30 Whale Shares
    Second place: 3 Steem + 20 Whale Shares
    Third place: 2 Steem + 10 Whale Shares.
    Honorable M.: 2 Steem ( Together. )

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    For this contest there will always be 2 judges. First one is @kid4life and second will be picked every week.
    For this week it's going to bee: @alexandraioana26.
    Special thanks to last week judge: @madlenfox.
    If, by any chance you want to be the judge, let me know in the comments below.

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    Speical thanks goes to @akrid & @officialfuzzy. 40 Whale Shares is provided by them.
    Another special thanks goes to @kid4life and his sponsorship: 20 Whale Shares.

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    I hope that this contest will be the opportunity & motivation for all you, my Steemian artists. I wish good luck to everyone participating! And again, I want to thank everyone participating in previous week, we had many amazing parrots.

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    If you liked the contest and work of our participations,
    you know what to do...
    ... & Thank you! :)

Oh my God!!! 😍 Me??? I won the 1st place?? Thank you SO much! 💘❤❤❤

Oh my god, yess!!! You deserve more! :)

Thank youu! More? More than this??:D

Yesss. I wish I could put in higher rewards...:)

Greetings @sirsensei if you are interested in a partner for the drawitbetter contest. I can bring 8 SBD to the contest so that you can give higher rewards.

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Hi @rensoul17, its a pleasure to meet you! Of course I'm intrested with partnering up with you! :) Thank you a lot!

Ok, great is there a way we can discuss the details of the partnership. Other than here. If you want to email, skype or zoom

Sure, check you Discord chat. I've sent you a message.

Oooh, me likey!

Thanks sis... Huahahaha
Mais le cirque es tre bien aussi ma sœur

Thats failed attempt to speak french..
Gracias pero Su leon es muy bien tambien mi hermana... Lolz ahhh mas facil...

Yo tengo un otro estilo 😉

Congratulations guys:)

Congratulations to the winners. ..:)

Hi there, I don't think I made it in time, but check my entry out!! Thanks


Nice contest. I resteemed it and I follow you now :) I will make my Entry tomorrow ;) I hope I still got process pics of the lion I want to submit :)

I will be joining also. Thank you for resteeming. You are a blessing.

Hi, a pleasure to have you! Looking forward to your entry! I hope the same. :)

Yeah Great Contest !!!! :) uploading my entry right now :D
peace love and light

Cool. Upped and resteemed 😊

Thank you a lot @girlbeforemirror! You lifted as well! :)

Hii! i'd love to participate, but I have a question, does digital art count too? Because I was thinking something like that and i'd love to try it

Hi, I'm glad! :) Digital art countes too!:) Feel free to join in.

congrats to the winners ! great contest !

Thank you guys and congratulations to all winners, good job

Congratulations to the winners and participants! Such works are interesting for everyone!

It was a very exciting week for me. I , as a guest judge looked at all Your work. You amazing talented people. I congratulate all winners and participants. I wish You creative victories and success in Steemit.

Thank you, buddy. The best judge you can wish for. :) Much blessings back to you! :)

Thank you, my bitshares account is: cifer-lee

Nice contest. Really interested to join. Will work on it soonest as possible

Thank you m8. Looking forward for your entry.

Hello, everyone. Here my entry:



If you like it, please, vote and resteem.

Great stuff. Followed to keep up with contests

Thank you, man! Welcome aboard.


Quick questiom...what is the theme??

Congratulation everyone... !!

Thank you very much and congratulations to all winners!

Thank you for joining in! :)

Well deserved wins, congrats guys! 👏

Love the new theme. Can't wait to join @sirsensei.

Thank you! Can't wait for you to join too! :)

awesome new theme... :)

Thank you, it's my pleasure!

Congratulations @bridget.art. You did a wonderful job. As did every entry great going.

Congrats to all the winners!

Hi buddy, thank you. We missed you on previous contest :)

Guess Im gonna miss a few in a row as I will be on my trip soon. You guys have fun!

Thank you, we will. :)
Enjoy your trip man!

It's wonderful to see creative works about the same theme in so many different ways! Great initiative!!

This is my entry.

Greetings. We have noticed you hold contests on a regular basis. We would like to contribute to your reward pool by donating some TROPHY TOKENS to you. These tokens are to be given to contestants with entries of the highest quality. This means you don't have to give them away every week. There is no catch. We do this for fun.
In addition, as a thank you for your contribution to Steemit, we would like to award you with one TROPHY TOKEN!
If this interests you please reply your Bitshares address or contact us on discord. @TrophyToken . Thank you.

That's right! :) I'm down for it, here's my bit shares acc: sirsensei1

Tokens sent! We also added you to our contest list which can be seen HERE. Thank you for getting on board with TROPHY TOKEN!


btw, when will the rewards send to winners?

A few moments ago. (:

Hi, can I enter your contest? I love this theme, it immediately inspired me!

Hello @sirsensei, This is my entry.
One of my lion drawings that I drawn.

Animated gif

Thanks and have a fantastic day

This is the photo of my entry. I hope you like it. If you want to support, please give my post an upvote or resteem it. Good luck to all who participated.