Jenny's Art Contest Week #12 - Post Your Submission Here + Winner Announcement!

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Calling all artists!! (Longtime artists, newbie artists, occasional artists, or people that just want to try things for fun).

Before I announce this weeks theme, I should mention that...

We have a winner!

Last weeks theme was It makes you smile.

I am so excited to announce last weeks winner.

Without further adieu...

Congratulations! With a score of 3.75, @ashidoodle with the submission At the Last Second, which you can see the Original Link here


This was a unique entry. It is true that I never specified if it could or could not be animated, so since I didn't and this fit the theme, I really enjoyed it personally. I thought it was quite smart and very original. I would love to know @ashidoodle if you would consider making something for me, we can talk about it of course, but let me know as I really thoroughly enjoyed this.

Honorable Mention

Even though there is no prize awarded for honorable mentions, I did want to at least mention this piece as it did place second with a score of 3.5, @alannapendragon with the submission My Favorite Book, which you can see the Original Link here

Thank you for all those that submitted a piece of Art, you are all amazing!



Here we go again... It's time to submit some amazing Art


Week 12's Theme:


This can be in whatever Visual Art form you like (Painted, sculpted, sketched, whatever visual form) as long as it is 100% your own work.
[At this time I am not taking photography submissions as there are many out there. Check out the additional contests below for ones that do photography]



WINNER - 10 Steem

Contest ends on Friday, December 29th at 11:59 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)


How to Win

Comments for you during the VOTING PHASE count for 25% of your score (this has changed from upvotes on submission post)

Art submissions are judged fairly and unbiased by @topkpop and will be scored on Creativity, Originality, Quality, and Popularity


Voting Phase Info:

The Voting Phase begins on a new post from Dec 30th and ends Dec 31st 11:59pm EST.

Assuming each rule has been followed, each submission gets scored in 4 categories. Creativity, Originality, Quality, Popularity. All categories are scored out of 5 by me, and often times I also use at least one other set of eyes. The scores are then added together from all 4 categories and averaged to find a score out of 5. That is the winner.

Winners will be announced the day after Voting Phase closes.

New Contest theme will be announced every Monday.


Please contact me if you would like to become a sponsor or donate to the prize pool



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Such a fun contest! My first time joining this. Here's my entry:

Fresh Challenge.png

Lots of love

٩(♡ε♡ )۶

This is my entry for this contest "Koi Fish". Thank you @topkpop for this opportunity.


Hello, I am sorry to say that the cut-off was missed for this week as it ended at 11:59pm EST on Dec 29th. I would love to see you in this contest next week (new one comes out on Monday) because this was a really nice drawing.

Great job @sukiyakii! Just join next round too. :)

Ohh, sorry. thanks:)

Very cool drawing sukiyakii. Yep just join next round.

Here’s my entry. If you’d like to see the YouTube of the drawing follow the link to the post and click on the YouTube video.

Ahhhhh so much colors! I love it!

I want to participate in this competition. Will start working on it. Upvoted and Resteemed this post.

Hope to see a submission :)

So here is my entry,

Sorry guys if I put it on a piece of paper from my notebook. I didnt put any color also as I want it to be black and white.

Click here for the link Post

Great initiative and incredible idea to bring together all the media @topkpop! Here's my entry, I hope everyone has fun.

♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

sending all my love to your art Barbaraaaaa!

I want to join this competition since I am not busy anymore. Yehey

Wonderful! I hope to see something from you this week :)

Thank you.

Lots of love,

Nice theme, have to think about that. Thanks for organising this contest.

Your welcome :) Hope to see an entry from you this week.

Awesome stuff!!!! and thankyou for your continued support too!!!!!

Thank you 😀 Thanks for doing such awesome things with music for the platform 😀. You have any songs you want to get heard or know any steemit musicians that do, feel free to send them my way. I feature original songs weekly on my live radio show. 😀

That is amazing!!!! I have been doing this music thang a while so have plenty I can send your way!!! Thats really cool!! currently travelling, so when I find a 'base' I will definitely do that!!!! Peace!!!!

Wonderful! I look forward to it 😀

Thank you for the honorable mention and the opportunity ! It means alot :3 I shall try to enter again in the future!! This was fun.

Your welcome! I hope to see something from you again soon.

Hello Jenny ! ^_^ Can you tell me what "fresh" does mean exactly ? I was never sure of the meaning of this word ;-) and I don't want to be out of topic if I decide to participate =D

Hiya! So this is one of those themes I throw out there from time to time that is broad. That means the Artist can interpret it whatever way they want. I'm not looking for anything specific here other than someone relating to the word fresh in ANY way and by whatever definition you like. I do hope to see something from you this week 😀

Haha ok ! Google is giving me so many french translations of this word that I felt a bit lost....

so, now, I'm not less lost, but I know that I can go any direction...LoL youpi.png

Yes you absolutely can. If you are ever worried about a theme you can always mention a little blurb or sentence in your post about why you chose what you did to help me understand if you want. Not necessary but sometimes people do. Yay I am so excited to see something from you 😀

Good question.

Take a look at my reply to @barbara-orenya

interesting, I will try again in this contest

What's the new theme? / concept?

It says above in the post. Fresh

Oh yeah, i'm sorry ✌
i'm excited i'm definitly gonna join.

No problem 😀 I look forward to seeing your submission this week.

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Hi i am interested to join the "fresh" contest, but i am new on this site... :)

Please also add you photo in your comment so your submission can be considered

Hi, I did mention that I needed the picture included with your submission since it is in the rules I wasn't able to use your submission this week for the contest. I do hope to see you next week, just remember that I need both the link AND the photo/picture for the submission as per the rules.

Anslfjljds tried to reply to this yesterday, but my internet cuts out weirdly.

Honestly, uh
This is the first time I think I've ever won an art contest?? x'DDD
I actually did a double-take aljflskjfdsl

I don't think I'll have time to enter this next one, but I mentioned it when I uploaded my previous entry to deviantART.

Oh yeah, hey, you mentioned wanting an animation - I replied to you on another post about it, but I dunno if you saw it. (The replies area on Steemit could do with a little tune-up, methinks x'D)
Anyway, if you don't mind talking via email, it seems like it'd be a fun project to work on, and I could probably do it :3c
(Email is easier for me because it loads fairly well even when my internet access acts goofy PFFT)

Yay! Well, congrats on your first win then. I will send you an email so we can talk about it :)

Ahh, thank you! x'D It's really exciting-!! Afklsjkfljs

((Also I was sitting around wondering why I hadn't gotten an email from you, but then I realized I had only given it to you in the other reply that I sent you-- ahh, sorry about that x'DD;;;
It's [email protected]

Interesting. Ill be participating on this competition and im a newcomer. Ill be doing a digital art for the first time just for this :)

Woa hehe cool theme. My sis made an entry already.
Hmmm im thinking of joining. Or not. Hahaha i feel so lazy T.T


hola amigos este es mi post para competir espero que les guste!! lo se es un pelin tarde xD

Hello, I would have loved to include your submission in my contest, but because the picture/photo was not included in the comment like the rules outline, I was not able to consider it as an entry. I do hope to see you next week though. Just don't forget I need both the link AND the picture in the comments for submission.

u.u is ok I will wait next week, this time I will follow the rules step by step

I am very excited to share my first entry for this great contest, I was a bit late because I wanted to do something really good. Try to make my first realistic color tattoo for this contest, I hope you like it a lot <3 Merry Christmas and Happy New year friends, regards and many hugs from Venezuela! :D

Thanks for your entry. I hate to say this of course cause it is a great entry, but the cut off time was yesterday and I have already put up the voting phase post so it didn't make it this week. But, it is a great piece of art and I hope to see you next week in this contest again for the new theme.

Ay: '( then I was late? I had not noticed yet I was confused by the fact that usually the contests are until the publication expires (7 days) well, it will be for the next one :(

Your fresh cherries tattoo wonderful. I’m sorry to see you were to late for entry.

As I do believe this is an edited copy of this as there are still parts of the signature on the left, I have downvoted both this and your post. Since it does not seem to be your work and it has no relation to the theme of this contest, this submission is invalid.