Doodle Doodledayeo round 12 challenge

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A shining star

Are you ready to get doodling? This week's Doodle Doodledayeo round 12 challenge is to create a doodle drawing inspired by the 3 words star, sheep and town! We had an amazing response to the Doodle Doodledayeo round 11 challenge. There were 33 drawings, go check them out!

The 3 words


Find your pens and pencils hiding among the mince pies and tinsel, and say the magical words:

Doodle Doodledayeo!

Doodle Doodledayeo!

Doodle Doodledayeo!

The game is about using your imagination and creating cool doodles. It's open to everyone of all skill levels. This isn't about creating a masterpiece but about sharing a little of your imagination on paper for others. Not that your doodle has to be on drawing paper, doodle on anything you like.

Remember, all you have to do is make a doodle inspired by the 3 words sheep, star and town. Post your picture in the comments section below, and I'll share your images in next week's results post. If you make a post about it make sure you tag it with #doodleon, and post the image and link below in the comments section.

I'll also be giving out 10 STEEM to my favourite doodle.

The deadline is Saturday 30th December 2017, 11.59 pm GMT.

Have a great day, Steem on and #doodleon!


Very nice doodling, great to see you got the family involved!

Great to have you drawing in this week's challenge, such a cool style to this piece. I enjoy your fun compositions!

Thanks so much!!! ^_^

Such an amazing style to your work. Great to have you joining in with this week's doodling challenge @in2itiveart!

Great to have you doodling with us this week :D

Such a beautiful, guiding star. Thank you for joining in with this week's challenge!

Hi!! nice to be over here again, thanks @Opheliafu for this contests, it's very funny and a great oportunity!


And BEEEEEErry Christmas! :D

Glad you find the challenge fun, great doodling! I like what you have done with the theme.

Many thanks! i'm glad you like it, and it's really fun to play with 3 words, it's even more creative

Hi @opheliafu, here's my entry for your contest:


Thank you for organising this contest, it's a great initiative! Hope you like my entry! I really like the theme you came up with :)
All the best,

Thank you @opheliafu! :) All the best, Klaudia

I broke in a beautiful new pad of paper for your contest.


Fantastic doodling!

Very cool doodling :D

Starry, starry night!

Here is my entry for the challenge ... The brave Sheep-riff is here to tell his story :P
@opheliafu hope this catches your eye in this plethora of awesome entries ... cheers :)


So cool, as he come to keep some order on this page?

Awesome - and nice post too!

Thanks for joining in with the doodling!

Here's my entry 🙂

This is gorgeous pen work, great doodling!

Que original creación, me parece fresco y divertido. Suerte!

gracias. me gusta mucho imaginar e inventar garabatos lastma no tener una camara que resalte mas en su calidad de capture pero me divierto con el concurso de @opheliafu

So many cute details in thsi doodle!

gracias @opheliafu de eso se trata

Doodle Doodledayeo!
Doodle Doodledayeo!
Doodle Doodledayeo!

My entry for the contest, thank you.
doodle cena 006.JPG

Cool perspective! Thanks for bringing the doodle to this week's challenge!

Thank you to you @opheliafu for the contest.

Attack of the giant sheep. Nice!

Such a cool idea!

Awesome dreaming! Doodle on!

Thank you awesome challenge

Ello, @opheliafu! Hope you're having a happy holiday season. Here's my entry for this round's Doodledayeo ^^

it's very beautiful:))

Cute illustration ^_^ . Beautiful!

Thank you, @deejee =D

Beautiful work, so magical!

Let's all jump on board that train- such a cool idea! Thank you for joining in with this doodling!


my 🐑🌟🏘️ contribution 😎:

✴️👣 Art Journal BecomeTheArtist #36 🌷 Doodle Doodledayeo 12 : Sheep-Star-Town (in Negative Space style)

Thank you @opheliafu for organizing this contest every week!

A very clever doodle!

Lovely use of colour and detail in your town! Doodle on!

@opheliafu here is my entry the doodle challenge:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Such a cute illustration

Thanks I appreciate it that you liked my illustration ^_^

Great process post too!

What a cute little sheep! He looks like he is thinking about something, i wonder what!

Great doodling - you have some great ideas here. Such a fun layout!

Thank you so much.. and for your contest made me drawing again..

So much happening in this, great details!

Portrays a wonderful story. Nice!

Hi again @opheliafu !
Its me again hihi
I can explain why there is no sheep, it is she. The sheep is her ^^

me gusta los valores que usas . un voto !

Wow, a very funky sheep lady - loving it!

Thats so cute 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Hello steemit, merry christmas, I'm new here, this is my doodle for the challenge of @opheliafu, I hope you like it!


Thanks for bringing this awesome doodle to this week's challenge - so atmospheric!

que hermoso vuelo entre una autopista de estrellas

Such a wonderful snowy landscape - very festive!

Check it out, am not an artist, took me forever to come up with this. Can't imagine i could draw.

It feels like a wonderful oasis under a starlit sky!

I'm a terrible artist but i felt i should draw anyways in the spirit of christmas. I love what you're doing here @opheliafu
My link

Thank you for joining in!

Merry Christmas and happy doodling!

Sweet doodle @gabrielaa, thanks for joining in the challenge.

que bonita imaginacion. mi voto para ti

Amazing doodling, you have such a great way with colour @kalemandra. Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Thanks you @opheliafu for the opportunity you give us to participate in the doodle.....Here goes my input....Muchas gracias por la oportunidad que nos das de participar en el concurso de Garabato...Aquí va mi entrada: Nana Doodleman canta para el pueblo de Steemit:


Colourful and funky doodling!

Thank you very much ;)

always amazing doodles from you!

Hi guys, hi @ophealiafu ,my entry here:
Doodle Doodledayeo Round 12 Challenge - Town in Sheep under a star sky

Such an amazing composition - soooooooooooooooo coooool!

Thank you very much @opheliafu, I appreciate you appreciate my scribble.

Thats really incredible

Very romantic doodling!


Liking your viewpoint, great doodling!

Merry Christmas all Steemians!
Thanks @opheliafu for the wonderful contest!


Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-utiful lambs.

This has such a nice feeling to it, and great composition too!

Fascinating doodle, very nice!

Great doodling, lovely details in this.

What a beautiful design you have created for us this week.

Thank you for this great challengue. This is my participation

Hi! I loved the idea behind this challenge so I decided to try my luck on it. Thanks for the opportunity to get creative!

Here is my entry, I like to call it Counting Sheep.

Amazing work- and a fantastic post too!

Hi there @opheliafu. This is my 2nd time to join your contest. It has been great to start drawing again which is why I made this doodle extra special.


If you've read The Little Prince, you may be familiar with the art style and some of the characters. I just love that book. If you haven' read it yet, check out my recent post where I outlined my favorite parts of the book.

Here's the link. I wrote my insights on the book along with the post. It may be rather relevant for you since the book is about using your imagination as a way of life. Hope you like my work!

This is a great post, and I love all the details in your doodle too- great job!

Your technique is really beautiful. Thanks for joining in with this week's challenge.

Thank you! :D

He looks so happy! Great doodling!

Thank you for this beautiful starlit sky! doodle on!

Such a pretty town - can I live there? Thank you for joining in with this week's challenge!

Better late than never.. just found out about this lovely sheepish challenge! :) cool idea @opheliafu

Cool rock star sheep!

Hello dear friend @ opheliafu, here is my contribution to the challenge of this week, I hope you like it, thank you very much for allowing us this weekly divrsion
I wish you a great day

Beautiful post, love the layout of this!

This is my first time to join @opheliafu :) Here's my entry and post link.


Merry Christmas!

Wow! Love it friend.Now that’s an amazing doodle. Especially love the following sheep.Great job.

Thank you Debbie! I had a lot of fun drawing the fluffy sheep!

Really nice technique you have here, liking the use of black pen. Thank you for joining in with this week's challenge!

Thank you so much @opheliafu! I had a lot of fun participating in your challenge!

*enthusiastic waving

Glad you had fun with this week's challenge! Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for bringing this fun doodle to this week's challenge .