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First of all I would like to thank everyone for participating in SKETCH DRAWING CONTEST #1.



  1. @sukiyakii (rewarded : 0.100sbd)

  2. @noellesevilla (rewarded : 0.100sbd)

  3. @joseferrer (rewarded : 0.100sbd)

1st place goes to

@deemarshall (rewarded : 1.00sbd)

Other participants :

  1. @juliensorel (gift : 0.030sbd)
  2. @tmr.est96 (gift : 0.040sbd)
  3. @tiamaria (gift : 0.030sbd)


This is my work on the theme "FOREST WITH TREES"

Ask me if you are confused about the theme.


  1. You have to make an entry post with title (Ex: SKETCH DRAWING CONTEST #2).
  2. Only black or ash based colors are allowed. Make a good art without using any other colors.
  3. You have to resteem this post.
  4. No digital drawing is allowed.
  5. Your first tag must be #sketchdrawing.
  6. You must give at least 3 under process picture of your drawing.
  7. Mention me @sparkyez in your post.
  8. One participant can post only one work.


The first price is 1.00 sbd
and 3 most honorable mentions will get 0.100 sbd each. The price will be increased in future.

Help me to continue and make this contest better. Upvote my blogs and and comment what you think about this contest.

Follow me to stay updated about the contest.
useful link:


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Thanks !

interesting contest art and drawing i love it i most try this thanks for share .

will be looking for your entry

Alrighty I'll start

How to be u po? 👏 👏 👏 😥

No, I think you're better than me man. Hahaha galing mo nga mag paint ako di marunong.

Thanks so muuuuch!

I am very happy to have been a winner of contest #1. Thank you for the prize.

Congrats deemarshall and thank you @sparkyez.

Congrats, @deemarshall! Well-deserved win! Well done to @sukiyakii and @joseferrer as well. :)
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Nice content you have here. I will definitely join this.

will be looking for your entry

Hello, what is the deadline of your contest?

After 1week of this post

Hi @sparkyez

May I entry with post?

You can participate but remember the theme. And #sketchdrawing is a tag for only sketch drawing contest. please never post unrelated things in this tag. I am the first person to use this tag

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Thank you @sparkyez for this contest! The new theme is interesting!

most welcome.

Hello, everyone. Here my entry:


If you like it, please vote and resteem.

Great contest idea, and nice entries! :D Can't wait to get started on one of these :)

Hi @sparkyez, how many days left for this contest?

3 days left.

What is the deadline for the new theme?

7days of this post

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Here is my entry @sparkyez. Thank you:)


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Hi @sparkeyz,

here my trees in the forest : ✴️👣 SKETCH DRAWING CONTEST #2 Entry by BecomeTheArtist - Art Journal #34 [EN] [includes Step-by-Step]


FYI, I also included your contest yesterday in my Monday's weekly post of running traditionnal art and crafts contests :)
🏆🏆🏆🎨 Unleash your creativity 25/12-31/12 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests

Thank you so much for organizing it! It's inspiring for generating ideas of what to realize as a creative activity!

Here is my entry

sorry you was late.

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