REMINDER!!! ARTQUEST-TRAIL#10 (ARTchallenge). 700 TRAIL +45 STEEM Prize Pool

TWO days left for submission your interpretations!

THEME FOR ARTCHALLENGE #10 will be again surreal painting of the Polish artist Igor Morski.

enter image description here
Igor Morski

The RULES are very easy.

  • Write a comment with your interpretation of the painting I posted. I will be very happy if you want to make a separate post with the tag #artchallenge. Please don't forget to leave a link to your post in the comment to this post. I will also appreciate if you mention the announcement of the Artquest in order more people could join.
  • You can make up to 3 versions
  • End of challenge will be Sunday at 00:00 (UTC +3).


  • Winner - 300 TRAIL + 20 STEEM
  • Second place - 250 TRAIL + 15 STEEM
  • Third place - 150 TRAIL + 10 STEEM

This week the JUDGE will be @looftee! He also again donated 20 STEEM to the PRIZE Pool. Thank you, dear @looftee that you agreed to become a judge and for your constant support!


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Please FOLLOW, VOTE and RESTEEM this post and I am waiting for your entries!

I will be also very happy to any support of the artchallenge! If you want to be a judge or a sponsor, you are very welcome!

I would like to THANK again those who supported this challenge, all the participants, @steemtrail team and our sponsors @ogochukwu and @looftee.

Join me on a quest to discover the treasures of beautiful artworks!

Always yours, @aksinya.

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"300 TRAIL"
... now I have to ask - lol. What is the trail thing & accounts?

Dear @aksinya, thank you for idea of challenge and this reminder! Unfortunatelly I can't find the initial post with theme annauncement. My post with interpretation is here


Great! Thank you!

I am also a little late:) Please, find my interpretation here


you are in time! No problems! Very good one! Resteemed!

While the world goes round and round
Sometimes you are upside down
You are quite lost, stil wondering
What the next moment might bring

Will crows bring shivers
Will you see flowing rivers
Will the sun come out after rain?
Will you be happy again

While the world keeps up it's ways
Unique are all of your days
Every moment a discovery
Just be and wonders you will see

Thank you so much for the inspiration, once again.
I am really amazed how a dark piece brought such a positive poem to life.


I love it! Amazing!

When are the results published?


in 1 hour))


or earlier)) working on it))