Squiggle Drawing Challenge! ~ WIN SBD

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Welcome to the #SquiggleChallenge!

There is very little artistic talent required for this challenge. This challenge is about FUN not so much your amazing skillz.

Even this guy could win!

This is solely for a laugh and some community connection. Pencils... paint... digital... crayons.... whatever you wish to use, just create something with the random squiggle below and share it with us. Rotate or flip the image any way you wish but keep the original lines.

1st prize: 30% total payout

2nd prize: 20% total payout

3rd prize: 10% total payout

The more upvotes, the higher the prizes!

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  1. Create an image from the squiggle below in any medium. Flip, rotate or mirror the image, just keep the original lines.

  2. Upvote, Follow & Resteem. The more success this gets the greater the fun!

  3. Create your own blog post if you wish and link it in the comments

  4. Tag #SquiggleChallenge as your first tag

  5. Most important rule of all..... HAVE FUN!

DEADLINE - 1 week from today (27th Dec 2017 - 1800hrs AEST)
Entries will be randomly selected using Steem Winner

Use this squiggle below

Squiggle 1.jpg

Here's my demo!

Squiggle 1 demo.png

😊😊😊Good luck everyone and have fun!!!😊😊😊

This challenge was inspired by my childhood hero Norman Hetherington, the creator of Mr Squiggle. I owe my greatest passion of drawing and painting to this man. Rest in Peace sir.




This is a great idea.... I've spent 20 minutes on it already and all I came up with was a business man made out of elastic... it needs some work... but this is a super fun little challenge. Thanks so much for putting it together.


Thanks @aussieninja. Talking about it yesterday and how much Mr Squiggle influenced my life as an artist really got me thinking. They should really make a respectful similar spin off to show kids the fun of creating art. Thanks to #teamaustralia for planting the seed when talking about it on Discord yesterday. I look forward to seeing your results and following you also :)

Thankyou @becometheartist, all of them are very creative, thanks so much for joining in! Bit of a shame no one else joined in cos I think it could've been a lot of fun as the original Mr Squiggle was. Looks like you win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, congrats!

Oh really! thank you so much! Yes indeed it was a pity that nobody else joined I had so much fun :)

Maybe you'll give it another try and I update my contest list to include the new one.


Cool challenge @spaceginger.I'll resteem from the Team Aus account.

Thanks heaps! Much appreciated.

awesome idea! and good luck to everyone who participate the contest.

Thanks @aburmeseabroad I hope some people do :)

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Really good job bro carry on thanks i like this post

I love this! I was telling someone about Mr Squiggle just the other day. Steem on TeamAus! Awesome.

Haha yeah Mr Squiggle is awesome and so is the #TeamAustralia Mr Squiggle. Seriously this little puppet is why I do art to this day :)

I have to check daily challenges more often :D definitely I will join some! :)

Yes you should absolutely do it! So much fun and you can often win even if you're not an artist. Many challenges are based on skill but I realised that not everyone does art for a hobby so I wanted to give people a chance.

Great and out-of-the box contest :)

Thanks! You should enter :)

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Thanks for the fun contest @spaceginger. Fun name too!

Can I print the squiggle to draw on and take a picture as my entry?

Absolutely @senorcoconut how ever is easiest for you :)

Hi @spaceginger! that's cool!
I'll see if I can still make it for an entry.

FYI, I added your contest to my weekly post which I just released :

🏆🏆🏆🎨 Unleash your creativity 25/12-31/12 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests

Thanks for hosting it!!
@BecomeTheArtist 🌷

Thanks @becometheartist, such a very good idea and very useful. Exactly the kind of quality content Steemit needs! Upvoted and followed and now I can see all the other good contests/tutorials to join in :)

aqui esta mi post se que ya es muy tarde y el concurso acabo pero que mas da disfrutenlo me diverti bastante con eso esperare el proximo https://steemit.com/squigglechallenge/@josegodox/mi-primer-squiggle-challenge-tal-vez-muy-tarde-xd

Hi @josegodox.... very cool picture!! Unfortunately the contest finished already. Follow me though because I will be creating a new challenge soon and you could definitely win as your squiggle was very funny!

Oh this was very good but unfortunately it's already finished! Stayed tuned though because I will put up a new challenge soon! Thanks for entering :)

Ok will be looking out for the next one thanks!

If only I could draw (well). Might give it a shot in paint later!

Give it a go mate! What have you got to lose? In fact right now absolutely nothing cos no one else has entered haha.