Learn To Draw With Friends - Christmas Special! :)

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Would you like to learn how to draw or improve your already existing drawing skills, have some fun AND have a chance of winning some SBD prizes at the same time??

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Credit - @w0olf - Week One Winner #ltdwf!

It's been a long time, my friends but I thought with the holidays upon us and all of us hopefully having a little more time on our hands to relax, it might be a good time to have a special Christmas Edition of 'Learn To Draw With Friends'. :)

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For those of you who are new to the Learn To Draw With Friends Contest...

Every week I choose a theme and three images, one for beginners, one for intermediate and one for advanced. All you have to do is choose the image that you feel best suits your current skill level and have a go at drawing it.

While you are making your drawing, take a few photos at various stages and when you are done, use the finished drawing and photos to make a process post for your own blog, explaining how you went about creating your drawing so that it might help others who are learning.

Once you have made your post, link it in the comments section of this post with your finished drawing and you will be in with a chance of winning a prize for best entry or best process post!

It's that simple!! :)

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The theme for this Special Edition of #ltwdf is of course,


and the images I have chosen are...







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Your entry must be one of the three images above, although I would encourage you to personalise your entry if you'd like to.

You must resteem this post for your entry to be valid. An upvote would be appreciated also but there is no compulsion to do so.

You must post your entry in the comments section of this post for it to be a valid entry.

All entries must be accompanied by a process post with at least 6 pictures and you must include a link in the comments section of this post! It must also include the hashtag #ltdwf as one of the tags.

You can enter up to three times. Once per category. Each entry must be posted individually.


The contest will close after the seven day reward period.

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The prizes for this contest will be made up entirely of the SBD rewards received from this post and will be paid out after the seven day reward period has ended.

FIRST PLACE will receive 50% of the SBD rewards from this post.

SECOND PLACE will receive 30% of the liquid rewards from this post.

THIRD PLACE will receive 20% of the liquid rewards from this post.

I will also be awarding a Trophy Token to the winner of First Place. If you don't know what Trophy Tokens are yet, you can find out by clicking on this link

Winners will be chosen by myself based on which entries I enjoy the most.

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And that's it!! :)

Good luck everyone.

I hope you all enjoy the holidays! I know I will. :)

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Hey @kiokizz. Thanks for taking the time to enter the #ltdwf again mate. I really appreciate it and it's an awesome entry as always. I hope you enjoyed the #atc as well mate and that you are having a great Holidays. :)

Hello my friend, it has been a long time indeed. I found some time to draw. Thought that I would start off with the beginner option.

Animated Gif

Will give the other 2 drawings a try when I get the time. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Really glad to have you back mate and awesome entry as always. The Gig makes it look like Snoopy's walking which is really cool. :)

Hope you'll find more free time soon my friend and that you and yours are enjoying the Holiday period. :)

(Also, I have a new idea for another art contest which I will hopefully be launching next week. :))

Glad you like it. Yes, I hope that I can find more free time soon.

Great, look forward to your new idea and will try to participate in it whenever I have time.
Hope things are going well on your side, and also enjoy the Holiday period.

This is my 3rd entry - the advanced option
I decided to leave it in pencil. hope that you like it.


Thanks and have a fantastic day!

Hey @duckiemyfriend. :) It's been a while mate. Hope life is treating you well. An excellent entry as always mate. Will pop over and check out your post now. :)

Thanks, you too. Merry Christmas.

Hey, here is my beginners entry.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.23.25 pm.png


Hope you like : )

By 13 year old giraffe on skates

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.
This is my 2nd entry - the Intermediate Option. Hope that you like it.


Thanks and have a great day!

Oh that's nice that you relaunched this contest! Thank you so much!

FYI, I added your contest to my weekly post which I just released :
🏆🏆🏆🎨 Unleash your creativity 25/12-31/12 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests

Thanks for hosting it!!
@BecomeTheArtist 🌷

Bin kein guter Zeichner

A little bit of practice is all you need, my friend. :)

Feel free to join in. :)

Hey my friend. Sorry, I have been away from posting for a very long time. Really glad to see this competition come back. It has also been some time since I have drawn, but will try to make some time to participate. Have a great day!

Thank you, like what I promised, I did.

A fantastic entry @claucor20. :) Thanks for taking the time to enter my friend. I hope you had fun. :)