DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST - Week 2 - Color Challenge ~ Win SBD

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Hey fellow Steemians,

it´s time for us to start

Design A Character Contest - Week 2

The Contest

This contest is open to artists of any level, background and drawing style.
Traditional Art will be accepted as well as Digital art.
Every week I will post a new challenge and want you to design your own character based on the given theme.

Every weeks contest will have one challenge of the following themes:

ThemeWhat is it all about
Shape ChallengeDesign one (or more) character(s) based on one (or more) given shapes
Style ChallengeDesign a character in the style of an given artist or studio
Color ChallengeDesign a character based on a given color sheme
Theme ChallengeDesign a character based on a given theme
Reimagine ChallengeReimagine a given character

The judging


Contests will begin on Mondays, at which point the theme for the week will be revealed.
On Fridays I will post the top 3 and allow steemit users to vote for the final winner.
Winners will be announced on the next Monday.

The prizes

The winners will be announced on next Monday and will be rewarded half of all SBD raised on that weeks #designacharacter contest-posts.
So keep upvoting and resteeming the contest-posts, to make the prize as big as possible ;)

The Rules

  • HAVE FUN!!
    That´s the most important thing ;)
  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Design a character based on the theme given

  • Make a post of your own for your entry
    Maximum 3 entries/posts per person

  • Make sure to add #designacharacter as your first tag

  • In your post describe the medium/the process a bit if possible

  • Post the links to your entries in comments of this post, so I can find it.

  • All entries must be submitted before Friday December 29th at 8PM UTC.

  • No Fan Art
    If it's a character that you did not create it will not be accepted.

  • No Pre Existing Original Characters
    Every artwork must be new.

  • All entries must be original works of art

Additional Info

If you have suggestions for this contest, or want to be a sponsor and/or guest judge, I´d be happy if you contact me via discord (w0olf#9231) or Steemit-Chat!

So let´s start this now!

As there was a tie in voting the next challenge, I decided

This weeks theme is the Color Challenge:

The Color Challenge works like this:

I give you a colorsheme, and you design a Character based on this sheme.
You can darken/lighten the colors for shading and highlighting.
Extra colors
You are additionally allowed to use black for outlines and details,
some kind of red for the inner mouth and tounge and white for eyeballs and teeth.

It´s as easy as it sounds! ;)

Here are two examples:


This weeks color sheme


You can make up to three entrys. Please be sure to use every color of the given color sheme!
If you use traditional art for your entry, try to use the closest colors. Thats fine :)

So I hope you guys have as much fun as last week participating in this contest!
I´m really looking forward to your entries!!
Lets keep em coming ;D


If u have any question, feel free to ask in the comments. :)

Have a nice day and steem on!



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I know it‘s late for the entry, but I wanted to share, what I started:)


He looks bear-y cool 8D

Haha thank you!

Nice!! Does he have a name?

I like to call him Jack ;)

Woah man!
Sweet doodle :D hahahaaa

I'm still curious to know what movie is going on... Thanks dude :p

Not too late at all ;) Nice entry!

so pretty ! ^_^

I think i did this wrong XD Might try again :/

Hmm.. a little too much colors! ;) But great piece anyways!! :D

Omg i have no idea how im gonna vote. :s

Hell yeah! This is an awesome entry @elliebong!
Thanks for participating! :D

Heyy Glad to participate! It was fun <3

Cool character design @elliebong!

Thank you! Yours too! I was like wow there's so much details and nice color blending xD

ooh she looks so awesome~

Thank you Nawa~ 😊

Uh yeah I definitely like it! Great entry! Thanks for participating! :)

My Entry:
Woohoo I actually did it, now I have to sleep, traveling tomorrow...

Hey all :)

Here is my entry:

Old school, pen and paper style :)
My post

Hello @w0lf and Steemian. may I kindly submit my entry:
this is "Bug Bushi"
hope you like it :)

Really nice one! :)

Ok i realized like 5 minutes ago that 8 pm UTC was 1 hour ago. I messed up. But i'm submitting it anyway :-D and yes i felt like drawing something very realistic.

You are still in time, it's 7:42pm UTC atm :)
That's a wonderful Illustration!!
But I'm afraid, for this specific competition it's not a valid entry :(
The idea is to stick with the given colorsheme when designing a new character (no additional colors, besides the extra colors described in the contest post). And not only the colorsheme is important, also the birth of your own character. The character should be the main thing of your drawing.
But as I said I really like your illustration, and I hope you will join in the fun in the next challenge.

But of course! I do it for fun and creativity, not for competition. (It just happened that i didn't feel like drawing something unrealistic!)

Hey, @w0olf Hoping my entry is still within the lines of the rules haha


Wow, that is amazing what you did with that tiny palette! :)

Thanks @sidekickmatt ! Took a lot of head cracking but it was fun xD

Ooooooohso good .


Here is my entry, it's very rushed because of pending holidays, but I figured I would at least submit something to support the contest. Thank you again for hosting and continuing it @w0olf
Link to the Bragon post

Your "rushed" is my "this took me three weeks" im still working on mine. Trying to digitize. Still not as cute as your bragon

Oooh awesome, can't wait to see what you created. :D

Hi, first time entrant to anything on Steemit. Still trying to figure out... everything. Here's my entry:

I love her!!!!!!!

Wonderful entry! :D Nice to see how you used the colors! Thanks for participating!

Fantastic dude

Wow, awesome! Great entry!! :D It's getting hard to choose this week's top 3! Thanks for participating! :)

awesome bro..

Hello, great contest this is my entry

omg yessss !! Another contest!! Such a bright colour scheme given XD Was hoping for something more pastel-coloured

Haha I was thinking about that. But I want some freaky characters with bright colors XD Maybe next color challenge ;)

cuddle attack gif

I just saw this and it is good to see an art challenge. I may or may not enter this, but I will try the next one surely

Here is my entry for the contest ... The genetically mutated blue sheep-riff is here to tell his story :P ... @w0olf hope I am not too late ... cheers :)

unnamed (2).png

Nope, you are still in time! :) Thanks for your entry!

This is such a great contest. I wish to join too although I am not good at it. <3

Just give it a try! :) Maybe you are better than you think.

Does sun 12.24 relates to this week or is it sun 12.31?

Sorry Dates got mixed up ;) It's Friday 29th of December. :)

Sabes que es triste ? que tuve la oportunidad y la estaba aprovechando pero se me fue la luz porque vivo en Venezuela y perdí la oportunidad de entrar. Para la próxima será...

Do you know what is sad? I had the opportunity and I was taking advantage of it but I lost my light because I live in Venezuela and lost the opportunity to enter. For the next will be...

You still have time to enter :) 15hours - until 8pm UTC Time.

Very interesting contest. I will try to match your colors with my watercolors :)

Would love to try but no idea if I will get time to

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I think it's interesting to join although I never make a character before. this contest realy challenge me. thanks @w0olf

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Great great great!

These all are awesome entries, still doubt if I'm gonna join this challenge.