5th Art-Trail Contest! NUDE/Human body - Share your art and win 750 tokens and 15 steem

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Here we are with the 5th Art-Trail Contest. We keep working to build a real community of artists and art lovers. There are many amazing projects for artists and about art currently running in the Steemverse. Any of them? 

 The  ART-Challenge, managed for  @artquest-trail  by @aksinya, who manage also another amazing art contest, the ARTstyleART

 ColorChallenge is a great project launched by @kalemandra, who also manages theWatercolor challenge

 The  Steemit Photo Challenge by @jamtaylor

The  Collaborative Art Journey, managed by @everlove

@voronoi and @hitheryon manage a very interesting collaborative project in Brooklyn .

And more.

The Steem Art Community is growing, and the partecipation to the Art-Trail Contest shows it more and more.

 🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺  🚺 

So, here is another edition! And the main theme, for this 5th Art-Trail Contest, will be

Nude/Human body/Anatomic Study

The naked human body is one of the most ancient subject in art. There were nudes in art when art was not... art yet! Representing the naked body means showing intimacy, humanity, nature, frailty, beauty, sensuality, essence. Sometimes all these sides of human being together.

 🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂

The Communities of SteemTrail  are proud to announce the 5th ArtTrail Contest and its Nude/Human body/Anatomic Study category.

How the contest works: 

  • - All artists on Steemit can submit their artworks from today to June 17, Saturday, h 11pm GMT.
  • - Each artist can submit 1 artwork, made by himself, for each of the 3 categories of the Contest
  • - For this 5th edition, the categories are


  1. NUDE/Human body/Anatomic Study (digital, photographic or traditional painting/drawing)
  2. PAINTING (Not digital)

 All submitted artworks have obviously to be original made by the artist who owns the steemit account. Bots are not allowed to submit. Nor aliens (Ok, aliens too, if they prove to be alien ;) )

To submit an artwork, each artist has to:

- make a post containing "5nd Art-Trail Contest" in the title and #arttrailcontest5 in the tag

- publish in the post a photograph of his submitted artwork/s (at least 1200px for the longest side)

- indicate category, title, size, date and technique of the submitted artworks.

- paste the link to his posts in the comments of this post.

 🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏 


The winner of each category will receive 250 TRAIL Token and 5 Steems and will be featured in the Art Trail.

Donators and sponsor will be appreciated and their contribution will be added to the prizes.

Winners and mentions will be choosen by a jury composed by art curators.

The results will be posted on June 19, Monday

 🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧 

Some examples of famous Nude/Human body/Anatomic Study

Many great artists made artworks on nudity. Probaby EVERY great artist made it, actually.

Amedeo Modigliani

Source. By Amedeo Modigliani - artdaily.org, Public Domain

Lucien Freud


Paul Gaugain


The Street Artist Lushsux


 Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres 


Rene Magritte


Francisco Goya


Ron Mueck


Man Ray


Pablo Picasso


Paul Cézanne


Pablo Picasso


 👌  👌  👌  👌  👌  👌  👌  👌  👌  👌  👌  👌  👌  👌 

The organisation of this contest has been given huge support by SteemTrail communities. If you have not already done so, head over to the SteemTrail Discord server and check out what they’re up to. 

 👣  👣  Please, share this post to other artists!  👣  👣 

The 2nd Art-Trail Contest is organized and managed by @paolobeneforti

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Here is my entry! Thank you for hosting! Looking forward to seeing everyone's work. :)


Thank you for the inspiration!! This is my first art challenge here. Newbie inspired!!
Here is my entry ..thank you

I guess the entry must be with NSFW tag, right?:)


if these are not safe for work maybe its time to change job:p


I work at home, so I even can watch pics of gay lions freely:) But I'm asking becouse it's nudity anyway, and I thought it needs the tag. Just asking:)


I'd say no, since art never is NSFW. but everyone will act as he prefers :)


Oh, I see. Then I will not use it:) Thanks:)


I would say the NSFW is probably advisable, not everyone's attitude to nudity is the same. Simply calling it Art is not a good enough excuse in my opinion especially when a lot of people view their accounts in work time. As an example Deborah De Robertis is a very thought provoking artist but her work is most definitely NSFW and yet it is classed as Art by a lot of people.

I would like to nominate https://steemit.com/art/@federacion45/sketch-for-steemit-11

@federacion45 , personally I am no artist but I really like his sketches

Resteeming for you on Steemit Blogger Central...keep up the great work.


Anytime, hope that helped a little. Need anything I am down to share with our crowd anytime

I can get on board with this!! So excited! Tasteful nudity should not be considered nsfw! :(


no NSFW tag, In my opinion :)


I love that thought. But, until I learn that it is close to a consensus, I'll be erring on the side of caution for my own work. I would love it if my art work didn't need such a label.

This who project is so inspiring. I love that there is so much participation and support for building this artist community and the art itself. Thank you for the mention @art-trail. I'll be sharing your post to be FB'd and Twittered by @sflaherty who runs Steemit Blogger Central. YAY for ART!!


My pleasure indeed!

I think I'll get to work on this, if I still handle d brush like I use to, but I'm excited that I'v got a reason to start painting again. @art-trail more colours 👍

Thanks again for throwing this little shin dig for us. Does a pastel count as a painting?


well, usually it doesn't. but we are not that stringent ;)

I am a Jesus lover and resent art about naked people.

Please excuse my dimwittedness @art-trail, you mean, one submission per each of the three categories, means a possible three submissions for each artist, or, you mean, only one submission per artist for only one of the categories?


3 for each artist, if he wants.
or one can submit just for 1 or 2 categories :)


Thank you very much for the clarification @paolobeneforti. 8)

What about straight pornography? Guaranteed not safe for work and if I remember correct it wasn't as shocking as one might think. I could even make it more subtle.


if it is NSFW, I think it have to have the tag


Usually if it just a drawing or painting it is fine, nude photography usually not, no matter how artful it is. Of course, thIs all depends on your boss. If he is a screaming street preacher you might consider no internet at all at work...or a new job